Atlantis, A New Beginning

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Season Two

The Seige (Part 3) - Episode 201

The Daedulas arrives with the much needed ZPM but will it be enough to keep off the barrage of the Wraith attack?

The Intruder - Episode 202

What starts out as a few simple computer glitches turns into something more sinister, when McKay discovers a Wraith virus aboard the Daedulas.

Runner - Episode 203

While on a planet searching for Lieutenant Ford, Sheppard and Teyla are captured by a former soldier who is being hunted by the Wraith.

Duet - Episode 204

After a run-in with a Wraith dart, McKay and Cadman find themselves trapped inside one body.

Condemned - Episode 205

The team find a planet, that claim, they are relatively free from the Wraith because they hand over their hardened criminals to them. As Sheppard and his team return to Atlantis the puddle jumper is shot down, and they become captives of the prisoners on the penal colony. To make matters worse, there's a calling due in the not too distant future.

Trinity - Episode 206

McKay puts himself and his team at risk when he becomes obsessed with solving a problem the Ancients were unable to. Meanwhile, Ronan discovers that he's not the only survivor from his planet after all.

Instinct - Episode 207

The team discover a young Wraith girl on a planet who has been reared by a human; they are living in exile from the villagers. The father explains that he has perfected a treatment to suppress the need for her to feed on humans. However, the villagers claim that they are plagued by a lone Wraith who feeds periodically on their people, and so, Sheppard and his team go in search of it. In the meantime, Beckett joins McKay hoping that he can learn more about the father's treatment, and use the young Wraith to perfect his own retrovirus.

Conversion - Episode 208

After being exposed to Beckett's retrovirus, Sheppards body begins to drastically transform.

Aurora - Episode 209

The team find an Ancient warship adrift on the edge of the galaxy. Its crew is still alive, thanks to some status pods. McKay discovers that there is a virtual reality world very much alive still inside the computer systems, so Sheppard enters into it, hoping to communicate with them.

The Lost Boys - Episode 210

Sheppard and his team are captured by Lieutenant Ford and his gang (who are also taking the Wraith enzyme). He has a plan to take out a hive ship and he wants his old team to help.

The Hive - Episode 211

Sheppard and his team are now captives of the Wraith. Meanwhile, McKay takes drastic steps to get back to Atlantis for help.

Epiphany - Episode 212

Sheppard finds himself trapped on a planet where time passes rapidly. McKay and the rest of the team race against time to save him before its too late.

Critical Mass - Episode 213

The SGC manage to warn Atlantis in time that the Trust planted a bomb in the City, unfortunately they were unable to stop a distress beacon being activated, and as a result, the Wraith are now on their way to Atlantis. Its up to Weir and her team to find the traitor before they can cause anymore damage.

Grace Under Pressure - Episode 214

McKay finds himself trapped in a puddle jumper sinking fast! His only hope for survival as he awaits rescue from his team, is the only person he thinks could be equal to him, an hallucination in the form of one, Samantha Carter.

The Tower - Episode 215

The team visit a planet where the people worship 'The Tower' because it protects them from the Wraith. After closer inspection its establised that the Tower could very well be, an Ancient outpost buried underground. Sheppard is taken to the Tower to meet its leader, but once there, he becomes a pawn in the rivalry of the heirs to the throne.

The Long Goodbye - Episode 216

Sheppard and Weirs minds are taken over by alien entities, who want nothing more, than to kill each other.

Coup D'etat - Episode 217

After an Atlantis team goes missing, the expedition finds themselves in the middle of a Genii coup.

Michael - Episode 218

A young Lieutenant suffering from amnesia keeps dreaming that he's a Wraith.

Inferno - Episode 219

Sheppard and his team are trapped on a planet that is about to be destroyed by a super-volcano.

Allies - Episode 220

Michael approaches Weir with a proposal. He wants to use Becketts retrovirus against the Wraith. In return he'll provide information on the Wraith that will give the Atlantis team insight into their enemy, that they never thought possible.

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