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Character Bio's

Name : Jonathon "Jack" O'Neill (played by Richard Dean Anderson)
Rank : Major General USAF - (SN 66-789-7876-324)
Status : Active Duty
Previous Service : Covert Operations
Special Training : Infiltration, Special Weapons, Tactics, Demolition, Chemical Weapons
Standing Orders : Command the newly formed Federal Department for Homeworld Security.
Marital Status : Single (Divorced)
Children : 1 (Deceased)

When Jack joined the Air Force at 18 years of age, he quickly proved to be someone with great potential. He was promptly assigned to a special training program for covert operations/infiltration, where he was trained in such skills as wilderness survival, assassination, the manufacture and detonation of explosives and he proved to be a field expedience specialist. He resigned from the service when his son Charlie died by accidentally shooting himself with Jack's gun. Jack never recovered from the loss, which eventually tore him and his wife apart. As a result of his depressed state and willingness to die he was recalled by his former commanding officer to go through the Stargate on the first mission to Abydos. But instead, the mission gave him a new desire to live. Jack was recalled back to the SGC by General Hammond some time after the Abydos mission where he agreed to lead a team through the gate to discover how great a threat to Earth, their recent visitors were. After that first mission, Jack stayed onboard the Stargate program and led his team through the gate for several years until he was promoted to Brigadier General and Chief Of Stargate Command. He continued to command his team from inside the SGC for a while, until President Hayes appointed him to take command of a newly formed Federal Department of Homeworld Security. When Jack gained this position he was promoted to the rank of Major General and left Cheyenne Moutain to pursue his new position.

Name : Dr Daniel Jackson (played by Michael Shanks)
Rank : Civilian Anthropologist
Status : Active duty with SGC
Background Information : He is an Anthropologist, specializing in ancient cultures and languages, who became a Civilian Advisor Joint Forces and part of SG1 Team.
Standing Orders : Defend Earth from possible hostile invasion. Explore new worlds and return new technologies Military or otherwise for study and further development.
Marital Status : Widower - Sha'uri

Dr. Daniel Jackson was approached by the military to decipher a mysterious hieroglyphic artifact which had baffled their scientists. He was successful in translating the images and the Stargate was activated. On the first mission through the "gate" Daniel joined the team as a civilian advisor. He holds a PHD in Anthropology and Linguistics which proved helpful when they arrived on Abydos. It was here he met his wife Sha'uri and decided not to return to Earth. Whilst on Abydos he had time to research a map room and brush up on his ancient languages. After O'Neill and his team return to Abydos sometime later, Daniel decides to go back to Earth and asks to become part of O'Neill's team so that he can locate his wife, Sha'uri (who had recently been kidnapped by Apophis) whilst exploring other planets with SG-1. His humanistic, liberal approach was often in conflict with O'Neill's militaristic one, but has proved to be beneficial over the years. Some see him as a soft, brainy, clumsy scientist who carries a wide-eyed enthusiasm with him through every mission but its these exact qualities that his team members find so appealing. He was given the opportunity to ascend by Oma when he was suffering from radiation burns after preventing a man-made disaster and decided that he could do more good in that form, so he left the SGC. Even while ascended Daniel was there for his friends, and helped both, O'Neill and Teal'c through a difficult experience. He was descended for his actions against Anubis by Oma, and returned to his previous position in SG-1. Unfortuantely he didn't retain a lot of the memories he'd gained as an ascended being, but over time, he has managed to recall some which have proved useful to his team, and Earth.

Name : Samantha "Sam" Carter (played by Amanda Tapping)
Rank : Colonel USAF - (SN 43-412-6775-320)
Status : Active Duty With SGC
Previous Service : Flight Officer/ Kuwait Theater
Special Training : Multi-Turbine Rated, F-117/F-16, PHD Quantum Mechanics
Standing Orders : Command the Atlantis base in the Pegasus galaxy and defend Earth from possible hostile invasion. To analyze all new technologies Military or otherwise for study and further development.
Marital Status : Single

Samantha Carter has served in the Pentagon and undergone special training. She holds a PHD in Quantum Mechanics and is a plasma/particle physics expert which is why she is one of the leading experts on "gate" technology. She has read every bit of information known to exist and has studied the permutations of the "gate" symbols at length. When the plug was pulled on her "gate" research project she was transferred to another base, where she continued her research in private. She was able to resume her work with the "gate" when the SGC was assembled. She joined SG-1 and travelled through the "gate" which allowed her to expand her research further. Carter currently commands the Atlantis base and is a loyal member of SG1, she regards the other members of her team (past and present) as part of her family. Her military training and scientific knowledge is a valuable asset to the SGC. During her career, Carter has been promoted from Captain, to Major, to Lt. Colonel and now Colonel.

Name : Teal'c (played by Christopher Judge)
Status : Active Duty With SGC
Background Information : Former First Prime for Apophis and Jaffa Serpent Guard
Standing Orders : Defend Earth from possible hostile invasion. Explore new worlds and return new technologies military or otherwise for study and further development. Provide knowledge of other worlds and cultures.
Marital Status : Widower - Drey'auc
Children : 1 - Rya'c

Teal'c is a member of the alien race known as Jaffa. His home planet is Chulak. Although his overall appearance is similar to the human form, Jaffas have an "X" shaped incision in the abdomen (know as a pouch). This is because when a Jaffa reaches the age of 8 a Goa'uld larva is placed in the pouch in order for it to mature, so the Jaffa becomes a host of the Gou'ald. As a result of hosting, the symbiote provides Teal'c with powerful healing abilities and an immunity to many virus', there is also a strong symbiotic relationship between the two, which helps extend his life span. Although he looks much younger Teal'c is actually over 90 years old. Normally after a seven year gestation period, the mature Goa'uld parasite seeks out a new host (usually human). All Jaffa have a mid-forehead tattoo or symbol indicating that they carry a Goa'uld symbiote, and declaring which Goa'uld they are loyal to. When Teal'c aided SG-1 he had to leave his wife and child behind. He was branded a traitor for rebuking his god. Teal'c didn't like his people being forced into slavery, and felt that the Tau'ri had the ability to defeat the false gods. With the help of his friend and mentor, Teal'c enlisted many Jaffa to his cause, and finally the Goa'uld's dominance is no more. Although some still battle for power, they are nowhere near as powerful now, as they once were. Teal'c and the Jaffa are no longer dependant on a symbiote, they now use a drug called Trutonan. He is a leader of men, a proud warrior who will stand by his beliefs. He lost his wife, but his son Rya'c has joined his cause, and together they hope to reunite all Jaffa.

Name : Cameron Mitchell (played by Ben Browder)
Rank : Lt Colonel USAF
Status : Active Duty With SGC
Previous Service : Fighter Pilot
Standing Orders : Defend Earth from possible hostile invasion. Explore new worlds and return new technologies military or otherwise for study and further development.
Marital Status : Single

Cameron Mitchell and his squad defended SG-1 during the battle on Antarctica (The Lost City Part 2). He was seriously injured in combat whilst saving SG-1. O'Neill promised him that if he fully recovered he could have any command he wanted. After more than a year of recupperating he was finally in a position to rejoin the airforce. He asked to lead SG-1, the team that he'd always admired and looked up to. He was given the post, but when he arrived at the SGC, the old team had gone their seperate ways. He tried hard to convince each of them to reform the team, but they all wanted to pursue their new careers. Fate took a hand and it was necessary for the team to re-unite for a mission. Over time the team have become one again, and Mitchell is now the CO of SG-1.

Name : Jonas Quinn (played by Corin Nemec)
Status : On Kelowna negotiating peace treaties
Background Information : Human dignitary from another planet.
Standing Orders : N/A
Marital Status : Single

Jonas Quinn left his homeworld Kelowna when his people tried to blame Dr Daniel Jackson for an experiment that went wrong, ashamed by their actions he came to Earth with some Naquadria offering it to the SGC for study. He hoped that both worlds could benefit from shared defensive technology but as a result he's been classed as a traitor by his own people. Jonas has an ability to absorb vast amounts of knowledge in a very short space of time and is extremely observant noticing the smallest of details and being able to recall them at a seconds notice. He spent a long time building bonds with SG-1 and finally won the respect of all members, including Jack O'Neill. On Daniels return Jonas decided to go back to his homeworld and become a peace negotiator for his people.

Name : George Hammond (played by Don S Davis)
Rank : General USAF
Status : Active
Previous Service : Kuwait Theater and in Vietnam
Background Information :Serving with the Project Bluebook Re-Evaluation, and as Commanding Officer of the Groom Lake Operations Facility
Standing Orders : Unsure

A hardened military leader, and a wise man who is willing to do whatever is necessary to defend the interests of his country and all humanity. He may portray a hard exterior but he is a fair leader who takes an interest in his personnel and will listen to what they have to say even if he doesn't agree with them, which is why he is so highly regarded within the SGC and military. Hammond originally commanded the SGC, then was promoted to Head of Homeworld Security which he later relinquished command of to Jack O'Neill.

Name : Hank Landry (played by Beau Bridges)
Status : General USAF
Background Information : Vietnam War Fighter Pilot
Standing Orders : Command all SG units to defend Earth from possible hostile invasion. To analyze all new technologies Military or otherwise for study and further development.
Marital Status : Single (Divorced)
Children : 1 - Dr Carolyn Lam

General Hank Landry was hand-picked by his friend, Jack O'Neill to take over command of the SGC. He use's quotes from previous famous generals to prove his point with his staff, and break the ice with off-world leaders. He is a fair man with a stern air about him. His daughter is the resident CMO of the SGC.

Name : Janet Fraiser (played by Teryl Rothery)
Rank : Doctor & Major
Status : Died in the line of duty
Standing Orders : To ensure the health of all SGC personnel is checked prior to and after missions to elimate any threat to Earth.
Marital Status : Single (Divorced)
Children : 1 - Cassandra (Adopted - First seen in Singularity)

Dr Fraiser (affectionaly known as Janet by most of the personnel at the SGC ) was sadly killed in the line of duty trying to save a wounded airman. She is fondly remembered by all. She was hand picked by General Hammond for her position in the SGC, due to her wide range of expertise. She was often challenged with new diseases, so she was learning new skills all the time. She was always compassionate towards her job and the injured. Most of her time was spent on base but she did occassionally travel through the Stargate. As a military doctor she had taken up arms in defence of her country. She had the authority if deemed necessary, to over-rule her CO on medical grounds.

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