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Season Three

Into The Fire - Episode 301

General Hammond has learnt with the help of the Tok'ra that SG-1 are held captive by Hathor on her planet, and plans to send in a rescue team headed by Colonel Makepeace. When he doesn't hear from the SG-C team he sent to rescue SG-1 he becomes worried and as the President isn't willing to send any more reinforcements it appears his hands are tied. Meanwhile Hathor is choosing who will be the first to become a host out of O'Neill, Carter and Daniel.

General Hammond decides to enlist the help of Teal'c and form a plan to rescue SG-1 and the others from the clutches of Hathor.

Seth - Episode 302

Jacob arrives and ask's for help in locating a Goa'uld called Seth which he believe's has been hiding on Earth for many years. Daniel manages to track him down, it appears that Seth is the leader of a cult and that his followers are under his complete control. O'Neill, Carter and Daniel are captured whilst trying to break into the compound and are brought in front of Seth who uses a green gas which allows him to control their minds.

Now that Seth has O'Neill, Carter and Daniel as a willing victim who will come to the rescue or are they under his control as much as he thinks they are?

Fair Game - Episode 303

Thor arrives at SGC and warns O'Neill that the Goa'uld System Lords are planning to attack Earth, he believes that the best possible action would be a treaty. O'Neill is chosen as Earth's representative by Thor and has to negotiate with the three System Lords attending the session. One of the factors that the System Lords insist on is that Earth stops using the Stargate.

O'Neill and the others know the Stargate is the only possible defence for Earth against the Goa'uld, but they also know sacrificing it may be the only way to stop an invasion. Can they find a solution that benefits both parties?

Legacy - Episode 304

On returning from a routine mission Daniel starts hearing voices and hallucinating. Dr Frasier suggest's it may be a side-effect of "gate" travel so General Hammond temporarily stops any off-world activity. However Daniel's condition becomes worse and Dr Machinzy believes he may now be suffering from schizophrenia and so he's confined to a padded cell for his own protection. Whilst O'Neill and the remaining SG-1 members visit Daniel a parasite which had invaded his body transfers itself into Teal'c, and Daniel hears the voice of Ma'chello saying "Death to the Goa'uld".

Daniel tries to convince O'Neill, Carter and Teal'c that he isn't mad and Teal'c's life is in danger but no-one seems to believe him, he must get them to listen to him before the parasite destroys his friend.

Learning Curve - Episode 305

On the planet Orban it appears that the children are highly intelligent infact even more than the adults. O'Neill returns with Mirrin and Kalan to present a Naquadah reactor for Earth to examine and study. When Carter asks for someone to stay and help her Mirrin volunteers. They soon learn after some tests taken by Dr Frasier that her blood is over-run with Nanites. Mirrin doesn't understand why this should worry O'Neill and the others as it is customary to have these nanites. It is also customary that when a child reaches a certain age (which is 12 and Mirrin is almost at that age) they have the nanites removed and give all their knowledge back to the young to restart the cycle.

O'Neill is appalled by this and tries to show Mirrin how to be a child and have fun which could prove devasting to an alliance with the Orbanian's.

Point Of View - Episode 306

In a secured building in Area 51 Dr Carter and Major Kawalsky who came there using a quantum mirror from an alternative reality are found and when questioned they appear to know everything about the Stargate programme so SGC is informed and they are sent there for debriefing. Once at SGC they claim that they want to stay in this time-line as the one they left was being over-run by Goa'uld but it appears that because there are two Carters it is impossible for them to stay in the same reality without it causing a temporal distortion in Dr Carter. A daring plan is constructed which means that O'Neill, Daniel and Teal'c must go to the alternate reality and help Dr Carter make contact with the Asgard.

Can Dr Carter reach the Asgard in time to save her reality and ensure that O'Neill, Daniel and Teal'c can return to theirs?

Dead Man's Switch - Episode 307

Shortly after arriving on PJ6-877 SG-1 are captured by Aris Boch a bounty hunter. He tells them that he is hunting Kel'tar a Gou'ald wanted by the System Lord Sokar and if they don't help him he will trade their lives instead. After an unsuccessful attempt at escape SG-1 reluctantly agree to help Aris but he keeps Carter as a hostage to ensure that they will return. Once SG-1 capture Kel'tar they learn that he is infact a Tok'ra named Korra who if taken to Sokar will be tortured to extract information about the Tok'ra.

SG-1 don't want to turn him over to Aris, but how can they save Carter without trading Korra?

Demons - Episode 308

SG-1 travels through the Stargate and arrives on a planet with a culture similar to Earth's in the Dark Ages. When Mary a young villager is set free from her chains by SG-1 Simon her friend explains that she was due to be sacrificed. Whilst Carter treats Mary a Unas arrives and instructs the villagers that he requires five sacrifices and he will return the next day for them and if none are waiting he will choose them himself. O'Neill tries to explain that it is not a demon and that the Unas is taking his people to become hosts for the Goa'ulds but Simon fears the demon too much. The Canon returns to the village and claims that SG-1 are demons because they came through the "gate", and he uses some sort of Goa'uld weapon to create a bolt of lightening that renders SG-1 unconsious.

Can SG-1 convince Simon to help them and go against the Canon before the Unas returns?

Rules Of Engagement - Episode 309

When SG-1 arrive on a planet they find themselves in the midst of a battle, with a group of SG soldier's and a Jaffa army. It appears that these young recruits are in training in wait for the return of Apophis who will lead them into battle. SG-1 have their weapons confiscated but somehow they are being used by these recruits during their training and people are being killed. What started out as a training exercise is becoming disturbingly real but Captain Rogers believes this is still part of the training and no matter how much O'Neill tries to tell him Apophis is dead he won't believe him.

SG-1 must put a stop to this before everyone is killed.

Forever In A Day - Episode 310

Whilst trying to save Kasuf, Daniels father-in-law and some other Abydonians Daniel notices his wife Sha'uri watching from a nearby tent. He immediately follows her but the Goa'uld Amaunet has control and uses a Goa'uld ribbon device on him, Teal'c enters and realises the only way to save his friend is to shoot Sha'uri with his staff weapon. When Daniel wakes he realises he's in the infirmary and learns that Teal'c has killed his wife. He resigns from the SGC and breaks off any contact with his friends.

Sha'uri starts appearing to him in dreams which he believes are brought on by grief. But are they, because they are becoming more and more vivid, and what is the message they are trying to tell him.

Past And Present - Episode 311

Whilst on a routine mission SG-1 discover a planet where the entire population is suffering with severe amnesia. It appears that no-one has any memory of their lives since an event known as "Vorlix", all the children and elderly are missing aswell. A young woman named Ke'ra appears to be the leader of this world and is trying to find a cure to allow everyone to remember what has happened. As the investigation progresses SG-1 learn that Ke'ra is infact Leneya "The destroyer of worlds" but she is unaware of her previous life.

Can SG-1 find out what really happened before Leneya discovers her real identity.

Jolinar's Memories - Episode 312

Martouf comes through the Stargate to ask Carter if he can use a device that allows him to access the memories of Jolinar, he hopes it will provide him with information which could help save her father Jacob who has been captured and imprisoned by Sokar. Carter agrees to try but finds the process too painful, O'Neill agrees to attempt a rescue without the advantage of Jolinar's memories. Martouf explains that Jolinar is the only one who has ever escaped from Netu and that Sokar has made it into a literal Hell.

SG-1 are willing to take the chance so with the help of Martouf they attempt a rescue hoping that the few memories Carter was able to extract will be of some help.

The Devil You Know - Episode 313

SG-1 and Martouf are captured by Apophis whom they thought had died and are held in Netu waiting to be offered as a gift to Sokar. Apophis uses a hallucinogenic drug known as "The Blood Of Sokar" which allows him with the aid of the memory device the power to influence the minds of his victims to extract information, as each person is subjected to this method of torture Apophis believes he can over-power Sokar and regain his position with the System Lords.

Can Teal'c the only remaining member of SG-1 with the help of the Tok'ra free his friends before they are forced to reveal information deadly to both worlds.

Foothold - Episode 314

When SG-1 return from a mission they go to the infirmary for a routine check-up but whilst here Dr Frasier injects each member with a strong sedative which renders them all unconsious. Teal'c wakes and over-hears General Hammond and Dr Frasier talking about why the sedative didn't work on Teal'c and Carter. It appears that the base has been taken over by aliens who look exactly like members of SGC so when the opportunity arises Teal'c knocks them unconsious and wakes Carter explaining the situation.

As General Hammond has been exposed they are certain that no-one in the SGC can be trusted so they must find help from someone else but who can they trust?

Pretense - Episode 315

Narim asks SG-1 to go back to his new home world to participate in "Traid" which is similar to a trial. When SG-1 arrive they realise that the person on trial is an old friend Skaara. It appears that Klorel his Goa'uld had been injured which allowed Skaara to regain control of his body and so he has requested amnesty with the Tollans. Daniel and O'Neill are defending Skaara while Zipacna defend's Klorel. Carter and Teal'c notice some Goa'uld soldiers taking an interest in the Tollan defence system and become suspicious.

Are the Goa'ulds here from more than Klorel. SG-1 seem to think so but the Tollans don't, the question is who's right.

Urgo - Episode 316

The MALP displays a beautiful beach paradise on one of the planets that SG-1 is due to embark to, but when they enter the Stargate it's as if they never left even though General Hammond insists that they have been gone for over 10 hours. Dr Frasier runs a complete medical and finds that they each have an implant on their brains although it doesn't appear to be affecting them in anyway. However as time passes each member starts seeing and hearing a person who calls himself "Urgo" he explains that he is a computer program who only wishes to learn new experiences.

General Hammond won't allow SG-1 to be part of the Stargate program whilst Urgo has some influence over them so they must find a way to get rid of him or their lives will never be the same.

A Hundred Days - Episode 317

Whilst on the planet Edora SG-1 are invited to watch a spectacular display of lights in the night sky known to the locals as "Fire Rain". Laira explains that at a certain time every year the phenonemum happens and SG-1 have arrived at that time. Whilst watching the display a extra-large shooting star prompts Carter into investigating the cause of this display, they uncover that Edora travels through an asteroid belt every year but every century and a half it appears to hit a particulary hard section of debris which could cause an Armagedon effect. Not all the villagers want to leave and Laira's son goes missing, so she and O'Neill go to try and locate him before its too late. Unfortunately by the time they return the "gate" has been buried and it appears that O'Neill is stranded on this planet with no way to get back home.

Not wanting to face the fact that O'Neill may be dead Carter and the rest of SG-1 struggle to find a way back to the planet.

Shade's Of Grey - Episode 318

Whilst on Tollana O'Neill steals a tollan device which renders weapons inoperable. Back on Earth SG-1 are debriefing when General Hammond realises that the technology was obtained in a way out of character for O'Neill and definately not the way the military operate so he informs O'Neill that he is temporarily suspended. Before Daniel can return the item the Tollans come through the Stargate and say that they will break all ties with Earth unless the person involved is dealt with immediately. General Hammond has no alternative but to force O'Neill into taking an early retirement.

Why would O'Neill steal technology knowing it could lead to court marshall and cause the alliances with Earth to be terminated.

New Ground - Episode 319

SG-1 travel through the "gate" to a planet who is at war over their different beliefs, the Bedrosian's believe their people originated from the planet and worship the God Nefertum whilst the Optricans believe they were brought here through the Stargate by an alien. After explaining the beliefs to SG-1 Nyan tells them that the Bedrosians will not wish his findings to be known to his people and will probably bury the Stargate. O'Neill decides to leave before any trouble starts but unfortunately they're not fast enough and are captured by some soldiers. Their leader Rigir believes them to be Optrican spies and treats them as such.

Teal'c managed to elude capture but was blinded by his staff weapon whilst escaping. Nyan agrees to help to try and save them but the odds aren't looking very good.

Maternal Instinct - Episode 320

Bra'tac arrives insisting on speaking to Teal'c about the recent attack on Chulak, he believes that Apophis was looking for something. Daniel thinks he may be looking for the "Harsesis" child that Sha'uri gave birth to, as if this child was to fall into the wrong hands it could lead to the destruction of the Goa'uld. Daniel explains about Kheb and they attempt to locate the planet using the computers and pulling on Jaffa legend. When they believe they have the right address SG-1 travel to what they believe is Kheb.

Can SG-1 find the boy before Apophis?

Crystal Skull - Episode 321

The video tranmission from the MALP reveals a huge pyramid which has inside on a stone a crystall skull which Daniels claims is similar to the one his grand-fahter retrieved from Beleise some years earlier. Nicholas Ballard, Daniels grand-father claimed that it had transported him to another planet where he had spoken to some aliens, this statement had caused the whole academic community to turn against Nicholas so much that he has admitted himself into a mental institute. When SG-1 attempt to retrieve the skull Daniel looks into its eyes which cause's lights to eminate all around him. Teal'c fires his zat'nic'utel at the skull which causes Daniel to be flung back and at the same time the radiation in the cavern spike's to dangerously high levels and SG-1 have to return through the Stargate immediately. Carter is overcome and O'Neill has to carry her out shouting to Teal'c and Daniel to follow. Once back on Earth SG-1 inform General Hammond that Daniel just seemed to disappear and don't know where he is.

SG-1 must return to the planet to save Daniel but they can't do it on their own, they need the help of Nicholas Ballard who doesn't really want to tell them anything. How can they convince him to help, without revealing their true purpose.

Nemesis - Episode 322

As O'Neill attempts to leave the base for some much deserved leave he is transported up to an Asgard ship by Thor. O'Neill arrives on the ship and stumbles upon some nasty looking metallic bugs and not just a couple, hundreds. He navigates the corridors and finds Thor who tells him that the bugs are what they call the Replicators and are a bigger threat to Earth than the Goa'uld. Apparently they have taken control of the ship and are planning to invade and conquer Earth. O'Neill believes his only choice is to blow up the ship so he contacts General Hammond in the form of a hologram and explains what he needs. The necessary equipment is transported to the Asgard ship along with the remaining member's of SG-1.

They must find an escape plan whilst ensuring that the ship is destroyed before it reaches Earth.

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