Atlantis, A New Beginning

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Season One

Rising (Part 1) - Episode 101

A new 'team' head out into a distant galaxy on a one way mission to what they believe to be, the Lost City Of Atlantis.

Rising (Part 2) - Episode 102

A continuation of part 1

Hide And Seek - Episode 103

McKay is the first to try Beckett's gene manipulation therapy so that he can interact with Ancient technology. When he experiments with an alien device shortly after taking the drug it makes him invincible; unfortunately there's an unexpected side-effect. Meanwhile, the City comes under threat by an alien entity.

Thiry Eight Minutes - Episode 104

As the team rush back to Atlantis, the puddle jumper gets stuck in the Stargate. Weir and a team of scientists race against time to save Sheppard and his team.

Suspicion - Episode 105

As there have been soo many Wraith attacks on the SGA teams sent off world, doubts begin to seep in about the loyalties of the Athosians in Atlantis.

Childhood's End - Episode 106

The team visit a planet where no-one in the population is over the age of 24 because they believe that ritual suicides are necessary to stop the Wraith from visiting their world. Some are nervous of Sheppard and his team being on the planet, as they fear the Wraith may attack because they are older than 24.

Poisoning The Well - Episode 107

The team discover a world where the scientists believe they are close to making a drug that will make them immune to the Wraith feeding process.

Underground - Episode 108

What starts out as a simple trade negotitation for food, quickly turns sour when Sheppard and McKay stumble upon the Genii's closely kept secret.

Home - Episode 109

McKay manipulates the atmosphere of a planet to help boost the power of the Stargate so that they can make a trip home. However, once there, it seems it might have been a one way trip and they may never be able to get back to Atlantis.

The Storm - Episode 110

The City comes under threat by a viscous storm so almost everyone is evacuated off-world, leaving only a handful of people behind. The Genii believe that the city will be left defenceless and decide to take advantage of the situation by attempting to get control of Atlantis. Weir and McKay are taken hostage.

The Eye - Episode 111

Sheppard plays a deadly game of cat and mouse as he races against time to try and save his friends, and the City.

The Defiant One - Episode 112

Sheppard and his team go to investigate a Wraith ship believed to have crashed years ago on a nearby planet. Once inside the Wraith ship they soon discover that they're not alone, and to make matters worse, there's now, no way off the planet.

Hot Zone - Episode 113

A group of scientists lead by McKay stumble across a deadly virus that causes hallucinations and then death.

Sanctuary - Episode 114

The team find a planet that appears to be protected from the Wraith, and as such, would be a perfect haven for those fleeing from them. Sadly, it seems that the locals don't think their goddess would be willing to help.

Before I Sleep - Episode 115

The team discover a woman in suspended animation on Atlantis. As they learn more about this stranger, they discover that she is infact, Dr Elizabeth Weir. She goes on to tell them about her trip 10'000 years in the past.

The Brotherhood - Episode 116

With the help of their new allies, the team follow clues to reveal the location of a hidden ZPM. It seems that they're not the only one's searching for it, as we once more, meet up with, the Genii.

Letters From Pegasus - Episode 117

McKay convinces Weir that he can shrink a data encrypted message small enough so that they can get a message back to Earth via the Stargate, to warn them about the impending attack by the Wraith. Dr Weir gives her crew the chance to send a message home to their loved ones.

The Gift - Episode 118

Teyla starts experiencing horrific nightmares, as they become more intense she starts to remember things, things she'd rather forget.

The Seige (Part 1) - Episode 119

Desperate for a way to strike back at the Wraith, McKay and his team attempt to use an Ancient Orbital Weapons Station. Meanwhile, the search for a safe world to seek refuge in, and the plans for a way to destroy the city so that it doesn't fall into the hands of Wraith continues.

The Seige (Part 2) - Episode 120

Support from the SGC arrives in the form a new military commander hell bent on defending Atlantis until the Daedalus arrives with the ZPM needed to power the shields.

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