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Season One

Children Of The Gods - Episode 101

After an alien abduction of an airforce sergeant on Earth, General Hammond calls back from retirement Colonel Jack O'Neill to lead the SG-1 team through the Stargate. Once they arrive at Abydos they are re-united with Dr Daniel Jackson who informs them that he has found a map room which confirms that the "gate" can transport them to many locations throughout the galaxy. After leaving the map room SG-1 return to find that Apophis, a Goa'uld God has kidnapped Skaara, an Abydonian boy Jack grew fond of on his first visit to Abydos and Sha'uri, Daniel's wife. SG-1 and Daniel return to Earth hoping to embark on a rescue mission to Chulak.

Can they defeat Apophis and free the people they care about in time?

The Enemy Within - Episode 102

After returning from Chulak on their last mission through the Stargate Major Kawalsky starts having really bad migraines. Dr. Fraiser thinks it could possibly be a side effect caused by "gate" travel but after a while his memory becomes affected also. On further investigation they learn that a Goa'uld symbiote has invaded Major Kawalsky's body and has attached itself to his brain. The symbiote plans to take control of him and use his knowledge to open the Stargate and return home to Chulak.

Can they find a way to free Major Kawalsky from the Gou'ald without any harm coming to him and prevent the symbiote from leaving through the Stargate?

Emancipation - Episode 103

On the planet Simarka Captain Samantha Carter saves Abu the son of the Shavadai chief Moughal from a rival tribe. It appears that the Shavadai are similar to the ancient Mongols of Earth who believe that women hold a second-class status. Abu holds a romantic interest in Nya the daughter of Turghan the leader of a rival tribe. After seeing Carter Abu believes it is possible to trade her for the hand of Nya so he kidnaps her and heads off for Turghans camp. However things take a turn for the worse and Carter becomes the propery of the warrier chief.

SG-1 must rescue Carter from the tyranny of the warrier chief or she will be forced to live in slavery for the rest of her life.

The Broca Divide - Episode 104

The SG-1 team arrive's on P3X-797 and discover a world divided by brightness and darkness. The bright side is populated by humans similar to those of the Bronze Age known as the Untouched, whilst the dark side is populated by primitives with limited skills and violet tendancies known as the Touched. When SG-1 returns through the Stargate O'Neill starts to develop heavy brows and displays animal brutality, unfortunately he's not the only one affected as many others soon start displaying similar symptons. Daniel and Teal'c appear unaffected and believe that this disease has been brought back through the Stargate.

Can they find a cure to save everyone at the SGC and Earth before its too late?

The First Commandment - Episode 105

SG-9 are declared missing in action so SG-1 are sent through the Stargate to see if they can find them. Once they arrive they learn that the inhabitants thought SG-9 were Gods because of their weapons and powerful sunscreen. Due to the UV rays it hasn't been possible to live above ground so the inhabitants have been living in caves. Captain Jonas Hanson has taken advantage of the circumstances and become the ruler of this planet and he kills anyone who doesn't follow him by exposing them to the deadly UV rays. Carter believes she can reach Hanson and make him realise what he's doing. While O'Neill wants to attack to try and save the last remaining member of SG-9 still alive.

Can Carter change his mind, will O'Neill rush in or will Daniel and Teal'c come up with a cunning plan to stop Hanson?

Cold Lazarus - Episode 106

Whilst on P3X-562 SG-1 discover a valley of broken crystals. O'Neill finds a blue crystal undamanged, when he touches it he is knocked unconsious but a duplicate of himself has been made and this imposter returns back to Earth through the Stargate. Once on Earth the duplicate O'Neill attempts to make contact with Sara his wife and their son Charlie who died years earlier.

Meanwhile the real O'Neill regains conciousness and returns home through the "gate" unware of the other. Now that the real O'Neill has arrived back Carter and Daniel are confused as he doesn't seem aware of things that have happened since their return. Although worried about him they continue to examine the crystals and discover that they contain energy beings that can read minds and take form. The beings tell them of their encounter with the Goa'ulds and explain that they cannot survive in Earth's electromagnetic field. They now realise that the O'Neill off base is an imposter and one of the beings from the crystals.

Can SG-1 find the other O'Neill and return him to safety before anything nasty happens?

The Nox - Episode 107

When SG-1 arrive on a planet seemingly uninhabited they encounter a Gou'ald hunting party led by Apophis. SG-1 decide to try to capture Apophis but during the battle they are ALL killed. The Nox have the ability to make themselves or anything else invisible they can also revive the dead. SG-1 awake to discover the secret of the Nox but learn that they have also revived Shak'l a Jaffa who Teal'c knows will return the Apophis and reveal their secret and location. O'Neill offers help to defend the Nox against Apophis but as they are a peaceful people they refuse to believe any harm will come to them.

Will Apophis learn their secret or can the Nox escape his grasp.

Brief Candle - Episode 108

On their arrival on Argos SG-1 find a civilization who worship a Gou'ald called Pelops. It appears that they celebrate life while the sun is up but the moment it sets everyone mysteriously falls asleep. Another fascinating factor is their aging process a lifetime is 100 days, O'Neill is seduced by Kynthia and as a result he becomes the victim of the aging phenomena. The rest of SG-1 return home to try and find a cure. Carter discovers the culprint as nanocytes (microscopic robots) that circulate in the bloodstream but can't figure out how to turn them off.

Can Carter find the solution before its too late for O'Neill and the rest of the Argosians.

Thors Hammer - Episode 109

On their search for allies against the Goa'ulds SG-1 arrive at Cimmeria the home planet of the legendary Norse gods which has been declared off-limits to Goa'ulds. As SG-1 emerge from the Stargate some inhabitants chant "Thor" at a statue with a hammer on the top of it. A beam of light comes from the hammer and flashes onto each member of SG-1 but when it reaches Teal'c it stops and causes him pain. O'Neill tries to push Teal'c away from the beam but as he does so the light transports both men into a underground labyrinth. Here they are greeted with a message from Thor saying that only the hosts may leave and that any Gou'ald trying to leave will be destroyed. There is also a Unas within the labyrinth who has great strength and the ability to heal quickly.

Can O'Neill and Teal'c navigate the labyrinth and evade the Unas long enough for Carter and Daniel to rescue them?

Torment of Tantalus - Episode 110

Whilst watching some film footage about the first person to use the Stargate Daniel discovers that a young professor, Ernest Littlefied traveled through the "gate" in 1945 but never returned. Using computer-enhanced pictures as a guide SG-1 go in search of Littlefield with Catherine the woman who was going to marry him years earlier. They discover the professor now grown old along with a remarkable room that appears to have been a meeting place of four alien civilizations. When SG-1 attempts to go home they discover why Littlefield never returned, the dial-home device is severely damaged.

Can they find a solution to this problem and get back home?

Bloodlines - Episode 111

Teal'c never told anyone at SGC that he had a family until now. His son Rya'c has reached the age at which he will receive a Goa'uld symbiote but Teal'c doesn't want him to have one, so with the rest of SG-1 he heads back to Chulak to try and prevent it from happening. Once there they encounter Jaffa warriers and priests before finding his wife and son, unfortunately it appears that Rya'c is ill and the only way to save him is with a Goa'uld symbiote.

Can SG-1 find another solution to this problem or will the blending have to take place.

Fire and Water - Episode 112

On their return from Oannes SG-1 tell General Hammond that Daniel had burned to death on the planet. All SG-1 members keep saying that they have the feeling that Daniel is still alive even though they all saw that he couldn't possibly have survived, Dr Frazier suggests using hypnosis to revisit their memories of the events leading up to Daniel's death. She also notices that they are experiencing confusion and photo sensitivity which could possibly the side effects of some alien technology.

So is Daniel dead or alive? Returning to the planet seems the only answer.

Hathor - Episode 113

A team of archeologists accidently awaken Hathor a Gou'ald queen who comes to SGC claiming that she knows that the Stargate exists. Once inside Hathor uses a pink smoke like drug to seduce all the men on the base, however it doesn't seem to work on Teal'c. She wants to take over the world and create a new breed of Jaffa with O'Neill in mind for her first. As she creates thousands of Goa'uld symbiotes the women on the base prepare to attack.

Can Carter, Teal'c and the rest of the women stop Hathor in time.

Singularity - Episode 114

SG-1 travel to P3X-987 to discover a planet that has had its entire population apart from a little girl named Cassandra wiped out by some sort of disease. O'Neill and Teal'c remain on the planet to observe a black hole but Carter and Daniel return to Earth with Cassandra. Whilst on Earth Cassandra complains of chest pains so SGC investigate to learn that she has a metallic device growing around her heart and come to the assumption that it must be a Goa'uld bomb designed to destroy Earth's Stargate. Carter has become very attached to the little girl and wants to do everything in her power to save her.

Can SG-1 save Cassandra or will they exhile her through the "gate" to save Earth?

Cor'Ai - Episode 115

When O'Neill and the rest of SG-1 travel through the "gate" and arrive at P3X-1279 Teal'c immediately recognizes it as Cartago a place he visited often when he was first prime of Apophis. Cartago was a planet that the Goa'ulds particularly liked to capture humans and use them for hosts. One man unfortunately for SG-1 recognizes Teal'c, as the Jaffa who killed his father. Teal'c is captured and put on trial. Their laws are different from Earth's in the way that one man named Hanno acts as the judge and the jury. Whilst O'Neill and the rest of the team try to persuade Hanno that Teal'c no longer serves the Goa'uld and is infact now their enemy Teal'c seems to accept his fate.

Can O'Neill and the rest of SG-1 prove his innocence before its too late?

Enigma - Episode 116

When SG-1 arrive on a planet known as Tollan they discover dead bodies in the immediate area of the Stargate and notice a volcano erupting, so they gather up the injured and return through the "gate. However when they arrive back at Earth the Tollan leader Omoc, seems reluctant to share knowledge of any kind especially technology with SGC, because he classes humans as primitive and asks to be relocated to another planet. Narim another Tollan confides in Carter and explains that they had once shared techonology with another civilization and it had caused their self destruction so now it is a rule never to exchange it to protect both parties.

Can SG-1 protect the Tollans from military intelligence and relocate them before its too late?

Solitudes - Episode 117

Whilst escaping from a hostile planet the Stargate malfunctions and transports O'Neill and Carter to an icy crevasse on an unknown planet. O'Neill has been injured so its up to Carter to get them home but when she nears the dial-home device she discovers it's covered with inches of ice which she's got to get rid of before they can attempt to get home. Meanwhile back on Earth Daniel and Teal'c have returned and are trying to figure out where their team mates are. They theorize that due to the weapon fire on the last planet it must have altered the wormhole's trajectory and could have transported them anywhere in the galaxy.

They must work fast to save their friends from freezing to death but where do they start?

Tin Man - Episode 118

Whilst on PX3-989 SG-1 are struck down by an electrical trap with knocks them unconsious. When they awake they meet Harlan who claims to be 11,000 years old he tells them he has healed them and made some improvements. Harlan asks SG-1 to stay with him and help repair his underground lab but they explain they have to leave and return to Earth. However once they arrive back home they discover that they are no longer human but infact are now all machines. While Dr Frazier is trying to come up with some sort of solution SG-1 start to become very weak and she predicts they will die unless they return to PX3-989 to have a power boost.

Does this mean they will need to stay on the planet for the rest of their lives or can the process be reversed, only Harlan has the answers.

There But For the Grace of God - Episode 119

Whilst on P3R-244 Daniel discovers a room filled with alien technology, he finds what looks like a mirror and when he touches it he a minor jolt but thinks nothing of it until he goes back through the Stargate. Once back on Earth everything is different its as though he's on a different planet but with the same people he comes to the conclusion that he must be in an alternate reality. In this reality the Gou'alds are invading Earth and it appears that we are losing the battle. Daniel convinces the SGC in the alternate reality that if he goes back to his own reality he could prevent the same fate from happening there. O'Neill agrees the try and help Daniel return to his own time-line.

Can Daniel get back in time and if he does will General Hammond believe his story?

Politics - Episode 120

Senator Kinsey calls a meeting with General Hammond and SG-1 about the progress on the Stargate. He feels its a waste of time and resources and wants to shut the program down. He reviews all the mission logs so far with O'Neill and the rest of the team and highlights only the bad points when things have gone wrong. Daniel informs him of his experience in the alterate reality and explains that they need to Stargate, otherwise Earth could suffer the same fate but this doesn't sway Kinsey's opinion at all.

How can they convince Kinsey the value of the Stargate when he clearly isn't interested.

Within The Serpent's Grasp - Episode 121

After being unable to convince Kinsey how important the Stargate is the goverment close it down. Using the co-ordinates Daniel brought back from the alternate reality SG-1 go through the "gate" to try and save Earth. They arrive on what they believe is the Goa'uld home world and discover that they are gathering their forces to attack Earth, so SG-1 attempt to dial home but can't for some reason, they soon discover they are actually on a Goa'uld mother ship. Later they find out that Skaara has been taken as a host for Klorel the son of Apophis who is leading the attack on Earth. O'Neill and Teal'c attempt to reach Skaara and get him to help them, while Carter and Daniel plant explosives as a backup.

Can Skaara break free of Klorel long enough to help O'Neill prevent the attack on Earth, the ship is travelling faster than the speed of light so there isn't much time.

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