Bad Days Come In Three’s

By Edna Phillips

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Author: Edna Phillips (Mrs Stargate/MacGyver obsessed)

Status: Complete

Summary: Mac’s hurt himself, again.

Rating: AP

Disclaimer: The character MacGyver does not belong to me (I’m sad to say) I only borrowed him for this story.  No copyright infringement intended. This story is written for fan entertainment only (especially Beth’s and mine) and no money has exchanged hands. This story is the property of the author and may not be posted anywhere without the authors consent.

Author’s note: A ficlet written to a word challenge ‘Defensive’




“Nurse Alice?” MacGyver asked as he opened his eyes and saw her smiling down at him.  “I gather I’m in hospital again, that, or you’re in my bedroom.”

“Nice to see you awake MacGyver.  How do you feel?” she asked.

“My head’s spinning,” he answered trying to sit up a bit further, but failing.  “And my leg feels like it’s on fire,” he added as she helped him up. 

“You know I’m beginning to think you spend more time in hospital than I do,” the nurse told him laughing as she popped a thermometer in his mouth.

“You could be right,” Mac answered, gingerly touching the dressing on his forehead.

“No talking,” she told him as she checked his pulse, then pressed the button above his bed.

“I hope somebody got the number of the truck that hit me,” Mac told her the moment she removed the thermometer from his mouth.

“Well you look a lot better than you did when I first saw you,” she laughed as she watched him look under the blankets at his painful leg.

“Bad?” he asked.

“An understatement,” she answered as a doctor came into the room.

“This is Doctor Harvey,” she told Mac smiling.  “He fixed you up.”

“What happened?” Mac asked as they shook hands.

“You had an accident.  Don’t you remember?” Doctor Harvey asked.

“Don’t remember a thing.  What kind of accident?” Mac asked as he watched the doctor adjust the drip going into his left hand and felt himself becoming sleepy.

“I wouldn’t worry about not remembering,” the doctor answered as he wrote something on the chart at the bottom of the bed.  “Happens a lot with head injuries.”

“So what accident?” MacGyver asked looking at them both.  “A car accident?”

“You fell off someone’s roof,” Doctor Harvey answered as he began checking Mac’s injured leg. 

“I what?” Mac asked flinching as the doctor lifted the gauze bandage from off the badly cut leg.  “I fell off what?”

“Your friend Pete’s, cousin’s roof,” Nurse Alice informed him, trying not smile at the image it brought up in her mind.

“He said you were helping with a chimney when you slipped and fell.”

“I don’t remember a thing,” Mac told her trying desperately to keep his eyes open.

“Well you’ve given yourself a nasty cut on the forehead, so you’ve quite a bad concussion, not to mention the black eye,” the doctor told him as he examined Mac’s forehead.  “And a deep cut in your leg.  15 stitches I’m afraid.  Try not to move it around too much because there’s a slight infection in it at the moment.  Probably from the wood splinters we took out.  I understand a bush broke your fall.”

“Sounds like I messed myself up pretty good,” Mac muttered as he fought sleep.

“Not for the first time, so Nurse Alice tells me,” Doctor Harvey answered as he adjusted the drip once more.  “Try and get some rest,” he added as he watched Mac fighting sleep.  “I should imagine your friend Pete will be in to see you later.  He’s practically camped out here since they brought you in two days ago.”

Two days,” said Mac in total disbelief.  “I’ve been here two days?”

“Two and half, if you count today,” the doctor answered as the nurse finished putting back the dressing on Mac’s leg and made him lay down.  “Rest now.  If you’re real good, which Nurse Alice informs me is almost impossible, we’ll let you have some soup later.  But only if you get some rest and behave yourself.”

“She’s got me muddled up with someone else,” Mac told the doctor as he stifled a yawn.  “I’m the perfect patient.  No trouble at all,” he added as his eyes closed.




“How are you feeling Mac?” Pete Thornton asked when he woke up.

“I’ve felt better,” Mac answered.

“Well you look awful,” Pete told him, a worried look on his face.  “I’m really sorry Mac.  Justin had absolutely no idea there were loose tiles on his roof.  Must have happened as the storm almost demolished the chimney.”

“Um Pete,” Mac said quietly, trying to ignore the spinning inside his head.  “I don’t remember.  I don’t remember anything after I left the houseboat that morning.”

“I can’t tell you how sorry I am.  Are you sure you don’t want me to call the nurse?” Pete asked as he saw him flinch in pain.

“It’s not your fault Pete.  I mean you didn’t shove me off, did you?” Mac grinned and then flinched as his head began spinning again.  “Don’t look so worried.  I’m fine,” he added, “and I’ll be even better when my head stops spinning.  Any idea how I managed to fall off the roof?” he asked.  “I’m not usually clumsy, but this is the third time this week I’ve been mending something and managed to hurt myself,” he added raising his hand and showing Pete a large cut on his right palm.  And you should see the bruise on my big toe.  Don’t ask,” he laughed.  “So what happened?”

“You were one side of the chimney and Justin the other,” Pete told him as Nurse Alice came into the room.  “You’d cleared off all the branches that fell from that overhanging tree.  I’ve lost count of how many times I told him he should have it cut down or sooner or later some of it would end up on the house during a storm.  And I was right, wasn’t I.  Never listens though.  In fact I’m sure he ignores…”

“Pete,” interrupted MacGyver as Nurse Alice popped the thermometer in his mouth.  “My head Pete,” he begged.

“No talking while I’m taking your temperature,” Nurse Alice told him.  “You know MacGyver you are the worst for talking while you’re having your temperature taken.”

“I want to go back to sleep,” he mumbled as she checked his pulse, the thermometer moving around in his mouth as he spoke.  “And you know what Pete’s like sometimes when he’s telling you something.  He’s waffles.”

“No talking,” she repeated.  “Stop waffling Pete,” she told him winking playfully.

“Ok, Ok,” Pete answered.  “As I was saying,” he continued.  “You and Justin had cleared off all the branches etc and were trying to decide whether to demolish the chimney completely, or rebuild it.  Fiona and I were standing in the garden looking up at you when you stepped back.  As I said earlier, some tiles must have been loosened by the storm.  You stepped on them and down you came, landing on the small bush outside the kitchen window, the tiles, and some bricks from the chimney coming down on top of you.  As they did you crashed to the ground.”

“Well you should have made sure he was secured properly,” Nurse Alice told Pete as she shook the thermometer and placed it back in its holder.

“He was,” Pete answered in his own defence.  “He was tied around the remainder of the chimney, like Justin.  That’s where the bricks came from.  When he slipped and fell, the brace around the chimney pulled tight and yanked off some more bricks so he was no longer tied.  That’s how come he fell.”

“Well he works for you,” she told Pete. “You should take better care of him.”

“I do,” he answered as MacGyver fought to keep his eyes open.

“No you don’t,” she told him angrily.  “He’s always in here because he’s got himself hurt working for you.  Look at the state he’s in.  And I’ve seen him worse.”

“It’s alright Alice,” MacGyver told her gently touching her arm.  “It’s not Pete’s fault.”

“Well he should look after you better,” she told him indignantly.  “And you.  You should stop being so defensive when it comes to him.  He should have caught you when you fell,” she added, winking at him mischievously.

With his back?” Mac asked his eyes slowly closing.  “He’d drop me.  I’d get hurt.”