Atlantis, A New Beginning

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Season Three

No Mans Land - Episode 301

The team desperately fight to try and stop two hives ships from reaching Earth.

Misbegotten - Episode 302

The team must decide the fate of a colony of Wraith that have been turned back into human form as the result of Beckett's retrovirus. Meanwhile, Dr Weir is evaluted by the I.O.A regarding her leadership skills.

Irresistible - Episode 303

Sheppard and his team discover a planet where a man called Lucius is worshipped by everyone. Its not long before members of the team seem to become in awe of him too.

Sateda - Episode 304

Ronan is captured by the Wraith and once again, implanted with a homing device. He is released onto his home world so that the Wraith, can once more hunt him down and kill him.

Progeny - Episode 305

Weir and the team travel to a planet that they believe are the home of the decendants, of the Atlantean people. However, once there, they discover that may not have left Atlantis in peace.

The Real World - Episode 306

Weir wakes up in a mental institute and is told that the Atlantis expedition is merely a figment of her imagination.

Common Ground - Episode 307

Sheppard finds himself a prisoner of Commander Kolya of the Genii.

McKay And Mrs Miller - Episode 308

McKay is reunited with his estranged sister so that they can work together on a problem to harness power, using the math calculations his sister wrote.

Phantoms - Episode 309

Sheppard and Ronan's minds are influenced by Wraith technology when a rescue mission for a lost team goes awry.

The Return (Part 1) - Episode 310

The Atlantis expedition discover that a ship full of Ancients are returning to re-claim the City.

The Return (Part 2) - Episode 311

Weir and her team defy orders and head back to Atlantis to save, the city, General O'Neill, and Richard Woolsey from the replicators.

Echoes - Episode 312

Beckett witnesses a medical crew operating on a badly injured man, suddenly they disappear. Meanwhile, McKay experiments with a filter to understand what whales are saying, it turns out to be something familiar.

Irresponsible - Episode 313

The team once again meet Lucius Lavin (last seen in Irresistible) on another planet, where he's posing as a super-hero.

Sunday - Episode 314

A normal Sunday turns into something else after a bomb explodes on Atlantis.

TAO Of Rodney - Episode 315

McKay gains some mental abilities that the others aren't able to grap, but in his eagerness to improve things, Zelenka gets hurt by a power surge.

The Game - Episode 316

Sheppard and McKay's competitiveness in what they think is a game turns deadly when they discover that the game is infact real, and the civilizations they've been piting against each other are now on the brink of war.

The Ark - Episode 317

The team discover a civilization in suspended animation. As some of them awaken we learn that they each have very different expectations of what's to come.

Submersion - Episode 318

The team search deep under water for an alternative power source to the ZPM.

Vengeance - Episode 319

The team go in search of some missing allies, but instead find an old foe creating a race of powerful monsters.

First Strike - Episode 320

Earth launches an attack on the replicators home world Asuran, but in doing so, put Atlantis at risk.

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