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Season Two

The Serpent's Lair - Episode 201

Still onboard the Goa'uld ship and now captives of Klorel O'Neill and the rest of SG-1 face certain death. However one of the Jaffa taking them to their holding cell turns out to be the mentor of Teal'c, Bra'tac who offers his aid and knowledge to help over-power Klorel and Apophis. Meanwhile back on Earth they are evacuating people through the Stargate to safety.

Can SG-1 and thier new friend secure the future of Earth by defeating the Goa'uld Apophis?

In The Line Of Duty - Episode 202

Whilst on Nasya a planet recently attacked by the Goa'uld Carter's body is taken over. No-one notices anything but when Carter returns through the Stargate back to Earth Cassandra notice's the presence of a Goa'uld in her friend. Cassandra confides in O'Neill who confronts the Goa'uld and learns that it is Jolinar of Malkshur, he confines Carter to a holding cell for both the protection of herself and everyone else. O'Neill tries to bargin with the Goa'uld for Carter's life without much success. Whilst in the holding cell Carter asks for Teal'c and she tells him that Jolinar is part of a rebel force who is fighting against the system lords and are known as the Tok'ra. Jolinar also warns them of an assassin trained in the ways of the Goa'uld that has followed him through the Stargate to Earth.

SG-1 must find the assassin and stop him before he takes the life of Carter and Jolinar.

Prisoners - Episode 203

On a planet SG-1 encounter a man running scared from someone named Taldor, he asks them for their help and they agree unaware that this man was in fact a murderer. Taldor his pursuer stands for Justice and now that SG-1 have helped this man they are just as guilty of his crime as he is and are sentenced as such. SG-1 are sent to a prison through the Stargate to a world called Hadante where brute force seems the only way to survive. Surprisingly the most feared person here is Linea an old woman who has been there for a very long time. Carter discovers that Linea has developed a power source similar to cold fusion and could be powerful enough to work the Stargate allowing them to dial out manually. They agree to take Linea with them if they are successful.

Once back on Earth they realize that Linea is not who they thought she was and in fact is just as much a threat as the Goa'uld.

The Game Keeper - Episode 204

When SG-1 arrive on P7J-989 they find beautiful gardens and some chambers with people strapped in and tubes attached to the side of their heads. They awaken to relive a piece of their past which they have the opportunity to put right. O'Neill and Teal'c are on a covert mission that O'Neill had been on years earlier but had lost all his team, while Carter and Daniel are in a museum and witness the death of Daniel's parents in a freak accident. After experiencing this pheonemia a number of times SG-1 become increasingly upset and annoyed so much so that the keeper appears and explains that they are in a virtual reality game created for the amusement of his residents. He explains that they are in the chambers because the planet is uninhabitable and that now SG-1 have arrived their memories will keep them entertained for years.

O'Neill demands that he and his team be released and threatens to expose the keeper to the residents. The keeper lets them go but it just seemed a little too easy are they still inside the game?

Need - Episode 205

On P3R-636 SG-1 notice some Jaffa warriers and ceremonial priest transporting Naquahah through the Stargate. Daniel notices a young woman about to commit suicide and rushing to save her but in doing so makes the Jaffa aware of SG-1 and they are captured and forced to work in the mines. In an attempt to escape Daniel is severely injured and taken to the palance where Princess Shyla the woman he previously saved puts him in the Goa'uld sarcophagus which restores him to full health. Back at the mine O'Neill and the others are convinced Daniel is either dead or at deaths door and continue to work as slaves until they find out. Daniel attempts to negotiate for there release but has to gain her trust so he goes to the mine to reassure his friends he will get them out. But to earn Shyla's trust Daniel must use the sarcophagus which appears to be making Daniel ignore the plight of his friends and become power mad.

Is Daniel strong enough to overcome the influence of the sarcophagus to save his friends or will they remain slaves for the rest of their lives.

Thor's Chariot - Episode 206

SG-1 return to the planet Cimmeria because they find out that the Goa'uld is invading and as they destroyed their only means of defence Thor's Hammer to free Teal'c they feel obligated to defend them. They join forces with Gairwyn who explains what has been happening, O'Neill and Teal'c with the help of Olaf go and try to find out what they're up against while Daniel, Carter and Gairwyn search for the Hall Of Thor's Might hoping to find some weapons powerful enough to help with the fight against the Goa'uld. They find the room but are presented with a series of tests which Daniel believes they must pass to prove they are worthy to use the weapons. Meanwhile O'Neill, Teal'c and Olaf are taken captive by Heru'ur's army.

Can Daniel and Carter solve the puzzles to save the planet and the rest of SG-1?

Message In A Bottle - Episode 207

Whilst exploring a planet with no signs of life SG-1 discover an orb that seems to sending out a electromagnetic signal which Carter believes could be a power source that could help Earth, so they decide to take it back through the Stargate. Once back on Earth Daniel notices some carvings and is trying to decipher them when the orb starts heating up and glowing. O'Neill decides to send it back so he and Teal'c pick it up but once in the gate room huge spikes come out of the orb embedding themselves into the walls, floor and ceiling. Unfortunately one stabs O'Neill in the shoulder and pushes him against the wall pinning him so that he can't move. Dr Frazier injects O'Neill with antibiotics hoping to stop any infection but he slowly starts to deteriorate and a blue colour starts to infect his body. Every attempt to destroy the orb only makes it grow faster. The whole complex now seems infected but Dr Frazier has some sort of an antidoite but SGC need to get the orb back to its home planet.

Carter convinces General Hammond to feed the orb in an attempt for it to communicate through O'Neill but the process could kill him. Its a chance they've got to take its the only way they can think to save Earth.

Family - Episode 208

Bra'tac comes to the SGC to tell Teal'c that his son Rya'c has been been brainwashed by Apophis and now stands by his side. O'Neill and the rest of the team return to Chulak to free Rya'c but when they attempt a rescue their plan is foiled because Rya'c denounces Teal'c as his father and calls him a traitor retreating to the saftey of a Jaffa warrier. Fro'tak the man Drey'auc is now living with becomes jealous of Teal'c and attempts to betray him to Apophis but O'Neill manages to stop him. SG-1 finally manage to rescue Rya'c but O'Neill and other members of the team are suspiscous of the boy. Once back on Earth Rya'c seems set on going outside and becomes aggitated by all the medical checks.

Why is Rya'c getting so upset, shouldn't he be happy he's with his family now or is he really still under in the influence of Apophis?

Secrets - Episode 209

Daniel and Teal'c return to Abydos as promised. When they arrive they find that Sha'uri is pregent and the father is Apophis this makes the child a Harsesis which means it will hold all the knowledge of the Goa'uld. Apophis plans to use the child as his new host. Meanwhile back on Earth O'Neill and Carter receive medals for bravery for defeating Apophis' ships. Carter discovers that her father is dying from cancer and O'Neill is approached by a reporter who claims he knows about the Stargate program.

Daniel and Teal'c must ensure that Apophis doesn't find the child and O'Neill must stop the reporter from publishing his story.

Bane - Episode 210

Whilst on BP6-3Q1 SG-1 are attacked by some giant insects, they manage to escape through the "gate" but Teal'c gets stung. Once back on Earth Dr Frazier examines Teal'c to see the effects of the bite and finds that his whole DNA is being altered by the venum injected by the insect. As the transformation starts to take place Teal'c makes O'Neill promise he'll stop it, unfortunately recent events peak the interest of Colonel Maybourne who uses his presidential mandate to take Teal'c into custody. Teal'c manages to escape but leave's his Goa'uld symbiote behind leaving him unable to heal himself which makes the transformation period faster. He hides out in some old buildings and befriends a homeless girl. Meanwhile O'Neill and the others go back to BP6-3Q1 to see if they can find any answers.

Can SG-1 find the cure in time to save Teal'c and if they do how will they find him?

The Tok'ra (part one) - Episode 211

Carter is having flash backs of experiences that Jolinar had, he was a rebel Goa'uld that briefly controlled her body before dying to save her. The images take SG-1 to P34-353J where they meet the Tok'ra although at first they are not welcomed once Carter reveals her knowledge they begin to accept them. They begin negotiations for an alliance between worlds but need convincing that SG-1 can be trusted. Meanwhile Carters father Jacob becomes increasingly ill and very weak.

The Tok'ra (part two) - Episode 212

The alliance between the two worlds doesn't seem to be working. The Tok'ra are untrusting and don't believe SG-1 have proved their loyality. Selmak one of the Tok'ra is dying and as they have asked SG-1 to provide a host and no-one has volunteered it seems all is lost. However Carter thinks she might have a solution. Her father is dying of cancer and has nothing to lose by becoming a host so she asks if she may return to Earth to get him the Tok'ra reluctantly agree but by this time a Goa'uld attack is under way and the Tok'ra are attempting to relocate not giving Carter and O'Neill much time to return. When they return most of the Tok'ra have left and the circumstances make the blending a difficult process but its the only way to save Selmak, Jacob and the alliance with the Tok'ra.

Spirits - Episode 213

SG-11 have been on PXY-887 where they have discovered an element called Trinium which is one hundred times lighter and tougher than steel, but they haven't returned yet. General Hammond opens the "gate" to the planet and an arrow flies through the Stargate and into O'Neill's shoulder. Fearing for the lives of SG-11 General Hammond decide's to send SG-1 to investigate. Once they arrive SG-1 are knocked unconsious and awake to meet Tonane who explains that SG-11 have been taken by the "spirits". SG-1 ask for a meeting with these "spirits" where they meet T'akaya who appears as a wolf and Xe'ls who appears as a raven. Shortly after speaking to them SG-11 appear as if from no-where, SG-1 try to convince Tonane that they can mine in other ways not so destructive to the land and ask him to return through the "gate" so that they can show him. Once back on Earth General Hammond explains to Connor the head of SG-11 that they must as instructed by the NID do the mining on the planet whether Tonane agrees or not. O'Neill and the others view their objections but they have no effect.

Unfortunately SG-11 are not who they appear to be and now knowing what General Hammond has in mind set out to protecft Tonane and his people at any cost.

Touchstone - Episode 214

On the planet Madrona O'Neill discovers that a team posing as part of SGC has stolen the Touchstone which controls the weather for the planet, without it could mean imminent death for the Madronians. O'Neill returns to Earth promising to find out what has happened and assuring them that he will return with the Touchstone. SG-1 tell General Hammond what they have learnt and he makes some enquires and learns that the second Stargate which had been officially decommissioned has been reactivated by someone high up in NID.

O'Neill and the rest of the team attempt to find the Touchstone before the other team escapes through the Stargate, and damage the reputation of both the SGC and Earth.

A Matter Of Time - Episode 215

Members of SG-10 are stuck on P3X-451 attempting to flee a black hole. The power to the "gate" is shut down but the black hole's gravity still continues to draw the SGC closer to the swirling wormhole. Unware of the intensity of the situation General Hammond is shocked when Colonel Cromwell enters the base claiming that SGC lost contact with the outside world. As Carter and the Pentagon search for a solution time passes slowly on the base as they watch and wait for their destruction. However Carter comes up with a plan but needs two people to stay behind and activate the buttons its the only way she can think to save Earth. O'Neill volunteers and so does Cromwell who feels guilty for leaving O'Neill behind in Iraq.

Teal'c offers Carter another solution to save Earth which could save O'Neill and Cromwell but can they get down to the base in time.

The Fifth Race - Episode 216

SG-1 arrive in a room with no apparent exit except through the Stargate. O'Neill walks over some sort of panel which makes an alien device appear on the wall. Teal'c looks inside and says that all he can see are lights so O'Neill takes a look but when he tries something grabs his head and when it lets him go he's in a trance. Once back on Earth O'Neill starts to say alien words without thinking, before long his entire speech is like that of the Ancients and he seems to hold knowledge too complex for the human brain to handle.

O'Neill must search deep into his subconsious mind to find information that will help him before he loses his mind.

Serpent's Song - Episode 217

SG-1 are surprised to see Apophis being pursued by a Goa'uld death glider and even more when he asks for their help. Despite past events SG-1 agree to help Apophis and take him back to Earth. Dr Frazier examines him and notices that the Goa'ald and the host has been tortured and that there is a good chance he will die. Apophis offers all the knowledge of the Goa'uld in return for a new host and when O'Neill refuses he tells him he is escaping Sokar a powerful Goa'uld impersonating the devil. They soon learn that Sokar wants Apophis and he will destroy Earth to get to him, Martouf encourages SG-1 to send Apophis back to face his fate.

Holiday - Episode 218

SG-1 meet Ma'chello a man who creates inventions to fight the Goa'uld. Daniel accidently ends up using one of Ma'chello's machines and switches bodies with the old man. Back on Earth Ma'chello takes advantage of his youth and leaves the base to see the wonders of Earth while Daniel is trapped inside a dying mans body. Daniel manages to convince O'Neill and the rest of the team he is trapped inside Ma'chello by telling them things that only Daniel would know. O'Neill and Teal'c return to the planet to retreave the soul swapping device however they unwittingly trigger the device and switch bodies. They find Ma'chello and he tells them that the process is irreversible.

Carter refuses to believe there's no solution and works hard on finding one and forces Ma'chello to learn a bit more about the man whose life he stole.

One False Step - Episode 219

SG-1 as sent to retrieve a UAV that crashed on PJ2-455, they find a primitive race who are very friendly but don't seem to talk. Daniel tries to communicate with one of them to find out where the UAV is by pretending to be a plane. The alien seems to understand and brings the UAV but as SG-1 leave some of the aliens collapse and start to become very ill. O'Neill instructs Carter to return to Earth with one of them to see if Dr Frazier can find a cure. Back on the planet O'Neill and Daniel start suffering from headaches and become very hostile towards each other, so when Teal'c returns they return to Earth for a medical check up. Teal'c starts to suffer great pain and escapes back through the Stargate but it appears to subside once back on Earth.

Can Carter and the others find out what's causing this disease and cure it before the whole race becomes extinct.

Show and Tell - Episode 220

A young boy comes through the Stargate with his mother to warn SGC about the Reetou an invisible race that the Goa'ulds want to eliminate. The Reetou believe that if they destroy the human race it will help them in their fight against the Goa'uld as they wouldn't be able to take anymore hosts from Earth. SG-1 are obviously very wary and take a team through the "gate" with the co-ordinates supplied by the boys mother to see how many Reetou are planning to attack. When they go to the planet and see how many Reetou are there they realize that Earth is is immediate danger. Once they return they contact Jacob and ask the Tok'ra for help. Jacob brings a weapon which allows you to see the invisible enemy in the hope to help SG-1. However it appears as though a small task force of the Reetou accompanied SG-1 back through the "gate" and are attempting to destroy SGC and make way for the rest of their forces. SG-1 must stop them before its too late.

1969 - Episode 221

SG-1 leave on a routine mission but get transported back in time to 1969 due to a solar flare. They are arrested on the military complex which will be SGC in the future and are taken for interrogation. Whilst being transferred to a more secure area a young Lieutenant arranges for the vehicle moving them to have a flat tyre. It turns out that the Lieutenant is infact General Hammond who has read a note that Carter had in her pocket from himself telling him to help them. Hammond helps them escape and SG-1 takes the note and try to figure out what the cryptic message means. Carter eventually realises what has happened and as the note states the exact dates for the next 2 solar flares they head off to find the Stargate.

They must find and go through the Stargate at the exact time indicated on the note or they will never be able to return to their own time-line.

Out Of Mind - Episode 222

O'Neill awakes to what he believes is 79 years in the future, he is told that his body has been in cryogenic suspension and that they have only now gained the knowledge to revive him. The General and the doctors question O'Neill as to who may have had the technology to freeze him and who could aid them in the fight against the Goa'uld as Earth is apparently losing. When O'Neill asks about SG-1 he is told they were killed but for some reason they can't say how it happened which makes O'Neill suspicious. O'Neill stops the flow of drugs to his bloodstream which allows him to hear the doctors talking in an alien language. He starts to wonder round the SGC to discover that he is infact onboard a Goa'uld stronghold.

He must find the rest of SG-1 and escape before anyone notices that he's missing.

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