Mac's Your Man

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By Beth aka Stargatesg1971

MacGyver returns to our screens in the long awaited second season DVD bringing the much-loved hero back into our homes, and hearts. Once again we see him use his unorthodox methods, and cunning skills to get himself, and others, out of dangers way without having to resort to using a weapon. Still regarded as a modern day hero to his fans, MacGyver and his ĎMacGyverismsí remain as prominent now as when the series first aired.

Instead of the opening gambits we saw in season 1 we now go straight into the storyline and action of the episode. As we delve deeper into the season we learn how MacGyver and Pete first met, as well as seeing friendships born in season 1 expand further. In the episode Jack Of Lies we meet Jack Dalton (played by Bruce McGill) for the first time, a friend from the past who always seems to get himself, and everyone around him, into trouble.

MaycGyver continues to battle his wits against an assassin, drug lords, modern-day pirates, and many more baddies. In the episode Partners we get our first glimpse of Murdoc (played by Michael Des Barres) who in time; becomes MacGyverís archenemy.

Sadly the DVD doesnít hold any behind the scenes extras, or does it give you the option to use sub-titles for the deaf/hard of hearing. At the main menu you can choose which episode you want to watch, unfortunately there is no option to Ďplay allí. The picture quality is pretty good (with the exception of some of the darker scenes, where we get a grainy effect) considering the age of the original footage, and so is the audio. A major plus for many fans is the fact that we get to see some missing scenes that were originally edited out when the series first aired on TV!

All in all this is the perfect gift for any die-hard MacGyver fan. Itís reasonably priced and well presented in its slim line box set. The DVDís consist of 22 episodes, giving us, the fans, over 17 hours of viewing pleasure.