Atlantis, A New Beginning

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Season Four

Adrift - Episode 401

With the City adrift in deep space and the protective shield failing fast, its up to McKay and the rest of the team to find a way to save Atlantis.

Lifeline - Episode 402

Sheppard and his team embark on a perilous mission to try and steal a ZPM power module from the replicators. Meanwhile, Carter and the Apollo race against time to find the missing City and its inhabitants.

Reunion - Episode 403

The team agree to help some of Ronon's people raid a Wraith weapons facility, however, they soon find themselves in the middle of increasing conflict, with an enemy, they never expected.

Doppelganger - Episode 404

During an off-world mission Sheppard unwittingly becomes the host of an alien entity which inflicts terrifying nightmares on certain individuals on Atlantis.

Travelers - Episode 405

Sheppard is held captive by the crew on a generational ship who want to exploit his ability to use the Ancients technology.

Tabula Rasa - Episode 406

A virus causes everyone except Teyla and Ronon to suffer from Amensia.

Missing - Episode 407

Teyla and Dr Keller visit New Athos and suddenly find themselves on the run from some primitive warriors.

The Seer - Episode 408

A visionary named Davos visits Atlantis and informs them; there are Wraith ships on their way.

Millers Crossing - Episode 409

McKay discovers that Jeannie (last seen in McKay and Mrs Miller) has disappeared and immediately goes in search of her, unfortunately, he soon finds himself, and his sister, held captive by Henry Wallace. Meanwhile, Sheppard and Ronon mount an investigation to find their missing team-mate.

This Mortal Coil - Episode 410

A drone crashes into Atlantis which leads Sheppard his team to believe that Replicators may have found the city.

Be All My Sins Remembered - Episode 411

The Atlantis team decide to work in collaboration with the Wraith to fight a common foe.

Spoils Of War - Episode 412

Sheppard and his team follow the tracking device of their former Wraith ally and find his ship adrift in space, battle scarred and abandoned. They discover a hidden map within the coding of its system and decide to follow it, hoping to ascertain its secrets.

Quarantine - Episode 413

The city unexpectedly goes into lockdown mode.

Harmony - Episode 414

Sheppard and McKay agree to help a young heiress on a pilgrimage before she can become Queen, but they soon discover, that its not only the journey they have be wary of, there are enemies out there, that don't want her to succeed.

Outcast - Episode 415

Whilst on some personal leave, Sheppard and Ronon are approached by a young scientist and informed that there is a human-made replicator on the loose, and it has been, for the last 3 weeks.

Trio - Episode 416

McKay, Carter, and Keller find themselves trapped underground with no apparent means of escape.

Midway - Episode 417

Ronon is up for review by the I.O.A.

The Kindred (Part 1) - Episode 418

The Pegasus Galaxy find themselves under threat from a new illness which is spreading fast.

The Kindred (Part 2) - Episode 419

This is a continuation of part 1.

The Last Man - Episode 420

Sheppard returns to Atlantis to find it deserted, and not at all like it was when he left.

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