Atlantis, A New Beginning

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Season Five

Search And Rescue - Episode 501

Colonel Carter implements a rescue mission to help recover several Atlantis personnel trapped in the debris of an explosion. Meanwhile, Teyla lives in the hope that she'll be rescued from the clutches of Michael.

The Seed - Episode 502

An unknown organism immobilises Dr Keller and before long starts to comprise the base, an old friend (recently revived from statis) is on hand to help and assist in the matter.

Broken Ties - Episode 503

Ronon comes face-to-face with Tyre (last seen in Reunion) who claims he is no longer a Wraith worshipper.

The Daedalus Variations - Episode 504

The Daedalus is discovered adandoned in orbit, Sheppard and his team go in search of answers.

Ghost In The Machine - Episode 505

The city becomes a host for the minds of some discarnate replicators; thier leader seems to have a familiarity about them.

The Shrine - Episode 506

Rodney is afflicted with a mental condition that reverts him to a child-like state.

Whispers - Episode 507

Sheppard and Beckett join forces with another team in search of a hidden Wraith laboratory.

The Queen - Episode 508

Teyla poses as a Wraith queen in a bid to help Todd win an alliance with another Wraith ship.

Tracker - Episode 509

Dr Keller is kidnapped and its up to Ronon and McKay to rescue her.

First Contact - Episode 510

Daniel Jackson visits Atlantis to do some research on an Ancient scientist that used to live there and with the help of McKay unwittingly attracts the attention of a new enemy.

The Lost Tribe - Episode 511

Sheppard races against time to save McKay and Daniel from an ancient laboratory, meanwhile Daniel learns the identity of their abductors.

Outsiders - Episode 512

The Atlantis team recently helped relocate a group of refugees, but when the Wraith make an appearance, the original residents of the planet fear for their lives and ponder on relinquishing them to the Wraith. Its up to Sheppard and his team to convince them otherwise.

Inquisition - Episode 513

A new association of human worlds, puts the Atlantis team on trial for thier alleged crimes in the Pegasus Galaxy.

The Prodigal - Episode 514

Sheppard and his team fight for control of Atlantis when the control room is penetrated by an old foe.

Remnants - Episode 515

Sheppard is abducted by an old enemy he thought was dead, while Atlantis discover they are not alone on their new home world.

Brain Storm - Episode 516

Rodney reluctantly goes back to Earth to witness the triumph of one of his rival scientists, but something goes horribly wrong and its up to McKay to save the day.

Infection - Episode 517

When Todd's hive ship appears above Atlantis and asks for help, Sheppard and his team begrudgingly agree. Unfortunately once they arrive on board, they soon discover that things aren't quite as simple as they first thought.

Identity - Episode 518

Dr Keller's body is taken over by a cunning thief who wants nothing more than to gate off Atlantis and return to her own body. Meanwhile, Dr Keller's life hangs in the balance when she finds herself trapped inside the thiefs body, imprisioned and sentanced to death for her crimes.

Vegas - Episode 519

In an alternate reality Detective John Sheppard investigates a string of unsolved murders.

Enemy At The Gate - Episode 520

Sheppard and his team race against time to stop a rogue Wraith (whose ship is being modified by the use of multiple ZPM's to make it impenetrable) from reaching its new feeding ground, Earth.

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