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Season Ten

Flesh And Blood - Episode 1001

The Ori continue to delve deeper towards 'our' galaxy on their quest for domination. They attack Chulak and a battle with the Jaffa ensues. Daniel and Vala are aboard one of their ships and must deal with their leader, and Adria (Vala's young daughter). Adria has aged rapily and learnt the way of the Ori, more importantly, she share's their beliefs and looks set to become to their new oracle.

Morpheus - Episode 1002

The team go off-world and find a village where all the residents have died mysteriously. Before long they start to feel tired and are tempted to go to sleep. Could this be the start of a deadly virus? Meanwhile back at the SGC, Vala is being analysed to see if she fits the criteria to become an integrated member of SG-1.

The Pegasus Project - Episode 1003

SG-1 travel to Atlantis. Daniel and Vala hope to find more information on the weapon that Merlin created. While, Teal'c and Mitchell attempt to stop the Ori from sending more ships through the super-gate.

Insiders - Episode 1004

A number of Ba'al clones are captured by the SGC, will the real one be amongst them?

Uninvited - Episode 1005

While assiting SG-3, Teal'c discovers a world whose habitants are being mutliated by an invisible alien. As SG-1 receives word that theses creatures are making appearances in other worlds, Mitchell learns that some hunters have been attacked on Earth in a similiar fashion. SG-1 must work fast to discover who this new foe is, and why its targeting these planets.

200 - Episode 1006

Martin LLoyd (previously seen in Wormhole Extreme) approaches the SGC and asks them to help him with the script for his new SCI-FI movie. The Pentagon agrees to help, but what starts out as foot-notes soon turns into something else, when each member of SG-1 starts giving their own viewpoint of what 'they' think makes a successful SCI-FI movie. Richard Dean Anderson will reprise his role as Jack O'Neill and make a guest appearance in this episode.

Counterstrike - Episode 1007

The jaffa use an Ancient weapon against the new worshippers of the Ori and land SG-1 in a heap of trouble.

Momento Mori - Episode 1008

While suffering from amnesia, Vala takes a job as a waitress as she pieces together her life.

Company Of Theives - Episode 1009

The Lucian Alliance is losing more and more territory to the Ori. Thier leader (Netan) fears that one of his seconds (Avateo) is working against him and sends him on a mission to retrieve the Odyssey. Avateo succeeds and is pleased to discover that Carter is part of the crew. He decides to use her as bait and hopes to capture the rest of SG-1. Will he succeed?

The Quest (Part 1) - Episode 1010

SG-1 visit a medieval-style village in search of the Sangraal (the weapon created by Merlin) and discover from a frail librarian (Osric) that Ba'al has already been there, and is also seeking it. Osric warns SG-1 that many have endeavored to find the device and many have died in their quest. The woods in which its hidden are claimed to be cursed by Morgan Le Fey. SG-1 finally have a lead on the weapon and aren't willing to give up. They convince Osric to show them the map left behind by Morgan Le Fey, and start their perilous journey.

The Quest (Part 2) - Episode 1011

A continuation of Part 1

Line In The Sand - Episode 1012

Carter believes she can shift the population of a planet to an alternate dimension using Merlin's technology in a bid to hide them from the Ori, unforutnately things don't go completely to plan and things become a little complicated.

The Road Not Taken - Episode 1013

Carter gets phased-shifted into another dimension and in turn, her life branches out in a different direction.

The Shroud - Episode 1014

SG-1 discover a planet who have recently been visited by a Prior, however this particular Prior is using a soft sell method to convince the villagers to convert to Origin, rather than the usual hard core one. When the Prior returns to the village for his answer, SG-1 hide in the undergrowth so they can discover his identity. To their horror the face they see is, Daniel Jackson.

Bounty - Episode 1015

Mitchell becomes a pawn in a deadly game when he's captured by an alien bounty hunter.

Bad Guys - Episode 1016

While visiting an alien museum SG-1 is mistakenly identified as a group of rebels who take hostages, thinking its their only way out, SG-1 take on their new role.

Talion - Episode 1017

A jaffa that Teal'c once trained becomes a follower of the Ori, and sets a bomb off in a summit meeting. As a result, Bra'tac is seriously injured. Teal'c seeks out reveange against the wishes of his fellow team-mates.

Family Ties - Episode 1018

Vala's estranged father makes an appearance at the SGC and offers them intel regarding a plot to attack Earth in exchange for sanctuary on Earth.

Dominion - Episode 1019

SG-1 use Vala as bait to try and trap Adria.

Unending - Episode 1020

SG-1 find themselves trapped inside a time dilation field.

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