S.O.S MacGyver

Edna Phillips


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Author: Edna Phillips (Mrs Stargate/MacGyver Obsessed)

Status: Complete

WARNING: This is Not a Romance

Category: Action, adventure

Spoilers: None

Rating: PG 13

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At times MacGyver found working for the Phoenix Foundation to have both its gains and its losses.  At this particular time he was trying to work out what were the gains, and what were the losses regarding the fact he was now boarding a small US military plane to return home from his assignment in Japan.  Obviously, this would be a gain in some people eyes.  No waiting around at the airport to check in his luggage for one, but then he, MacGyver, was not overly keen on small aircraft.  In fact, he didn’t care for them at all; they always made him uneasy and if they hit any turbulence, which was a great possibility seeing as how most of the flight would take place over large amounts of ocean; it always made him feel extremely sick.  A definite loss.  He could get some sleep, yes that was true, but there are no airhostesses on a military plane. 

So one gain and one loss. 


As he stepped onto the plane, he stopped.  A most definite loss was glaring up at him from one of the seats.  Jules Alexander.  The man’s face showed his obvious hate for Mac as he made his way to a seat further back.  After all, it was MacGyver who was responsible for the fact that he was being taken to the USA in handcuffs. 

“God I hate small aircraft,” he said quietly as he watched the accompanying Military Policeman sit down next to his charge.  “The seats are much too close to each other.  More losses than gains this trip.”

Despite this, he settled back and hoping for the best, drifted off into an exhausted sleep.


“What on earth?” he said as he awoke with a start some hours later and gripped the seat as the plane dropped a few hundred feet.

“I was wondering when you’d wake up,” said the man sitting next to him. 

“How long has this been going on?” MacGyver asked as a flash of lightning lit up the sky outside the cabin windows.

“Oh I’d say about an hour.  Boy you must have been really tired to sleep through it.  It’s been better than a ride on a roller coaster.” 

“Hey Sky,” said a tall red haired man who plonked himself down in the empty seat in front of them.  “Have you asked that lovely lady of yours to marry you yet?”         “Not that it’s any of your business Joe,” the man next to MacGyver answered and hung on, as the plane, which was being buffeted by the storm outside, rocked from side to side. “No I haven’t.  But I’m getting round to it.”

“Well you want to get a move on Sky me lad,” said Joe as he got up to return to his seat, apparently unaffected by the movement of the small plane. 

“Oh yeah and why is that?” Sky asked, as the plane dropped once more.

“Because I’m thinking of asking her myself,” Joe answered as he sat back in his seat behind them, grinning as he did.

“Leave off Joe,” answered Sky without turning round.  “She deserves better.”

“Of that I’m in no doubt,” answered Joe, his voice showing he was not amused.

“That’s why I can’t understand what she’s doing with you.”

“What’s wrong MacGyver?” interrupted Jules Alexander as he watched him.  “Can’t take a little turbulence?  Feeling sick are we?”

Sky turned towards Mac and looked back at the prisoner, an amused look on his face.

“Friend of yours?” he asked.

“Not exactly,” answered MacGyver as he tried to keep his head from spinning wildly as the plane continued to be buffeted by the storm.

“Didn’t think so,” said Sky.  “The whole time you’ve been asleep, that guy’s been turning round, and well I’ve seen a few nasty looks in my time, most of them in my direction of course, but this guy looks as though he would like to cut your heart out with a blunt knife.  Slowly.”

“You’ve got it in one,” Jules said turning his back on them. “Slow, real, real slow.”

Sky turned towards MacGyver who it was obvious to him was feeling extremely sick and handed him a sweet.  “Eat this,” he said.  “It should help.  Got a friend who gets it.  Inner ear problem so I’ve been told.  Nothing you can do about it, except always make sure you carry some boiled sweets with you, when you travel by light aircraft.”

“Thanks,” said Mac gratefully taking the offered sweet, hoping it would help.

“My names MacGyver.”


“Yo, Sky,” said a young airman as he came out of the cockpit.  “Pilot wants a word.”

“On my way,” answered Sky as he got to his feet.  “I’m.”

“Sky,” answered MacGyver for him.  “I got that.  Great name for an airman.”

“It’s just a nickname,” said Sky. “Now don’t you lot go anywhere while I’m away and you,” he said to Mac smiling.  “Look after Joe for me, just in case he gets scared.”

“Oh very funny Sky,” said a not amused Joe. “You should have been a comedian.”

“Careful with that sweet Mac,” said the prisoner as Sky walked away. “I want the pleasure of choking you to death, so try not to swallow it and spoil my fun.”

“Oh just be quiet Alexander,” the MP told him as he made him turn around.  “We all know what a tough guy you think you are.  However, you’re forgetting one thing.  He caught you in the first place.  I don’t think he’s the least bit afraid of you.”

“Well he should be,” answered Alexander.  “He should be very afraid.”

“Nickname?” said MacGyver turning to Joe in the seat behind.

“Yeah, it’s cause he spends more time up here than he does on the ground, loves flying, so we called him Sky,” answered Joe.

“What on earth?” Said Mac as the plane took a real big dive and his ears popped.

“Felt like something hit us, lightning maybe,” offered the Military Police Officer as he hung on tightly to the armrests.

“Hope not,” said Mac looking out the cabin window to the darkness outside.

“Wouldn’t like to have to ditch into the sea in this weather.”

“Doesn’t bear thinking about,” said Joe, his face showing how worried he was.

“What the hell are they doing up front?” he added as the plane rocked once more.

“Never mind you throwing up MacGyver,” said the MP, “I think I’ll be throwing up if this carries on much more, my stomach’s doing somersaults here.”

“Err don’t your think you should take these handcuffs off me?” said Alexander. “After all you never know.”

“Oh I know alright,” said the MP.  “You just stay where you are and the keys will stay right where they are.”

“What’s wrong Jules?” asked Mac as he hung on as the plane dropped.

“Not feeling sick are you?  After all it’s only a little turbulence.”

“Was that supposed to be a joke MacGyver?” asked Jules. “You telling a joke?  Now that is funny. You wouldn’t know a joke if it hit you in the face.”

“Here we go again,” said Joe as the plane dropped another hundred feet.

“Did you feel that?” asked the MP.  “This plane doesn’t feel... There are some very funny noises coming from underneath somewhere.”

“Oh that’s right, cheer us all up,” said Joe as the plane rocked again.

“What in heavens name is happening?” he asked as Sky came out of the cockpit and hung on tight to the nearest seat.

“Radios out,” he told them, “my mate Morgan’s trying to go around the storm but he’s not having much luck, so he thinks he’s found us an alternate destination.  Somewhere to put down until it clears.”

“Somewhere to put down?  Where? We’re in the middle of the goddamn ocean,” said Joe as he got up to go to the washroom.  “Think I’m gonna be sick,” they heard him say as he shut the door.

“Found us somewhere to put down?” MacGyver asked looking out the window and seeing nothing but blackness below.

“Yeah, it’s an old airforce base on one of the islands dotted between Japan and the US.  At least it has a runway, kind of, if I remember rightly.  It’s been a few years since I was there.  Morgan said he was there when it closed last year.  Maybe it’s still in good condition.  He should be able to land her Ok.  Hopefully,” Sky told him.

“There were a lot of ifs and hopefully’s and the odd may be in that statement you just made,” MacGyver said as he looked once more out of the cabin window and was temporarily blinded by the lightning flashes.

“True, but if’s and hopefully’s and maybe’s are the best we’re gonna get,” Sky told him with a grin as he sat back down and clicked the seat belt in place.

“A definite loss,” said MacGyver.  “A most definite loss!” he added as something struck the aircraft and they plummeted towards the raging waters below.

“What the...?” said Joe as he emerged from the washroom and was thrown onto the floor crashing up against the side of some seats, then sat up with blood running down his face.

“Everybody hang on,” yelled Sky as the lights in the cabin went out.

“Hang on to what?” came back Joe’s voice through the darkness.

The emergency lights came on in the cabin as the plane plummeted down from the stormy skies, which felt like forever for those on board.  As it continued its headlong fall, there was nothing they could do but hang on and hope.  As the plane hit the water the three seats where Jules Alexander and the MP Officer were sitting and the row of empty seats in front of MacGyver, broke from their brackets, careered forward hitting the wall on the other side, pinning them both in amongst the tangled wreckage.  Airman Joe was flung about like a rag doll and then he lay still.  The boxes that had been stored in the compartment behind the passengers, crashed through the thin wire cage where they’d been stored and descended upon them. 

As the plane hit the water, it jerked Mac and Sky around in their seats slamming their heads violently backwards and forwards several times and then all was still, all was silent.

“Everybody all right?” asked Sky, as he rubbed the back of his neck.  “Macgyver?”

“Just a bit shaken,” came back Mac’s reply.

“Joe, you alright?” asked Sky as he struggled to release his seatbelt.  No answer came in reply to his question.  “Joe, you alright?” he asked again as he yanked at the seatbelt that refused to release him.   “Joe!”  Still no answer.

“What the?” said Sky angrily, and then got to his feet as the seatbelt finally broke.

“Joe!” he said as he began to pull boxes off the airman.

“I’m alright Sky,” answered Joe groggily as he sat up.

“Well you don’t look it,” answered Sky. “Stay put for a moment while I check on the others.”

“Sky,” called MacGyver as he too found his seatbelt refused to release him.  “Alexander, the MP, look.”  He pointed.

“You sure your OK?” Sky asked as he came up to his seat and could see him trying to release the seatbelt. 

“Yeah, I’m OK, best check on those two,” said Mac as he continued to struggle with the belt.

“Oh what a mess,” said Sky as tried to work out which bit was human and which bit was seat. 

“Get me out of here!” came Alexander’s voice from inside the twisted metal.

“You hurt?” Sky asked as he tried to see where the voice was coming from.

“No I’m not hurt, I’m stuck. But I think this guy is dead,” came his reply.

“Just hold on, let me sort this out,” said Sky as he began to pull bits of the broken seats away.

“I’d make it snappy if I were you,” Joe told him.  “There’s water coming in.”

“Get me out of here before this damn plane sinks,” yelled Alexander.

“Oh calm down Alexander,” said MacGyver as he at last freed himself from the seatbelt and stood up.  “It’s not going to sink yet.”

“Well that’s easy for you to say,” said Alexander angrily.  “You’re not the one trapped in here with a dead man for company.  Now get me out!”

“It’s Ok I’ll deal with this,” Mac told Sky as he saw him look anxiously towards the flight deck.  “You check on your friends.”  Sky nodded and went forward.  However, no matter how hard he pushed, he couldn’t get the flight deck door open.  He called but no one answered.  He pushed repeatedly, but it soon became obvious something was wedged up against it.  Mac joined in to help, but still they couldn’t get the door to the flight deck open and had no idea how to reach the pilot and the young airman.

“MacGyver!” shouted Joe as he pointed towards the cabin door and the seawater that was now pouring through the bottom of it.

“Right you and Joe get one of those,” said Sky, indicating three yellow dinghies tucked away in an alcove, “and get out of here before this thing sinks.”

“What are you going to do?” MacGyver asked the airman as he once again pulled at the twisted metal that was trapping the prisoner and the guard.

“I’ll follow. Just go!” he told him. “I’ll get this guy out.  He’s liable to drown you if he gets a chance,” Sky told him.  Mac hesitated. 

“Go!” shouted Sky.  “Joe get out of here, just get the hell out.”

“Ok, Ok, don’t get so riled up,” Joe answered as Macgyver helped him to his feet.

“Honestly Sky man, you really should learn to control that temper of yours.”

“Yeah I know,” answered Sky as he continued to untangle the twisted seats. 

“I did ask The Almighty for some patience, but he said I had to wait.  Therefore, what you get is what you get.  Now go!”


It wasn’t as easy as it looked to get the plane door open, but eventually they managed and in rushed the cold night air, along with a huge wave that almost knocked MacGyver off his feet.  Grabbing one of the dinghies he pushed Joe through the opening and threw the dinghy out after him, then returned to help Sky.

“I told you to go,” said Sky as Mac appeared alongside him.

“I’m going, I’m going,” said Mac, “just thought I’d check on how you and Jules here were getting along.”

“Oh we’re getting alone fine, aren’t we Jules old buddy?” said Sky as he pulled away a piece of seat revealing the two trapped men.

“Just get this guy off of me,” Alexander told him as he tried to push away the body of the dead MP which was pinning him down.

“Take it easy,” said Mac as he gently sat the dead man back in his seat.

“Let’s go,” said Sky as he began to move away.

“Oh very funny,” said Alexander as he indicated the fact he was still handcuffed to the armrest.

“Key’s,” said Mac, as he searched the MP’s pockets and handed them to Sky.

“Right, get going,” Sky told them as he released the handcuff that was locked to the armrest.  However, before any of them had time to move, the plane sank lower into the sea and the water began pouring in.  As it rolled, the tangle of twisted metal that had been the passenger seats moved backwards and part of it rammed into Sky’s leg jamming his right foot under it.

“God!” he yelled as pain shot through the side of his leg.

“What’s wrong?” asked Mac as he saw the pain on the airman’s face.

“My leg, something’s wrong with my leg,” Sky told him as the cabin continued to fill with seawater.

“Where are you going?” MacGyver asked Alexander as he waded through the water towards the door.

“Me? I’m getting out of here,” he answered as he grabbed one of the dinghies.

“Thanks Sky,” he said.  “I owe you one.” Then he was gone.

“Just keep still,” MacGyver told Sky as he ducked down under the water to see what was happening below.

“Well I’m not going anywhere,” he answered as he began to feel giddy.  “Ouch!” he yelled as he felt MacGyver pull at his foot. The water was cold and he shivered.

“Sorry,” said Mac as he came out of the water.  “You’re wedged in pretty tight down there and your legs bleeding, but I’ll have you out in a jiffy.  Keep your chin up.”

“Everybody’s a comedian today,” said Sky as the water was now up to his chest and getting higher with each moment and was indeed heading for his chin.

“Mind the shoes MacGyver,” he said as he could feel him pulling at the sneaker.

“I only bought them yesterday.”

“Try that,” MacGyver told him as he emerged breathless and shivering from the water and saw that it was now past Sky’s mouth, causing him to swallow mouthfuls.

“No good,” Sky answered as he tried to move his foot and found that it only resulted in more pain to his leg.

“Then I’ll have to cut your shoe off,” said Mac as he took out the penknife he always carried.

“Do you have too?” said Sky as he spat out some seawater.

“No choice,” answered Mac.

“Oh great, just great,” said Sky.  “I only just brought them.”

“Can’t be helped,” answered Mac taking a deep breath and disappearing under the water.

MacGyver could see that the airman’s leg was bleeding heavily.  At first, he tried to cut through the laces that were showing through the broken metal that had cut into the man’s leg as it wrapped itself around his foot, but he’d only managed to cut his way through one piece when he ran out of air.  Coming up, he saw that Sky’s head was now almost completely underwater and he was just able to keep his face up so he could breathe.  Filling his lungs once more, Mac dived again.  Looking franticly around he spotted a long metal rod and jamming it under the seat he pressed down with all his strength.  At first, it didn’t move more than an inch, so he pressed down again, and then sat on it.  This time it worked.  He saw the foot come free and Sky sank down towards him.  Mac’s head felt like it was about to explode and the pain in his ears was becoming unbearable as he grabbed Sky by the jacket and swam towards the dark opening he hoped was the door.  Pushing him through he returned to find the last dinghy.  Shoving boxes out of his way he at last located it and swam for the opening feeling his lungs were about to burst.


Both men headed for the surface as the plane sank beneath them.  Mac pulling the dinghy from its cover as he went.  As they emerged coughing and spluttering, he pulled the release handle on the dinghy and it opened and began to inflate.  Getting Sky into the dinghy was uppermost in his mind.  With his leg bleeding the way it was, it could invite some very unwelcome visitors to the area if he didn’t get him out of the water quickly.  Actually getting him into the dinghy proved to be more difficult than he expected, because although the storm was passing and the rain had stopped, the sea still tossed them about violently and it was some time before he managed to bundle the injured man through the opening into the dinghy and climb in himself.


Exhausted, cold and wet, they sat for a moment trying to catch their breaths.

“Best let me look at that leg, Mac told Sky as the small rubber dinghy moved up and down making both men feel sick.

“Oh it’s not too bad,” answered Sky as he looked at the blood that was mingling with the water in the bottom of the dinghy.  “I’ll see to it, if you could pass me that first aid kit,” he said pointing to where Mac was sitting.  “These new lifeboat dinghies are great. Especially this cover.  As good as a tent.  Boy this thing hurts like the blazes.”

Mac turned to where he was pointing and saw a plastic wallet stuck to the inside of the dinghy.  Pulling it off he handed it to him. 

“See if you can see any of the others out there,” Sky asked as he opened the wallet and started taking out its contents.

For a moment, MacGyver watched the man as he put pressure on the cut to try to stop the bleeding, then pulled back the small flap and looked outside. 

At first, all he could see was the blackness of the ocean as a huge wave lifted the boat and then dropped it again.

“At least the storms going,” he told Sky.  “And it looks like its getting light.”

Then, for a moment, he thought he saw something, something in the water near them but then it was gone again, hidden by a wave.

“No sign of the others,” he told Sky as he continued to scan the water.  “I have to say this, that pilot friend of yours really knew what he was on about.”  He turned towards Sky who was still trying to stop the bleeding, not very successfully and noticed the man was looking very pale and shivering quite violently.

“How’s that?” asked Sky giving him a weak smile.

“You said he was heading for an island.  Well there it is.  Right on cue.”

“We’ve got to reach it,” Sky told him shivering.

“I don’t think we’ve got much choice,” said Mac as he watched the distant shape.

“As far as I can tell these waves are taking us there whether we want to go or not.” He paused and said more to himself than to Sky.  “I knew I shouldn’t have got on that plane.”

“Why’s that? Sky asked, wrapping his leg in a bandage then putting the first aid kit in his jacket pocket.

“Oh whenever I go anywhere near a small aircraft things go wrong.  Never fails,” Mac said as he helped to tie the bandage, and then hung on as a wave lifted them high.  “I’m not even military.  Just doing a job. Should’ve known better.”

“Wish I’d know that before I got on board, next time take an army plane and do us airforce guys a favour” Sky answered as he shivered. “How are you with boats?”

“Err, well, you really don’t want to know,” said Mac, smiling as he did.

“I don’t believe it,” said Sky looking at him.  “What are you MacGyver, some kind of jinx?  Planes and boats.  You should carry a danger warning.”

“Things just... Things just happen to me that’s all.  I bet you’re the same.  I definitely get the feeling that you get yourself in as much trouble as I do,” said Mac.

“Me?” said Sky indicating himself with a look of innocence.  “Never.”

Mac shook his head as he looked through the opening of the dinghy.

“What?” Asked Sky.  “What?”

“You remind me of my grandfather,” Mac told him, still shaking his head.

“Good looking and intelligent you mean?” said Sky trying to sound cheerful, but it was obvious the man was feeling extremely ill.

“No,” Mac answered as he stuck his head outside and got soaked by a wave. “Witty, just very witty.”

“Witty?” said Sky shivering violently.  “I’ve been called many things Mac my lad, but that’s the first time I’ve been called witty.  Sarcastic yes, crazy yes.  But witty, never.”

“I was being polite,” said Mac smiling, then the smile disappeared from his face.

“Oh Sky,” he said. “This island.  Did you forget to tell me something about it?”

“Like what?” Sky asked trying not to fall asleep, though his body was insisting.

“Like that,” said Mac, indicating he should listen. 

“Oh the reef!” said Sky jerking himself awake as he heard the roaring sound outside.  “I’d forgotten all about that blasted reef.”

“You forgot?” said Mac looking out and hanging on as the boat rose once more.

“Well I wasn’t expecting to get there from the sea,” Sky told him shivering.

“We were supposed to get there by plane, remember.  How are you with reefs?” he asked MacGyver, as a look of panic crossed his face.

“I mean you and this jinx thing?” he added.

“We’re about to find out,” Mac answered as he hung on tight.

Still it seemed that on this occasion the fates were on their side.  As the small dinghy was sent hurtling towards the sharp reef that ran the full length of the island, an enormous wave lifted the boat high in the air and dumped it violently and unceremoniously on the other side, throwing MacGyver, who was still by the opening, into the water.

“Stay inside,” Mac yelled at the airman who was trying to pull him back in.

“Shouldn’t you get inside as well?” Sky asked as a wave crashed into them soaking him once again.

“It’ll take too long,” Mac answered.  “You paddle, I’ll pull.”

“Right,” answered Sky, “but watch out for sharks.  How are you with sharks?” he asked glancing around and using the small paddle he’d found in the dinghy.  

“I don’t want to find out,” MacGyver answered as he swam through the now decreasing waves towards the shore, dragging the dinghy with him.


It took some fifteen minutes for Mac and Sky to actually get to the point where MacGyver could put his feet down and walk the rest of the way dragging the dinghy.  As soon as Sky saw him walking, he climbed out and both men pulled it across the beach until they were well away from the sea and almost under some palm trees, Sky hopping rather than limping, as he had been, by the time they sat down exhausted.

“You’re legs bleeding again,” Mac told him.

“Darn thing,” said Sky, as he began to undo the bandage. “At least it’s gone numb.”

“Well we’re going to have to stop that somehow, before you bleed to death,” Mac told him as he got unsteadily to his feet and emptied the water from inside the dinghy.

“You’d best get out of your wet clothes or you’ll catch pneumonia.”

“Did you have to cut my jeans?” Sky asked as he took of his jacket.

“Couldn’t be helped,” Mac answered as headed for a palm tree.  “They were caught on the metal.  Don’t tell me they’re new as well?”

“Bought them yesterday,” answered Sky.  “What are you doing? He asked.

“Getting you something to cover yourself with while your clothes dry,” Mac answered.  “Now get those wet things off then get back into the dinghy.”

“Why?  You’re not thinking we should go back in the water are you?” Sky asked.

“Of course not,” answered Mac.  “But as you said, as good as a tent.”

“Well, you be careful with this jacket and shirt,” Sky told him.

“Bought yesterday?” asked Mac.

“Yep,” answered Sky.  “Brand new, all brand new.  I think I’ll keep the pants on.”

“Went shopping while on leave I take it,” said MacGyver as he broke off some large palm branches and shook them to remove any rainwater.

“Nope, not been on leave,” Sky answered.  “Been in hospital.  Bought the new stuff to go home in.”

“Nothing serious I hope,” said Mac as he put the branches down and went for more.

“Oh I wasn’t sick or anything like that.  Well not really, in the full sense of word.”

“If you weren’t sick, why were you in hospital?” asked Mac, as he came back.

“We need to stop that bleeding,” he told him as he looked around for a small piece of wood.  “This should make a fair tourniquet,” he said as he pulled the cord handrail from inside the dinghy.  “So? Why were you in hospital?” he asked.

“Just a small bullet wound,” answered Sky as he clamped his hand down over the cut to his leg that continued to bleed profusely.

“A small bullet wound?” said Mac.  “I thought you said nothing ever happens to you?”

“I lied,” answered Sky.

“Now why doesn’t that surprise me?” asked Mac as he tightened the tourniquet on the man’s leg making him flinch.

“Boy it’s cold,” Sky muttered, as he lay down on the palm leaves Mac had placed inside the dinghy for him. “My head feels weird.  Why’s it so cold?”

“You’re in shock,” Mac told him as he covered him with more leaves as a blanket.  “You’ll feel better when you’ve had some rest.”

“Really cold,” said Sky, his voice shaking as he shivered.

“The sun will get warmer shortly.  Just keep covered and take it easy.  I’ll be just outside.  If you need me shout.” Mac told him.

“Don’t feel so good,” said Sky, as he drifted off into a deep sleep.


MacGyver wasn’t sure if it was the right thing, the airman sleeping that is, as his medical knowledge was limited.  He hoped it was right, but he too was feeling a desperate need for sleep and his mind wasn’t thinking clearly.  The adrenalin that had surged into his system during their fight for survival on the sinking plane had now dissipated, leaving him drained and exhausted.  However, he dare not sleep.  The tourniquet he had placed on Sky’s leg needed to be released every now and then or it would do the man more harm than good, that much he did know.  He also knew he must not fall asleep until he was sure the bleeding had stopped or he could wake up to find a dead man on his hands.  He certainly didn’t want that.  He liked this man who preferred being in the sky to being on the ground and he really did remind him of his grandfather. They were both crazy, funny, but crazy.


As the sun grew hotter, he placed Sky’s jacket and shirt on the top of the cover of the dinghy for them to dry, and then sat back down next to it.  He toyed with the idea of removing his own wet things, but was too tired. Not long after he realised he was in danger of falling asleep himself, so got up and walked about.

“This is no good,” he said aloud.  “I know I’ll get some fire wood; we’ll need it later.  Help me to concentrate and keep awake.  Wonder what’s in those?” he said to himself as he watched several boxes, obviously from the plane, as they bounced up and down near the reef. 

Then, after collecting enough wood to make a small campfire when needed he sat watching the boxes in order to keep himself occupied.  A short while later he climbed into the dinghy and released the tourniquet, pleased to see the bleeding had stopped and Sky was no longer shivering as he slept.

“Thank God,” he said to himself as he bandaged the leg once more.

“Just get some more wood and then I’ll have a little rest myself.”

As he climbed outside, he almost fell and staggered like a drunk as his strength gave out.  

“No! I need to keep awake,” he said aloud, as he slumped down onto the sand.


When MacGyver awoke a few hours later, he couldn’t work out where he was and what had happened.

‘Sand?  Why does every muscle in my body ache?  Now that’s weird, why am I wearing a palm leaf? Even weirder, why is that palm tree wearing my jacket and shirt?  Smoke, I can smell smoke.’ All these thoughts crowded into his mind for a moment and then he remembered the plane crash.

Coughing slightly to clear his throat, he sat up, rubbed his eyes and looked around.

Then he saw Sky sitting by a campfire smiling.

“Good to see you awake,” he said as he got up and limped towards him.

“You’ve been busy,” said Mac.

“No really, they sort of floated in,” answered Sky as he saw MacGyver looking at the boxes piled up near the campfire he’d built. 

“Will come in pretty useful,” he added, as he handed Mac a coconut.  “Sorry it’s not water, but it should do for the moment.  Like the walking stick I made?” he asked.

“How’d you get into this coconut?” Mac asked as he took it and stood up.

“Oh yeah, I borrowed your penknife.  Hope you don’t mind.  The corkscrew really came in handy, went through that coconut eye like a knife through butter.”

“No that’s fine,” answered Mac as he put the penknife in his trouser pocket and took a drink of coconut milk.  “What’s in the boxes?” He asked as he retrieved his shirt and jacket from off the palm tree.

“Army rations. Powdered potato etc. Never thought I’d be glad of army rations.  Now all we need is the fresh water to mix them in and something to boil it in of course and we’re all set.  I’m hoping there’s some powdered coffee in one of the unopened ones.  At least that’s what I’m hoping,” answered Sky, as he sat down by the campfire.  

“So how’s the leg?” Mac asked, putting his jacket on. 

“Well it hurts like the blazes, but thanks to you, I think I’m gonna live.”

“How long did I sleep for?” MacGyver asked as he realised it was now late in the day.

“I’m not sure really,” Sky answered.  “You were out cold when I woke up and that was four hours ago, I think.  I’m not even sure it’s the same day.  That salt water ruined my watch and that really makes me mad,” he told Mac.  “My Gramps gave me that watch.  Still perhaps I can get it fixed when we get back home.”

“Gramps?” asked MacGyver as he checked his own watch.

“My Grandfather,” said Sky.  “Always called him Gramps. Like some chocolate?” he asked as he handed him a bar.  “A bit salty, but still better than nothing.”

“What have you got in a your pockets, a candy store?” asked Mac with amusement.

“Always carry sweets when I’m on a journey,” answer Sky.  “I’ve lost count of how many times I’v been stranded in a jeep without anything to eat and thank goodness I did.  Those bananas are too high to reach.  Unless of course you’d like too...?”

“Err no, not really,” Mac answered.  No sign of the others then?”

“Not yet,” answered Sky.

“Perhaps they came ashore further along or round the other side of the island,” offered Mac hopefully.

“Well if they landed in Broken Leg Cove they are going to have one hell of a time getting to the old base from there.  If they decide to head for it that is,” said Sky.

“Broken Leg Cove?  What kind of a name is that to give a place?” asked Mac, as he looked at the trees thinking he’d seen something.

“The right name for it actually,” answered Sky.  “So many men fell and broke a leg while training there, you know, scaling the cliffs; they named it Broken Leg Cove.”

“How far away is the base?” asked Mac.

“About a 2 days walk with me in this state,” Sky told him as he wondered what Mac was looking at in the trees.  “Anything interesting out there you want to tell me about?” he asked.

“I thought I saw something moving,” Mac answered.

“Could be a wild pig.  There are quite a few of them roaming around these islands.  We used to run into them all the time when training.  Pretty nasty if you got in their way,” said Sky.

“I’ll try and remember that,” answered Mac looking along the shoreline again.

“Anything at the old base we could use?”

“Well according to Morgan, they intended to reopen the base in a year as a

training place for Navy Seals.  He said equipment had been left and he was hoping to find some kind of transmitter.  The plane got struck by lightening during that storm and it fried the radio.”

“So we make for the base then?” said Mac looking back at the trees.  “Bit late in the day to start now though. I don’t know about you but I’m still pretty exhausted.  Do you think you can remember exactly where it is?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” answered Sky.  “If I tracked across this island once during training, I tracked across it a dozen times.  I really hated the place by the time I’d finished.  This island gives me the jitters.  Good idea to start in the morning though. There’s a river about an hours walk from here, just what we need for our powdered potato, etc, etc.  Where you going?” he asked as Mac walked away.

“Well I thought I’d have a wander along the shoreline and see if I can find anyone else.  You know further up.” MacGyver answered.  “What do you think?”

“Good idea,” answered Sky.  “Gives me time to go through the rest of these boxes and see what goodies I can find.  Oh MacGyver,” he added smiling.  Mac turned.

“How are you with animals?  Wild pigs, things like that?”

“I’m great with animals,” answered Mac as he gave him a wave and began walking again.  “It’s people that cause me problems.  People.  Especially female people and small planes and boats.  Heights, I really don’t like heights,” he said, shaking his head.  Sky could still hear him muttering as he disappeared behind some rocks.


“Glad you’re back,” Sky shouted as MacGyver walked towards him.  “You’ve been gone for ages and this place is beginning to give me the jitters again.  If I believed in ghosts, which I don’t, I’d swear it was haunted.”

Mac looked serious as he picked up a coconut and took a drink.

“What’s wrong?” asked Sky as he saw the look on his face as he sat down exhausted.

“Obviously you didn’t find anyone.  Didn’t you see any sign at all?” he asked.

“Oh I saw something,” Mac said. “I saw footprints in the sand and traces of a dinghy being dragged ashore.”  He stopped talking and looked around, a frown on his face.

“Well that’s good, so at least someone else made it,” said Sky.

“Maybe not so good, not for me anyway,” answered Mac.  “I also found these.”  He held up a pair of handcuffs.

“Jules made it ashore then,” said Sky looking around.

“I found them hanging in a palm tree,” said Mac. “There they were, shinning merrily in the sunlight.  Couldn’t miss them.”

“You mean, you weren’t supposed to miss them,” said Sky.

“Right first time,” said Mac.

“How’d he know we’d, you’d go looking in that direction?” asked Sky curiously.

“We go back a long way,” answered MacGyver. 

“Friends?” asked Sky scanning the trees because he heard something moving.

“Used to be,” answered Mac.  “He was Ok until his girlfriend died. Freaked him out, left him twisted.  When I saw him three weeks ago and found out he was up to his neck in selling stolen weapons, it was the first time I’d seen him for ten years. I had no idea he was involved.  Had I known, I wouldn’t have taken the assignment.  Karen was a friend.  I’d heard he’d joined the army; he used to talk about it before... He likes guns, always did.  As I said, we go back a long way. He knew I’d look for survivors eventually.  Called it my one big weakness.  Caring for people.  Jules couldn’t be bothered with caring anymore, especially not after Karen.  No profit in it he said.”

“I wonder how long he’s been watching us?” asked Sky.  “And why didn’t he try to kill you while we both slept, especially as killing you seems his main aim in life.”

“Yeah I know, he thinks I should have let him go, for old times sake, but I couldn’t.

So now, he’s out for revenge.  As for killing me in my sleep. That would be too easy,” said Mac.  “Jules likes playing games with people, deadly games. That’s what got his girlfriend killed.”


Neither of the two men slept much that night.  Although MacGyver took the first watch and Sky took over some four hours later, he could hear the man tossing about inside the dinghy.  After an hour, Mac gave up trying and the two men sat watching until it was light, both thankful that Jules Alexander didn’t have a gun on him, because as they sat there in front of the campfire to keep warm, they were sitting targets.

The next day they began their preparations for the long walk to the old airforce base.  Sky watched fascinated as MacGyver made two backpacks from some large palm leaves, the straps made out of vines, and packed them both with a variety of dried army rations and coconuts for drinking.  He found two small bag like containers attached to the dinghy, which he knew would come in handy for carrying water, once they’d reached the river.  Sky suggested they leave the dinghy behind, as it was too bulky to drag along with them, inflated as it was, but Mac thought it might come in useful, so he deflated it and rolled it into the smallest bundle he could.  After all, as he explained to Sky, even if nothing else, it may serve to keep the rain off.  After making an SOS sign on the sand with large pieces of driftwood and an arrow pointing in the direction they had taken, the two men set off.  Sky with his backpack of dried rations and MacGyver with his full of coconuts and dried rations and the rolled up dinghy on top.  Mac was impressed with the walking stick Sky had made for himself.  It was sturdy and seemed to give the man a great deal of support as he hobbled around as if the leg wasn’t giving him any pain at all, although MacGyver knew it had to be.


“You’re a handy man to have around MacGyver”, said Sky.

“You too,” answered Mac as he took the offered coconut. “Lucky these things keep falling off the trees.  I don’t fancy climbing for them.”

“I’m not overly keen on the milk,” Sky told him.  “But they’ll do for now.

“I like your SOS sign,” said Mac as he looked back at it. “Kind of artistic.”

“Yeah?  I hope it can be seen from the air if anyone flies over and if Morgan did manage to escape and is somewhere near, he may see it and will know where we’ve gone.  I’m hoping Joe made it as well.  He’s a real pain in the butt sometimes, but...,” answered Sky.  “Not too sure about it being artistic though. 

“Talking about being sure,” said Mac. “Are you’re sure about this?” Mac asked.  “It’s me Jules is after.  If you stay here, he might leave you alone.  Probably will.  He’s got nothing against you.”

“As I’ve already said,” answered Sky.  “You’ll never find the base on your own, and there’s no guarantee he’d leave me alone.  Witnesses and all that.  He knows, I know what he intends to do and besides, I thought you liked my company.” 


Both men knew that somewhere on their journey, Jules Alexander would be waiting for them.  Sky said he was sure he was watching from somewhere close by. 

“Stands to reason,” he said.  “Basic training.  Keep your enemy in sight.”

“Always was his favourite game,” Mac told him.

“What’s that?” Asked Sky.

“Hide and seek,” said Mac.

The Jungle

“I really hate this stuff,” said Sky as he tripped and almost fell over a fallen palm tree.

“Came down in the storm I expect,” said Mac as he helped him climb over.

“Yeah, well this is taking a lot longer than I expected.  We should have been at the river by now.  If it weren’t for this leg we would have been.”

“Never mind, we’ll...What’s that?” said Mac pointing ahead and indicating silence.

“What?” Asked Sky in a whisper.

“Not sure,” Mac whispered back, “but there’s something not right with that tree.  Try not to move while I take a look at it.  In fact, maybe you should take a rest while I do.  You know?  Sit down for a moment.”

“Ok,” answered Sky as he sat on the fallen palm, grateful for the rest as his leg hurt.

“Shan’t be long,” said Mac as he walked away. 

Sky watched as MacGyver walked gingerly forward, looking up and down as he went, then he saw him take out his penknife.  Carefully walking up to a tree Mac suddenly made a cutting motion and ducked. “Whoosh”.  It was lucky for Sky that he was sitting down because out of nowhere a huge log crashed down in front of Mac missing him by inches and swung towards him, stopping just short of where he sat.  As the log swung back and forth, MacGyver returned to the airman, grabbed it and turned it so he could see what was carved into the bark.

Betrayed by a friend.’


“I hope you don’t mind me saying so MacGyver,” said Sky, as he got to his feet.  “But that ex-friend of yours is a real psycho.”

“I agree with you,” said Mac as he began walking away, “but he was just saying ‘hello.’  It’s when he says ‘goodbye’ you should really watch out.”

“I’ll try and remember that,” answered Sky, as he looked around nervously and followed Mac as he moved on.

“I wonder how he knew we’d come this way,” asked Mac puzzled.

“Easy,” answered Sky.  Mac looked at him, none the wiser.

“Because he’s following us,” said Sky.  MacGyver turned and looked back.

“No not from behind, from in front.  All he has to do is keep ahead of us and anticipate which is the easiest path for us to take, considering my leg, then set his calling cards along the route, hide and seek remember?”

“But what if we changed our course?” Mac asked.

“Well that’s the chance he takes.  Laying a mine doesn’t necessarily mean your enemy is going to tread on it.  He’ll improvise,” answered Sky.

“Well I’m pretty good at that myself,” said Mac.

“Yeah, I noticed,” answered Sky smiling.  “Pretty good at it myself sometimes.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Mac told him.  “Your military training should come in real handy.  You give the orders Sky my friend and I’ll follow.”

“I’m just a captain,” Sky told him.  “I usually take orders, not give them.  Not really good at taking them either.  To tell the truth I don’t think I’ll stay in the airforce for much longer.  I’ve decided to leave, before I end up in a court martial.”

“Even so, the fact that you know this place and Jules doesn’t, should work in our favour,” said Mac.  “So if you don’t mind I’ll go along with whatever you come up with.  Boy am I glad it’s winter here. This place must be horrendous in the summer.”

“MacGyver, this place is horrendous any time of year,” Sky told him grinning. 


“Any ideas about what this ex-friend of yours may have in mind?” Sky asked.

“Well when we were friends, he used to come up with the crazy schemes.  Most of them stupid and dangerous, when I look back on them that is, but at the time, you know, being young and feeling immortal, I admit I thought them exciting.  It was when our friends started getting hurt, really hurt, I began to back off and see them for what they were.  So whatever he does come up with, I bet I’m not gonna enjoy it,” Mac told him as they stopped for him to re tie the bandage.

“Sounds to me like he’s a dangerous man to know,” commented Sky as he sat down.

“That’s Jules all right,” answered Mac.  “His parents spoiled the life out of him.  He was the local rich kid.  Nothing but the best for Jules Alexander, so of course we were all impressed.  At first he only wanted me in his group because I could fix his very expensive car each time he damaged it in one of his crazy car races, you know so his mum and dad didn’t know what their precious son was up too.  But I have to admit that after a while we became good friends.”

“Until his girlfriend died, I take it,” said Sky handing him a drink.

“Yeah, until Karen got killed,” answered Mac. “I’d rather not talk about it, if you don’t mind?” he said as he got to his feet.

“No, that’s Ok,” said Sky standing up as he did.  “I was just trying to get some insight into how this guy thinks, I didn’t mean to pry.”

“How he thinks?” said Mac as he walked away.  “He doesn’t think that’s the problem.  His just acts. The word No, isn’t an option with Jules, I’m not even sure he knows the meaning of it.”

“Well he’s got to get off this island the same as we have,” said Sky trying to keep up with him as he walked away quickly.

“One thing at a time,” said Mac as he waited for him to catch up.  “Jules only ever did one thing at a time. Think about the consequences later, if he could be bothered of course, which was rarely.”

“And the one thing on his mind now is getting back at you I take it?” said Sky.

“I can guarantee it,” said Mac as he began walking again.  “He’ll probably work out how we intend to get off the island and...Well, let’s just say, that if we do manage to get a message to someone out there, the rescue plane may only be picking up one survivor, if Jules has his way.  Then again, who knows, he may let you go.  Remember, he said he owes you one for getting him out of that passenger seat.  He usually pays his debts; I’ll say that for him.  Good or bad, he pays his debts.”

“Not sure I like the sound of that,” said Sky as they at last came through the trees into a clearing and saw the river up ahead.  “Not sure I like the sound of that at all, Mac me boy.”

“Well I don’t know about you, but I could do with a wash,” said Mac as they reached the riverbank and he took off his jacket.  “One watch, while the other has a swim, what do you reckon?  It is safe to swim I take it?  No alligators or anything nasty like that in there?  Is there?” asked Mac as he began to unbutton his shirt.

“Hold it MacGyver!” shouted Sky, making him jump.  “How’d you know he hasn’t poisoned the water?  Sounds like something he would think of.”

“I wished you hadn’t said that,” Mac told him as he bent down and scooped some up.  “We have to have fresh water.  Ok, here goes,” he said as he sipped the water in his hand.  “Tastes alright to me,” he added standing up.

“It was just a thought,” said Sky looking down at the river.

“Well unless you know how to work out if it is safe to drink, we’ll have to take a chance, won’t we?” said Mac.  “Those fish look pretty healthy to me,” he added.

“Good thinking Bat Man,” said Sky as he too bent and scooped up a handful.

MacGyver was the first to take a swim in the river, while Sky kept a look out.

“What’s that?” said Mac as he took a deep breath and dived under the water.

“What’s what?” asked Sky as he got to his feet.  “MacGyver?” he called as he watched the water swirl.  “MacGyver?  Where the hell are you?” he shouted loudly.

Still he couldn’t see any sign of him.  “Damn!” he said as he sat down and began taking off his shoes to go in after him.

“MacGyver are you alright?” he shouted again.

“Look at this,” said Mac as he popped his head out of the river not far from where Sky was standing, making him jump back.

“What the hell?  What’s wrong with you Mac?” said Sky, calling him Mac for the first time instead of MacGyver.  “Scared the living daylights out of me.”

“I thought this might come in handy,” said Mac as he walked out of the river waving a round metal pan in his hand.  “There’s only a little rust on it, otherwise it’s perfect.”

“What’s perfect?  Oh I could kill you myself.  What were you playing at?” said Sky, taking no notice of what he was holding out to him.

“Calm down Sky,” said Mac, as he used his shirt to dry his legs and then put his pants back on.  “We needed something to boil the water in didn’t we?  Unless of course you want to eat coconut and chocolate for the next few days.”

“Well what is it?” asked Sky, looking with renewed interest at the pan Mac gave him.

“Looks army to me,” said Mac, using his shirt to dry his arms and his chest.

“No not army,” said Sky smiling.  “Airforce.”

“How’d you know it’s airforce?” asked Mac, shaking the shirt and putting it on.

“Because it’s mine,” answered Sky.

“Yours.  How? Mac asked taking it from him and examining it closely.

“Because it was me who threw it in the river.  Five years ago, if I remember rightly.  Yep five years ago,” answered Sky, sounding highly amused.

“You’re sure?” asked Mac as he scanned the area; aware they’d been so busy chatting they’d forgotten to keep an eye out for Alexander.

“Course I’m sure,” answered Sky.   “It’s quite simple.  We were on manoeuvres, I was sick of the dried rations we’d been living on and threw the pan at our cook.  He ducked and it landed in the river.  I lost two days pay for losing my temper.  Joe lost four days pay, if I remember rightly.”

“Why did he lose four days pay if you threw the pan?” asked Mac as Sky undressed and waded into the river, flinching as the water touched the cut on his leg.

“Because,” said Sky, who had decided not to swim just to duck down where he was to clean the cut and himself, rather than risk the leg by swimming.  “Because he threw his pan as well.  A real good shot is Joe and he got the cook pretty good.  Knocked him out cold.”

“Sounds like you two go back a long ways,” said Mac, as he filled up the bags from the dinghy with water.

“Yeah, we do,” answered Sky as he finished washing and came back to his clothes.

“It didn’t sound like you were friends on the plane,” said Mac.

“Oh that,” said Sky.  “We don’t mean anything by it.  It’s just we have a difference of opinion about a certain thing.  It came between our friendship pretty good.  But we’re still friends, not like we were, but still friends.”

“Well we’d best get going,” said Mac, not wanting to appear nosey.

“Good idea,” answered Sky as he finished dressing and picked up his things.

“Don’t you want to know what we argued about?” he asked Mac as they set off.

“I think I can take a stab at it,” said Mac, walking ahead.  “A woman, right?”

“Not a woman Mac.  A lady and she’s one in a million,” answered Sky.

Four hours later the two men, exhausted and hungry, decided enough was enough; it was time to take a rest.

“How about spending the night in that cave up there?” Mac asked the airman as he pointed ahead. 

“Don’t you think we’d be better off out in the open where we can see Jules coming at us?” asked Sky looking uneasily towards the cave.

“Well by the look of the sky it appears we are in for another storm.  I don’t fancy being out in the open in it, do you?” answered Mac giving the man a puzzled look.

“I suppose you’re right,” answered Sky, though he looked unhappy.

“Umm,” said Sky as they stood before the entrance to the dark cave.  “What are the chances of him, or one of those pigs being inside?”                                                 “Pigs, Jules, same thing,” laughed Mac as he picked up a large coconut still in it’s outer green husk.  “Either way,” he said as he threw it violently into the cave. “This should give it, or him, a nasty headache.”

They heard a loud thud as the coconut landed on the wall at the back of the cave.

“Sounded empty to me,” said Mac as he moved forward.  “Not very large either, just large enough.   Dark that’s all. We have our matches, no problem.”

Sky stood and looked at the cave and then at MacGyver.

“You first,” he said indicating he should enter.  “This was your idea.”

“Yeah, sure.  I think a torch will come in handy,” said Mac as he gathered some dry bracken and wrapped it round a thick branch he’d found.

“After you,” he said indicating Sky should enter, as the torch burst into life.

“No, after you,” said Sky peering into the now lit up cave.  “I’ll get something to build a fire with.  Building campfires is my speciality.”


The inside of the cave, wasn’t very large, but proved to be dry and animal free and would serve as a useful place to spend the night and to wait out the rain that appeared to be heading their way.  After looking around the cave, Sky decided the best place for the campfire was at the back wall where he’d noticed a small opening in the ceiling which would let out the smoke and set to building it. By the time MacGyver had sorted out the things they would need and gathered palm leaves for them to sleep on, it had started to rain heavily.

“Pretty good campfire.  No doubt about it Sky, you are definitely good at these things,” said Mac as he sat down next to it. “This was a great idea too,” he added as he removed the pan from the large flat stones Sky had built over the fire as a platform to rest it on. “Done a bit of sleeping under the stars myself. A good campfire.”

“Hope you’re hungry,” said Sky as he opened a bag of dried mashed potato and dropped its contents into the water.

“Not really,” answered MacGyver.  “Just tired.”

“Me too,” said Sky as he returned to the entrance of the cave where Mac had noticed he’d been sitting since he’d made the fire.

“Anything wrong?” he asked.

“No.  Why?” said Sky looking out at the rain.

“You look a little uneasy that’s all,” said Mac watching him. “And I don’t think its because of Jules Alexander.”

“Can’t stand being shut in,” said Sky as he watched the lightning.  “Gives me the creeps.”  He turned towards MacGyver and shrugged his shoulders. 

“Always been the same.  I could never stand being anywhere where I couldn’t see the sunlight or the sky, well not for long.  I suppose you could call it a phobia.”

“We’ve all got them in one way or another,” said Mac as he handed him the pan.

“No it’s alright; I think I’ll stick to chocolate for tonight.” said Sky.  “Still I suppose you’re right.  I’ve got this friend with a thing about heights.”

“I know how he feels.  Me too,” answered Mac as he tried the potato but decided he wasn’t hungry enough to eat it.  “Drives me mad sometimes.”

“Well at least my shut in phobia hasn’t stopped me doing most of the things I wanted too.  Whereas he, Dave wanted to be a pilot, join the airforce etc.  This thing had him beat in the end.  According to the doctors, it had something to do with the fluid in his inner ear, that’s why he gets airsick, like you.  He tried everything, I can tell you. Nothing worked.  Once he convinced me to go with him in a cable car to one of those restaurants, so he could book a romantic meal for him and his girlfriend.  What a disaster.  He spent the whole time going up and coming down sat on the floor of the         cable car and in the restaurant, he had to move so far away from the windows he was practically sitting in the men’s room,” Sky told him, laughing at the memory.

“If he’s so scared of heights why did he bother?” asked Mac as he settled down to take the first watch. 

“Oh he’s not scared of heights.  He just can’t deal with them.  He gets giddy, real giddy and falls down.  Something to do with the horizon, fluid, balance, whatever.  Now he avoids them like the plague, if he can,” said Sky, pulling the palm leaves he was going to sleep on as near to the cave entrance as possible.

“So what does he do now, if he couldn’t be a pilot?” asked Mac intrigued.

“Designs aircraft.  Pretty good at it too.  Mainly jets,” answered Sky as he drifted off into a light sleep.


Early the next morning the two men resumed their journey.  Sky’s leg seemed a little easier as they set out and he was pleased to see the swelling around the cut was down.


“I can’t help wondering why we haven’t seen anything of Jules since that ‘hello’ calling card he left us?” said Sky as they walked on.

“Yeah I was wondering that last night,” answered Mac.  “From the way I see it, if he killed us before we’ve found a way off this island, then he’s stuck here.  He may be mad, but he’s not stupid.  Far from it.  No, he’ll wait and see what we do first.  Good thing really, it means we can stop jumping at every sound.  Mind you, those are just my thoughts.  Perhaps you feel differently?”

“Nope, I’ll go along with that.  Makes sense to me,” answered Sky.  “And if this leg keeps getting better we should reach the base a lot quicker than I first thought.  Sometime later today, I hope.  Did you see that?” he asked as he stopped moving.

“Yeah I saw it,” answered Mac as he looked ahead.  “He’s just making sure we know he’s still there.  Keeping us on our toes so to speak.  Boy, that man hasn’t changed one jot over the last ten years.  Still playing his childish games.”

“So, Mac,” said Sky as they continued walking.  “You reckon you could make this transmitter work?  If we find one of course.”

“It depends,” answered Mac.  “It’s not so much getting the transmitter to work.  If they have left equipment and there is transmitter of some kind.  What I’ve been worried about is where we’re going to get the power.  Let’s just hope they’ve left a few jeeps behind as well.  Yep, jeep batteries should do the job nicely.”

“Jeep batteries, you’re thinking of powering a transmitter with jeep batteries?” asked Sky.  “I’m impressed.”

“Do you know what Sky?” said Mac as he tripped.  “I really hate this place.”


Later that day, after an exhausting walk and the occasional stop for a rest, they stepped out of the jungle and walked towards a hill in the distance.

“Up over that hill is the base,” Sky told Mac, as he looked behind him.  “At least there are no damn insects up there to pester us.”

“Small mercies, answered Mac, scratching his arm and giving him a funny look.

“What?” Asked Sky as they began walking again.

“I was just wondering.  If you’re airforce.  What were you doing on this island on manoeuvres?  That’s more army isn’t?”

“Can’t tell you Mac my boy,” answered Sky walking on ahead.  “If I did I’d have to shoot you.” 

“Why?” asked Mac catching him up.

“Oh, you know, top secret, stuff like that.  What I did learn from it though, was never, ever, volunteer,” answered Sky, as they began walking again.


Half an hour later, the two men had reached the top of the hill and stood surveying the area around them.  Up ahead there were more trees, although Sky assured Mac it wasn’t jungle.  Through the trees, he told him, was the base living, storage areas.  Further on past a small wood was the airstrip itself.

“Weird setup,” said Mac as they sat for a rest before going on.

“Yep,” answered Sky.  “The airforce mentality never ceases to amaze me.”

“I take it you saw that?” said Mac watching a figure moving through the trees ahead as he got to his feet.

“Yeah I saw him,” answered Sky.  “Not bothering to hide himself much is he?”

“Err Mac,” he added as they began walking again.  “I should point out that there are a lot of holes around here.  Big holes.  You know, like in craters left by explosions.  Try not to fall down one.”

“Holes, big holes?  What were you?  Oh never mind, it’s bad enough Jules wanting to kill me, without you threatening to shoot me as well.  I’ll just take your word for it.  Don’t fall down any holes,” said Mac as they continued on into the trees.


 Ten minutes later, they emerged from the trees and saw some buildings and cabins.

“Oh I hope they left a bed behind,” said Sky as he made towards one of them.

“I don’t expect the mattress will be in any fit state to sleep on,” offered Mac.

“Mattress, what mattress, we didn’t have mattresses, just boards and blankets.  But that’s where the old palm leaves come in useful,” laughed Sky.  “Like a soft feather bed, if you’ve been sleeping on the ground for the last couple of days.  Pure heaven.”


“This looks like a storeroom,” Mac told Sky as he peered around the door.  “Bit unsafe to leave equipment behind, don’t you think?”

“Not really,” answered Sky, “it’s a desert island remember.  Not somewhere you’re average burglar is going to know about, let alone stumble across.”

“Well someone’s been here,” Mac told him as they entered.  “Look.”

“I can guess who,” answered Sky as he went to the door of a large cupboard area that had been smashed open.  “Hey look Mac, equipment.  Looks complicated to me, what do you reckon?  What’s the likelihood there’s a transmitter in here?  But then again wouldn’t Jules have taken it?”

“Only if he’d suddenly acquired a talent for the practical,” answered Mac looking around and picking up things and placing them on the floor near him.  “As I said before, Jules just wasn’t mechanically minded.  Not in the least.  He could wreck things, and I imagine since he joined the military, he’d excel at blowing stuff up, but I doubt even the military could give him the patience with anything electrical.  He smashed his car radio to pieces once because he couldn’t find the channel he wanted.  Ah, just what we need,” added Mac as he picked up a large piece of equipment and carried it to the doorway where Sky was standing.  “Don’t just stand there Sky my lad,” he said imitating him as he walked past.  “Pick up those and follow me.”

“Where we going?” asked Sky as he picked up the two things Mac had placed on the floor in front of him.

“As you said,” answered Mac.  “Let’s go find somewhere where there’s a bed.”


“I have absolutely no idea what you’re doing,” Sky told MacGyver as he sat watching from the bed they had found and which he’d made comfortable with palm leaves. 

“You don’t need too,” Mac told him as he fiddled with knobs and then set about stripping the insulation off some wires he attached to the back of it.  “I’m starving,” he added, “any chance of finding some fresh water to boil up some good old mashed potato and soup while I fix this thing?”

“Coming right up,” answered Sky getting to his feet.  “You’re sure I can’t help?”

“Not at the moment,” answered Mac, “but we still need that battery or something to power this thing up with.  We’ll look for it when we’ve eaten.  I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to be separated do you?  Obviously, Jules is watching from somewhere.”

“From those trees I should imagine,” answered Sky pointing out the window.

“More trees,” said Mac. 

“Ah,” said Sky, “not just trees.  Beyond those trees is where the Officers had their living quarters.  Nice view.  Straight down, a long way down, but a nice view. Our friend Jules is more than likely to be holding up in one of their places and keeping an eye on us from the trees. 

“Trees, hills, caves, jungle, holes, craters, what kind of a place is this?” said Mac as he looked to where Sky was pointing.

“I told you Mac,” said Sky as he headed for the door.  “Horrendous, pure horrendous, that’s why the military mind liked it so much.”


Sky knew exactly where he could find water, fresh water.  Heading round the back of the cabin they were in he smiled.  “There you are.  I knew I could rely on you,” he said aloud as he walked towards an old-fashioned water pump and cranked the handle up and down.  For a moment, nothing happened and then after the first trickle of dirty water, followed by rusty, clean water pumped out and he filled the bags.  Then he stopped, he’d seen something move out of the corner of his eye. On looking around, he couldn’t see anything. “Umm, pigs or Jules.  Mac’s right, same thing really.”

“Wonder what’s in there?” he said to himself as he walked toward the large building behind the pump.


“Bingo!” he said to Mac as he struggled through the door carrying a jeep battery, the water and his walking stick, all at the same time.

“Where’d you find that?” Mac asked as he took it from him.

“In a building out back, where I also found some water.  Didn’t find really, I knew it was there, somewhere.  There are these old water pumps set up all over this place. The water tastes a bit peculiar but it’s clean,” Sky told him as he put the battery down.  “Now something to build a fire with and then Mac my lad, a feast of powdered potato and powdered soup, all courtesy of the army.”


“How can you tell if it’s working?” Sky asked Mac as he sent the message for the fourth time.

“Well it’s working,” answered Mac.  “But whether anyone is receiving, that’s another matter.  I have no idea what frequency to broadcast on, so we’re just going to have to try as many as we can and hope someone picks it up.  This battery is pretty old.”

“As long as it’s sending, that’s fine by me,” answered Sky as he handed Mac some potato as he’d had enough.  “You’re a genius, a pure genius.”

“I’m beginning to think you are as well,” answered Mac taking the pan from him. That or an arsonist.  How in hell did you build that fire without setting the whole place alight and I love your burglar alarm. Coconut shells that bounce up and down if someone tries to come in.  Simple, but effective. I couldn’t have done better myself.”

“Just a knack,” Sky answered as he stretched out on the bed. “Though I have been called sneaky, amongst other things of course.” He sat up suddenly.

“Mac, wait,” he said, indicating silence.  “I thought I saw something, at the window, just for a moment, but I’d swear...”

Both men headed for the door.  Outside it was getting dark and there was no possible way to see anybody.  Unless they began to move about.

“Well if it was him, he knows we’ve got the transmitter going now,” said Mac.

“Of course it was him, who else would it be?” said Sky as they went back inside.

“Stop doing that,” he told Mac as he saw him smiling.  “This place gives me the creeps as it is, just don’t do it.”

“So why does it give you the creeps?” asked Mac as he looked through the window at the darkness outside.

“Oh it seems about a hundred years ago this place was invaded by cannibals, or so the story goes, and they ate most of the inhabitants, those they could find that is and then left.  About 40 all told. Yuk, makes my stomach turn,” Sky told him.

“You, a military man, upset by an old story?” laughed Mac as he fiddled with the transmitter knobs again hoping to find someone broadcasting.

“I didn’t say it upset me Mac, I said it makes my stomach turn.  I went off meat for a while after I heard about it.”

“I’m a vegetarian myself,” Mac told him.

“Yeah?  Well that figures,” answered Sky.  “Wake me up when it’s my turn to keep watch.  Oh and Mac, try to keep the noise down, I’ve had a hard day.”

“Oh very funny Sky, very funny,” answered Mac as he put the fire out.  Just in case.


When it was MacGyver’s turn to get some sleep, Sky took over sending out the message.  After a while, he began to think Mac was right.  It seemed to be transmitting all right, as far as he could tell; it just wasn’t receiving.

“I think I’ll get some more water,” he said aloud after setting up the campfire again. Don’t really fancy potatoes and soup for breakfast, but in the circumstances, it will have to do.

Checking outside as best he could before he left, he stepped into the morning light and glanced around.  “No pigs and no Jules, good,” he said to himself as he walked round towards the water pump, filled the bags and was about to go back inside when he saw something moving up in the trees.  “Now that’s no pig,” he said as he watched the trees.  “Spying on us were you?  Well I can do a little spying myself.” 

With that, he set off for the hill. As he stepped into the trees, he turned and looked down.  No sign of anyone behind him, and now, no sign of anyone in front of him either. “I don’t need this anymore,” he said dropping his walking stick.  “It’s starting to get on my nerves.”

Walking on he listened carefully.  The trees weren’t that thick and he felt he would see anyone trying to come on him unawares.  At least he hoped he would.  As he came out of the trees, he saw the buildings were still intact, well most of them and stopped for a moment to listen.  Jules Alexander is either the quietest man I’ve every met or he’s off somewhere, he thought to himself. 

“Off somewhere. MacGyver,” his mind screamed.  “How stupid can you get Sky my lad, you’ve left him alone and worse, asleep and alone.  Oh what an idiot.  Talk about stupid.”  As he turned to leave, his curiosity got the better of him and he opened the door of the nearest building, of which there were four.  “Just what the doctor ordered,” he said aloud as he stepped inside.  “Workshop.  Now there has to be something left in here we can use, or should I say MacGyver can use.  Won’t take a minute.”  As he finished speaking, he walked further in and then he felt something move beneath his feet.  Before he had time to react, the rotting floorboards gave way and he fell through into the cellar below, yelling as he landed heavily on the concrete floor.  He heard the bone in his leg crack rather than felt it.

“God!” he said aloud as he tried to move. 

“Well, well, well,” said a voice from above.  “What do we have here?  It’s amazing the things you come across when you haven’t got a gun.”  Sky looked up.

“Yes, very funny Alexander, now don’t just stand there, get me out.”

“Why?” asked Alexander bending down and grinning at the hurt man.

“Well you owe me one, remember?” said Sky, the sweat running of his face as he moved the leg straight.  “God!” he said again as pain shot through it.

“You have me there Sky,” answered Jules Alexander, still grinning as he did.

“And I will get you out, but first I have some unfinished business to attend too, so if you don’t mind, I’ll do that first.”

“If you mean MacGyver,” said Sky, gritting his teeth at the pain.  “You will need him to get out of here, off this damn island.”

“Not really, I have you now remember and I know you know how to work a radio.  Me?  I normally just lose my temper with the darn things.  So you see, I don’t need MacGyver any more.  He’s served his purpose.  I knew he’d come up with something to get me out of this place.  It’s his way.  Fixing things, making things.”

“You were friends once,” Sky told him angrily.  “Doesn’t that count for anything?”

“With him it doesn’t,” answered Jules just as angrily.  “He could have let me go, given me a head start, but no!  Not him.  Too high and mighty and goody, goody.  Always has been.  Whittling away at my girlfriend about caring for the environment, people, how it was wrong to have so many guns lying around the house the way I did.

What a hypocrite.  Oh, he doesn’t have anything to do with guns, ever since..., but that doesn’t stop him working for the military sometimes.  No guns, but he doesn’t mind helping them design rockets that go exactly where you tell them too.  What does he think the army are going to use them for, just to blow up buildings? No, Mac doesn’t use guns.  Doesn’t have too.  Funny isn’t it though, that wherever he goes, people get hurt?”  Jules Alexander paused and glared.

“You mean people like you, gun runners?” said Sky, glaring back.

“That’s just my point,” said Jules standing upright.  “Guns or no guns, people get hurt whenever he’s around and he makes out to be this big humanitarian who cares about everyone.  Rubbish.  If he was such a humanitarian what’s he doing helping the military out all the time?  I know all about him, been hearing about his exploits for ages, working for that Foundation who pretend to be so wonderful.  Well your new friend is a spy.  Nothing but a goddamn spy.” He walked away still talking angrily.

“Now it’s game over Mac, game over.  Time to say goodbye.”

When MacGyver woke up, he looked outside expecting to find Sky getting some water, especially as the bags were gone and was a little surprised not to see him out by the pump.  After waiting for a while and sending another message on the transmitter, he began to worry. 

“What’s he up to now?” he said to himself, as he decided to go and look for him.

“Can’t have gone far.  Probably looking for another jeep battery,” he muttered as he checked the nearest buildings.  Then he stopped and looked up at the trees on top of the distant slope.  “Surely he wouldn’t have...Oh yes he would.” 

Walking towards the trees MacGyver kept an eye out for the slightest movement that would indicate Jules Alexander was around.  He had to admit that he was more than a little surprised the man hadn’t already made a move on them, if it was him Sky had seen at the window when they first got the transmitter working.  As he got to the edge of the trees, he stopped.  “Now what did he throw that away for?” he said aloud as he picked up Sky’s walking stick and continued on.


“So what were you saying about falling down holes?” he asked Sky as he bent down.

“Look out Mac, Jules is hanging around somewhere,” Sky told him quietly.

“I expect he is,” answered Mac, “but first I need to get you out of there.  Can you climb do you think?”

“Afraid not,” answered Sky sheepishly. “I think I broke my leg when I fell.”

“Honestly Sky, you’re worse than I am,” answered Mac as he stood up.  “Look just hold tight and I’ll get you out.  At least the water bags didn’t break,” he added.

“Well that’s about the only thing that didn’t,” said Sky trying to smile through the pain.  “Mac be careful, he’s looking for you.”

“So what else is new?” said Mac as he walked away.  “Don’t go anywhere.”

“I won’t,” muttered Sky, as he tried to move and wished he hadn’t.


“Hold it right there,” said Jules Alexander as MacGyver stepped out of the building.

Mac turned and came face to face with the man who was holding a bow and arrow pointed straight at him.

“Made that yourself did you?” Mac asked.

“Well you know me Mac,” answered Jules indicating with the bow that he should move.  “Not as good as you’d make, but then it doesn’t have to be does it.  Mind you, I am better at making things, since I joined the military.  Making money mostly, but still, I have to say it; I did do a good job on making this.  Would have liked more time to make a metal tip to the arrow, but I warn you, I’ve laced it with something nasty.  Now move!”

“Where are we going?” asked Mac as he moved in the direction indicated, keeping a careful eye on the homemade bow as he did.

“Oh not far,” Jules told him as they walked.  “I’ve thought of a challenge for you Mac.  Give you a sporting chance, so to speak.  Now keep moving, just a bit further.

Right stop there,” Jules told him as they came to the edge of the hill and Mac could see it dropped sharply down for a long way, the sides pitted with rocks.

“Now what?” Mac asked as he stepped quickly back from the edge.

“Now you jump,” Jules told him. 

“You’ve got to be kidding?” said Mac in disbelief.  “I’m not going to jump down there and you’re not going to make me, not with that.”

“No,” said Jules as he let the arrow fly and it slammed into Mac’s shoulder, knocking him off his feet, almost sending him over the edge.

“You’re crazy,” Mac told him as he struggled to his feet and pulled the arrow from his shoulder, aware that not only was it bleeding heavily, but hot and burning.

“No, not crazy,” Jules answered smiling.  “Never crazy.”

“Then what did you do that for?” asked Mac as he held his shoulder.

“Because you wouldn’t jump.  Now you know me Mac.  I like people to do what I tell them to do.  I get a little bit edgy when people don’t do what I want,” said Jules as he watched the man’s pain.  “Hurts does it?”

“I thought you said you were giving me a fighting chance?” asked MacGyver swaying slightly.

“I am Mac, I am.  You never know, you might survive the fall.  Of course, that’s unlikely, but there’s always a good chance.  Now jump!”

“No!” shouted MacGyver, as he stepped away from the edge. 

“Don’t tell me I have to persuade you some more?” said Jules Alexander as he began placing another arrow into the bow.  “I thought you liked games Mac.  You always did when we were younger.  Games of chance, exciting games.  You liked them as much as I did, and I always, always paid back my enemies, remember?”

“Yeah, I remember,” said Mac angrily. “I can’t believe I went along with your crazy schemes, exciting or not, but I did and I’ve regretted it ever since.  I should have stopped you before Karen...” he was interrupted by Alexander.

“Before Karen what?” he shouted.  “Karen what?”

“Before Karen got killed,” shouted Mac angrily.  “She’d still be alive but for you.”

“No, you’re wrong.  It was an accident.  An accident.  It wasn’t my fault, said Jules, as his hands shook and he failed to place the arrow in the bow.

“Yes it was,” Mac shouted.  “You made her go with you in that crazy race along Dead Man’s Curve.  I told her not to get in the car, but no, you told her it was safe, that you’d look after her and she believed you.  You crashed and she died.  You killed her Jules, you, no one else, just you!”

“Shut up!” shouted Alexander as he threw the bow away and pulled out a knife from his belt.  “Don’t say another word or so help me, I’ll kill you where you stand.”

“Knives now is it?” said Mac stepping towards him and realising the knife was real, not handmade.  “Get that from one of the buildings did you?”  He moved forward.

“I warn you Mac, I will use it if you don’t shut up,” said Alexander menacingly.

“Go ahead then,” said Mac watching the knife as he did.  “You intend to kill me one way or another anyway, so I’m not about to play your stupid games.  I’m not going to jump as you say, so you can tell yourself it wasn’t you, that it was my fault.”

“You should have let me go,” Alexander told him, his face red with anger.”

“I couldn’t do that,” answered Mac watching him carefully.  “You’d just start up again somewhere else. I couldn’t live with that.  What about the people those guns kill Jules, don’t you ever stop to think about anyone else but yourself?”

Before the man had time to reply, MacGyver threw himself at him.  As they crashed to the ground, he felt something sharp rip deep into the side of his stomach, but he was so angry he didn’t care as the two men rolled and fought for the knife that was now covered in his blood.  He kicked Alexander off him and tried to get up, but was hurt more than he’d realised and unable to do so.  Jules Alexander got to his feet and smiled as he saw the blood on the knife he was still holding.

“I did warn you Mac,” he said smiling down at him.  “I gave you your chance.  But no.  You have to be the big hero.  Well heroes only survive in films.  Here in the real world, things end differently.”  He lunged downwards with the knife as he spoke.

Mac rolled out of his way and Alexander carried on going.  Right over the edge of the hill and down, down to the bottom, where he lay still.

For a moment, MacGyver wasn’t sure exactly what had happened.  One moment Jules Alexander was lunging towards him with a knife and the next moment he was gone.  Dragging himself to the edge of the hill Mac looked down.  He could see his old friend lying at the bottom amongst some boulders.  He wasn’t moving and his body was lying at a strange angle.

“Jules!” Mac called hopefully.  The man may have wanted him dead but the feelings weren’t returned.  “Jules,” he called again and then he stopped calling as pain shot through his stomach and made him yell.  “Oh man!” he said as he curled himself into a tight ball to try to make the pain stop.  Then pulling at the shirt that was covering the wound he tried to stop the bleeding with the bottom of it. “It’s burning,” he said aloud, “he put something on the knife as well.  Why?  I don’t understand w...” 

He passed out before he could finish the sentence.

He wasn’t sure how long he’d been stumbling around when his senses came back to him and he found himself outside the building where Sky had fallen through the floor.  His shirt and trousers now soaked in blood he pushed open the door and staggered in, falling down alongside the opening to the hole.

“Mac, what the hell happened to you?” asked Sky as he looked up and could see the blood on his shirt from where the arrow had hit him.

“Jules shot me with a bow and arrow,” gasped Mac as he tried to stand but merely ended up kneeling down on one leg.  “Got me pretty good with a knife too.  Put something on them, burning,” he told Sky as he got to his feet.  “Need to get you out of there.”

“Whoa Mac, first things first.  Where’s Jules now?” Sky asked.

“I think he’s dead, fell over the edge, he’s not moving,” Mac answered and then knelt down once more as pain shot through him.  “What the hell did he put on that knife?” he said aloud, but more to himself as he toppled sideways.

“Ok Mac, now listen to me,” said Sky as he watched him fighting to stay conscious.  “You have to get back down to the cabin and take care of those wounds.  Keep sending out messages; we need to get someone here soon before we both die.  My legs bleeding again and now it’s broken as well, I don’t feel so good.  It’s down to you. You have to get help.”

“No,” Mac answered, staggering to his feet again.  “I have to get you out of there.”

“How Mac, how?  You’re in no fit state to pull me out and I can’t climb.  I have plenty of water and it’s not too hot down here, or cold for that matter. I’ll be all right as long as you get help. You have to keep sending those messages.  We’re not going to last long if you don’t.”  He waited while Mac swayed undecided.  “Listen to me,” he continued.  “Down in the cabin is the first aid kit.  You may find something to clean the wounds, stop the burning.  You have to go.  Do you understand?”

Sky could see that MacGyver was in such a bad way that he really wasn’t thinking properly and that the man’s instincts made him want to stay and help.

“Mac,” he shouted as hard as he could.  “You have to leave me here.  Go get help. Go back to the cabin.  It’s your only chance, our only chance. Do you understand?”

He hated shouting as he could see he was in great pain, but knew he had to get through to him, give him a reason to move.  Mac looked down and Sky wondered if he would actually be able to make it to the cabin the state he was in.

“Go back to the cabin,” Mac answered swaying as he did.  “Get help.  OK Sky.

Don’t you move, stay right there, and try not to get into any more trouble.”

“Oh and Mac,” shouted Sky as he moved away. 

“Don’t you fall down any holes.”

MacGyver had no idea how many times he fell as he tried to get back to the building where he’d set up the transmitter.  By the time he reached the door, he was barely thinking straight.  Shaking from shock and loss of blood he stumbled into the room, fell, and for a moment lay still until the pain subsided once more.  Then shivering violently he tried to light the campfire that Sky had prepared before he left to get water.  Five, six matches it took before his hands stopped shaking enough from him to get the thing going.  He needed too light the fire, not only for warmth but also for light in the cabin during the coming night.  Grabbing the pan they had been cooking in he stumbled back outside to find the water pump.  He froze as he got to it.  Someone was moving around behind the building where Sky had found the battery.  He could hear noises.  He waited.  Nothing.  The sound stopped.  As he moved away from the pump, he heard it again.  He knew there was only one person it could be. 

Jules Alexander.  He wasn’t dead after all. 

Filling the pan with water, he managed to get back into the cabin without spilling all of its contents. Slamming the door shut behind him, he waited.  He could hear movement outside, but that was all.  Then the sounds faded and were gone.


Sitting on the bed and opening the first aid kit, he rummaged amongst its contents hoping to find something to wash the wounds.  He wasn’t sure what to use, so decided it best not to use anything, just in case it made the burning sensation worse.  Carefully he began pulling the bottom of the shirt from over the wound to his stomach.  It had stuck fast and he almost passed out as it came off his skin.  It was still bleeding slightly and looked raw and swollen.  As best he could, he cleaned it and then put on a dressing.  Then he saw to his shoulder which was also raw and swollen.  By the time he’d finished he was sweating and shivering violently.  He wanted a drink, but was loathe to venture outside to the pump again as it was getting dark. 

“The drink must wait; have to send the message,” he told himself.

“SOS.  My name is MacGyver.  Our plane crashed, we’re on Rock Island Airforce Base, between Japan and the USA.  Need medical attention.  SOS, my name is MacGyver.  Our plane crashed, we’re on Rock Island Airforce Base. Need medical...”


He awoke in the early hours and found himself lying on the floor, the microphone still clutched in his hand.  Sending the message again, he reached the bed and passed out.


It was mid afternoon before he came too and by then he was so dehydrated he had no choice but to get to the water pump.  As he moved off the bed, the world turned topsy turvey and he crumpled into a heap.  Trying to pull himself upright holding onto the bed he realised something was wrong with his right arm.  There was no feeling in it and it hung lifelessly down by his side.

“What’s wrong with my arm?” he said aloud.  “What’s happened to my arm?” Then he remembered the arrow.  “What’d he do that for?  I don’t understand,” he said as he pulled himself upright.  “Oh man my stomach,” he said, as the strain of pulling himself to his feet sent waves of pain through it.  “Have to get some water.  Thirsty.  Why’s it so hot in here?”  He stopped.  He’d heard something.  Someone moving around outside again.  He reached the window and looked out. “I have to get some water,” he could hear himself saying.  “No choice.  No choice.  Thirsty.  No choice.”  Stepping outside he waited for the attack.  Nothing happened, except the world appeared to be turning and blurring.  As he moved away from the pump with the water, he heard the noise again; it was close and getting closer.

Before he could react, something slammed into him knocking him off his feet.  

For a moment he didn’t move, stunned and shocked by the force of whatever had taken his feet out from underneath him.  He could hear sounds, strange sounds.  Rolling onto his side, he looked towards where the sounds were coming from and couldn’t believe his eyes.  Standing some distance away, glaring angrily in his direction was a huge greyish black, wild pig.  A very angry wild pig which grunted and snorted as it stared back at him.

“What?” He heard himself whisper as his mind tried to make sense of what was happening.  “What?”  Then he heard movement behind and looked back.  Crossing not far from where he lay was another pig, obviously an adult, accompanied by two smaller ones.

“Got in between you and your family did I?” he said apologetically to the male as it continued to stare at him, grunting angrily.  “Sorry about that, didn’t mean...”  He never finished the sentence because the large pig with a loud squeal headed back towards him.  He tried to get to his feet, to get out of the way, but his body wouldn’t respond to his commands, all he managed to do was roll sideways, slightly.  On and on came the pig, almost in slow motion, or so it seemed.  Pushing himself up he tried to get out of the way, but failed.  The pig was almost on top of him now and then it came to a sudden stop.  Mac felt sure he’d seen something land on top of its head.  The pig grunted again and continued towards him. 

Wham!  A large stone smacked the pig on the snout and it pulled up once more and squealing like crazy, turned and sped off in the other direction. 

“What?” he said almost in a whisper.  “What?”

“Easy there MacGyver,” said a voice from behind him.  “Just take it easy.”

Mac turned and through the haze saw a face.  A face he recognised.

“Joe!” he said, his voice barely a whisper.  “You’re Ok, you survived.”

“Well I think so,” answered Joe as he knelt down beside him.  “Either that or I’m a ghost, but I don’t think I’m a ghost.  If I had been, I wouldn’t have had to pelt that beast with a stone.  I could have scared it away.”  He laughed.

“Pretty good shot Joe, thanks,” said Mac.

“Any time.  Always was a good shot,” Joe answered proudly.

“Yeah, I heard that.  Sky told me... Joe!  Sky he’s hurt; he fell through the floor.  The Officers quarters. You have to help him.”

“Slow down Mac, first we’ve got to get you back inside and sort you out, and then we’ll go find Sky,” answered Joe.

“We?” asked MacGyver not following him.

“Oh yes, MacGyver meet Morgan, our friendly US pilot.  Morgan meet MacGyver.  Now let’s get you inside,” said Joe.  “Boy have you made a mess of yourself.”

Mac smiled at the pilot as he and Joe helped him to his feet and half-carried him back inside the cabin.  “It was Jules, Joe, Jules did this.”

“Where’s he now?” Joe asked as they carefully placed him down on the bed.

“He’s dead, I think he’s dead, he fell down the hill.  Joe we have to help Sky, he’s been in that hole all night,” said Mac trying to get up.

“First things first,” Joe told him as he made him lay back down. “You first and then Sky.  Just take it easy, you’re bleeding, so stay still.”

“Message, we have to send messages, before the battery stops working,” said Mac as Joe tried to take off the dressing from his stomach wound, making him curl up in pain. “I’m fine Joe, just fine. Go get Sky, he’s hurt bad.”

“Of course you’re fine;” answered Joe, ignoring his pleas and pushing his hands away “and Sky will be fine.  He’s a real tough cookie.  Whereas you don’t look so good.”


Later that night MacGyver opened his eyes and wished he’d stayed unconscious.  The pain in his stomach made him cry out as he tried to sit up.

“Steady there pardner,” said Morgan as he made him lay back down.  “Don’t want to open up that stomach wound again do we?”

“Where’s Joe, where’s Sky?  Did you find him?” asked Mac.

“We’re right here,” answered Joe from behind the pilot. 

MacGyver looked across the room and could see Sky lying on another makeshift bed and gave him a small wave.

“You alright?” he asked.

“Doing great,” answered Sky.  “Whereas you on the other hand look awful.”

“Good to see you too,” answered Mac, trying to smile.  “What’s that noise?” he asked.

“Oh that, that’s the transmitter.  They’re coming to get us old boy,” answered Joe smiling. 

“You did it Mac, you got help,” said Sky smiling broadly, “and you didn’t fall down any holes in doing it, lucky I reminded you.”

“Yeah but you forgot to remind me about the pig, forgot about the pig,” said MacGyver as his eyes closed and he fell into an exhausted sleep.


He was running, falling, running again.  Something was chasing him.  Something he couldn’t see, something dark and fast.  Crashing through the trees he sped on, tripping and stumbling as he went.  The sounds from behind were getting closer, closer with every step.  Then he tripped and landed heavily.  Through the darkness, he heard the man running, running towards where he had fallen.  Looking around for something to defend himself he grabbed a piece of wood, got to his feet and waited, waited for his pursuer.  From out of nowhere the dark figure came, launching itself at him like a wild animal.  He swung out with the wood and made contact with his assailant.  Cursing and yelling the dark figure turned and he could see something shiny in his enemy’s hand as it reflected in the moonlight.  He lashed out again but his assailant was too strong, knocking him to the ground then standing over him.  As the dark figure raised the knife high into the air, MacGyver struck out.


“Steady Mac, it’s alright, I’m just trying to change your dressing.  Calm down no one is trying to hurt you.”  Joe’s voice echoed into his head.

“Leave me alone,” shouted Mac as he tried to get up.  “I told you I’m not going to jump. Get away from me with that knife.  You’re crazy.”

“Morgan give me a hand here will you?” said Joe as he fought to keep MacGyver still.  “Sky, talk to him, maybe he’ll listen to you.”

“Mac it’s me, Sky.  Let Joe change the dressings or you’ll wounds will get infected.”

“Get him off me Sky, he’s got a knife.  Just get him off me,” shouted MacGyver as he fought to keep Joe at bay.

“It’s not Jules,” said Sky as he got to his feet and tried to hobble to Mac’s bedside, only managing to fall flat on his face as he did.  “It’s Joe, Mac.  Jules is dead.”

“Honestly, you two are as bad as each other,” said Joe as he watched Sky crawl to his bed and wished there’d been some painkillers and sedatives in the first aid kit.

“They’re here,” said Sky as he heard footsteps coming towards their building.

“You did it Mac, you got help.  They’re here.  They heard your SOS.  Lay still Mac, lay still, Joe’s trying to help.”

“Get him off me Sky, he’s got a knife, got a knife.”  Mac’s word faded as he lapsed into unconsciousness once again.

“It’s Ok,” Sky told him as the door opened and four men entered.  “Just rest.”


“This is nice,” MacGyver thought to himself as his mind fought to regain consciousness.  “At least my stomach’s not hurting anymore and I can feel my arm again.  Cool, not hot, cool.  Must be dead.  Heaven’s not half bad, soft, fresh, and cool.” Then he felt someone touch his wrist.  A soft warm hand.  He opened his eyes.

“He’s awake doctor,” said the nurse as she smiled down at him.

“Well it’s about time,” said a familiar voice from somewhere in the room.

“Try not to move too much,” the doctor, told him as he examined his eyes with a light making him blink.

“Good, very good.  Ten minutes, no longer,” he said to someone in the room as he and the nurse moved away from the bed and left.

“How are you feeling?” said the unknown someone who came to his bedside.

“Pete,” said MacGyver as he recognised his friend and struggled to sit up.

“Best lay still, I don’t want that nurse after me,” answered Pete smiling.

“Where am I?” asked Mac.  “How’d I get here?”

“Well you’re in the Airforce Hospital back in Tokyo,” said Pete. “You were in a bad way Mac. The doctor said there was some kind of poison in your system.”

“How long have I been here?” Mac asked, aware that his right arm was moving again and the pain in his stomach down to a dull ache.

“3 days in intensive care and 2 days in here,” Pete answered.

“Sky and Joe! What happened?  Where are they?” Mac asked anxiously.

“Sky’s right here,” answered Pete as he moved to one side and MacGyver could see his new friend in a bed across from him, his broken leg held in traction.

“Good to see you awake,” said Sky, giving him a small wave as he did.  “Boy you can sleep Mac, thought you were never going to wake up.”

“Just making up for lost time,” Mac answered smiling.  “Haven’t been getting much sleep lately for some reason.”  As he finished speaking, the door to the room slowly opened and a head popped itself around it.

“Joe!” said Mac, as its owner stepped into the room.

“Not so loud MacGyver,” said Joe as he came up to his bedside.  “Don’t want that nurse catching me in here do you?”

“You scared of her as well?” Mac asked.

“Me scared of that nurse. Never,” answered Joe smiling.  “It’s just we have a date tonight and I don’t want to spoil anything by wearing out her two favourite patients.”

“You didn’t waste much time Joe,” said Sky as he tried to get comfortable.

“Strike while the irons hot,” answered Joe.  “While she was getting all mushy about you two, I took my chance.  After all, we’re pals aren’t we?  Share and share alike, I always say.”

“Sometimes you say too much,” said Sky, fidgeting.

“Ok guys,” said Mac watching them with amusement.  “What happened?  I don’t remember anything after the pig!  By the way great shot Joe.”

“Nothing too it Mac, just aim and throw,” answered Joe as he tried to help Sky get comfortable. 

“So?” asked Mac impatiently.  “What happened?”

“What happened?  Well after you passed out and Morgan and...” Joe began and Mac stopped him.

“Not then.  How did you and Morgan?”

“Oh he was in the water.  I pulled him into the dinghy. Shame about the young airman not making it.  We ended up coming ashore at Broken Leg Cove. I hate that place.”

Joe hesitated and gave him a worried look.

“You sure you’re up to this, I could come back later?”

“Don’t you dare,” Mac told him, cringing as his stomach gave him a nudge.

“Well as I said,” Joe continued.  “We got swept around the island and ended up coming ashore in Broken Leg Cove.  Took us all that time to scale the cliffs from the beach and trek our way through the jungle on that side.  Nightmare, absolute nightmare.  I wonder what those insects eat when they can’t get humans, to quote a passage from a favourite book of mine.  Because they made a real meal of Morgan and me.  At least I knew the island well enough to know where to find fresh water and there are plenty of coconuts lying around on the floor this time of year.  Morgan climbed a tree or two to get bananas, so we did all right. I think that pilot is half monkey the way he climbed those trees.  Anyway, to cut a long story short.  Before Nurse Fisher returns that is.  We reached where you were just in time to see you stagger from that cabin, so we followed you.  You were already lying on the ground with that pig coming at you as we came round back.  I picked up a stone or two and threw them.  That’s it. Oh yeah, after wrestling with you for twenty minutes to get you sorted, I went off and found Sky here taking it easy down that hole.  Never did watch where he was putting his big feet.  Found some stuff and pulled him out.  Went back, got Morgan and we carried him down to where you were.  That’s about it.” Joe paused and looked from Sky to Mac.  “I’m thirsty, think I’ll go get some coffee.”

“No wait!” said Mac, “how’d we get here?”

“Sky will tell you, I’m sure he’s dying too.  Never known him so quiet,” answered Joe as he got to the door. “I wonder if Nurse Fisher is thirsty.” With that, he left the room.

“Pete?  Sky?  How?” said Mac trying to fight back sleep.  “Will somebody please tell me before I get out of this bed and throttle the pair of you?”

“Your SOS was picked up by two different radio hams, who passed it on,” said Pete as he put down the chart from the bottom of Sky’s bed.

“The authorities got in touch with the airforce, because of it being an airforce base.  They already had search planes out looking for you all, hadn’t picked up any radio messages.  Perhaps because the battery you were using was not very powerful and they were searching in another area altogether.  They did pick up the messages sent by Joe and Morgan as they were on their way and the rest is history.  It was decided it was best to bring you back to Tokyo as it was nearest, seeing the condition you were in and that’s it.  Now you two get some rest and I’ll come back later.”

“Just one moment Pete,” said Sky who had been patiently listening.  “I have a question to ask you.”  Pete waited.

“While we were traipsing through that jungle, I was trying to find out what Mac’s Christian name is.  I know it’s not MacGyver, that’s a surname and he wouldn’t tell me,” said Sky grinning at Mac.  “Said I had to guess.  Drove me mad.  I must have said every name I’d ever heard and he said no to all of them.”

“Why wouldn’t you tell him your name?”  Pete asked Mac.  “It’s a nice name.  Ok, it doesn’t suit you, but it’s not that bad.”

“Pete don’t you dare or I’ll set that Nurse on you,” said Mac trying to sit up.

“I wouldn’t tell him my name because he wouldn’t tell me his.  It’s not Sky.  That’s just a nickname.  So don’t tell him Pete, don’t tell him, let him guess.”

“Ok, you two,” said Pete as he picked up Sky’s chart again.  It looks like it’s down to me to do the introductions.

“Angus MacGyver, meet Jack O’Neill.”