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Allies To Earth

The Nox

They are a friendly and peaceful people that have the ability to make themselves or anything else invisible and they can revive the dead. In the episode "The Nox", Anteaus tells SG-1 that they are young and have much to learn. We later discover that the Nox are part of the 4 great races.

The Asgard

They are a highly intelligent race with advanced technology and are part of a council who protect planets from the Goa'uld. They are a race who believe that cultures should develop at their own pace and don't really like to share technology. Thor helped Earth negotiate a treaty with the Goa'uld which enabled it to become a protected planet. They are also part of the 4 great races. They also helped the SGC build the F-302, and have given them assistance to help modify/maintain the Daedulas which travels between Earth and Atlantis.

The Tollans

They are a highly intelligent race with advanced technology who were NOT willing to share their knowledge with Earth, they did once and it lead to that planet's destruction. Earth helped them relocate to their new homeworld, unfortunately it was destroyed and it is believed that all Tollans died in the attack.

The Tok'ra

They are a rebel group of Goa'uld who are fighting against the system lords. Although they require a human host to survive they only take a willing one and mainly enter through the mouth to cause the least pain possible. They co-exist allowing both the symbiote and the host to interact, what one experiences so does the other. Since the death of Jacob Carter the alliance with Earth has weakened, but they still remain allies.

The Ancients

We still have much to learn about the Ancients. We know that they are the builders of the Stargate and are part of the 4 great races. In Avalon Part 2 in season 9 Daniel discovers a book he believes was written by the Ancients. With the help of an Ancients device found beneath Glastonbury's Tor Daniel and Vala are transported to Altera (the planet that the book refers to). Once there they discover that, Oma and her people were infact, decendants of the Ancients.

The Firlings

We don't know anything about this race only that they are part of the 4 great races so I can only assume that they will be allies of Earth.

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