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Season Four

Small Victories - Episode 401

Now that SG-1 have returned to Earth everyone thinks the threat of the replicators is over until Major Davis arrives from the Pentagon with news that one replicator survived the crash of Thor's ship and has killed all the crew on a Russian submarine. O'Neill wants to nuke the sub but the Pentagon feel this could lead to some awkward questions from the Russian government about the Stargate program so SG-1 are sent to sort the problem out because they've fought the replicators before and hopefully will know a way to defeat them again. However Thor arrives through the "gate" asking for help as his home world is being over-powered by the replicators and he hopes that human knowledge may be able to assist in defeating them so Carter agrees to go and help.

Can SG-1 and Carter come up with a plan to save both worlds from destruction?

The Other Side - Episode 402

The SGC receive a communication from Alar the leader of the planet Euronda claiming that his world is under attack and he urgently needs help. After careful consideration General Hammond agrees that SG-1 can assist by taking food and medical supplies with the hope that some trading can take place between both worlds. Once they arrive there O'Neill realises that this culture is highly advanced in technology and that Alar seems more than willing to trade anything to get some Heavy Water which he needs to sustain their defense shields. O'Neill immediately agrees to the trade but Daniel on the other hand doesn't believe the Eurondans are telling SG-1 the whole truth.

Daniel tells O'Neill that perhaps this is one trade he should walk away from until they learn more about the Eurondans, the question is does O'Neill agree.

Upgrades - Episode 403

A Tok'ra scientist called Anise approaches General Hammond and asks would Earth help them in some research on some armband devices that were discovered on another planet. Apparently the devices won't work on the Tok'ra as the symbiote rejects them but the race that they originated from had a similar physiology to humans. Anise convinces General Hammond that the devices could prove useful in the battle against the Goa'uld as it makes the person wearing them more powerful and increases their speed. After Anise's tests have been running for a while Dr Fraiser become's concerned because her tests show that the armbands could infact harm SG-1. General Hammond decides as a precaution to order SG-1 to remove the armbands but for some reason they won't come off. Meanwhile Anise learns from the Tok'ra that a new ship is being built by the Goa'uld and suggests that SG-1 take advantage of their new strengths to destroy it but General Hammond has other ideas.

What will SG-1 do?

Crossroads - Episode 404

A signal from Bra'tac causes SG-1 to open the Iris and allow the traveller to come to Earth. But he doesn't arrive, instead they have Shan'auc an aquantaince of Teal'c's who claims that she communicates with her symbiote and that both of them wish to make an alliance with the Tok'ra, and hope that SG-1 will help them because the information they hold could be the key to the destruction of the Goa'uld. All are skeptical but Teal'c the most who believes that it is an elaborate deception to obtain the location of the Tok'ra. Shan'uac explains to Teal'c that during Kelnoreem she shares memories with her symbiote and has convinced it that the Goa'uld are evil. Teal'c decides to try the process himself and share's a memory with his symbiote which convinces him that Shan'auc is telling the truth. But SG-1 must act fast because the symbiote has already passed its growth limits within Shan'auc, they must contact the Tok'ra immediately or both will die.

Will the Tokra decide to find a willing host or do they believe the symbiote is just trying to infiltrate them to reveal their location?

Divide & Conquer - Episode 405

During a meeting with the Tok'ra high council Major Graham attacks one of the Tok'ra before taking his own life. Disturbed by this event SG-1 return to Earth baffled as to what caused their friend to react in such a way, there had been no signs of any kind and he seemed to act instantly as if programmed. Anise arrives on Earth with a device which she claims can determine whether of not someone is a Zatarc, someone who has had their mind altered by a Goa'uld device and are unaware of the fact. General Hammond agrees and all SGC units are tested, they quickly find another victim Lieutenant Astor who starts firing on members of the SGC before killing herself. As tests progress we learn of two more victims O'Neill and Carter.

Anise must find a cure so that SG-1 can be re-united.

Window Of Opportunity - Episode 406

Whilst on P4X-639 SG-1 meet Malikai who appears to be very interested in something that looks similar to an alter, it has writing on it which resembles latin. Malikai turns to Daniel after a while and suggests that its time they return through the Stargate as a storm is coming but as usual Daniel is only interested in the ruins/alter and ignores him, so Malikai zats him with his weapon. As O'Neill and Teal'c rush to Daniel's aid Malikai starts pushing what looks like buttons on the alter which causes a mysterious blue light to surround them all and then suddenly O'Neill is back at the SGC eating his breakfast exactly like he had 10 hours before. At first unsure of what is happening O'Neill says nothing but when they go for the briefing and he learns about the coming mission to P4X-639 O'Neill tells them they have been there before but only Teal'c seems to share the memory. General Hammond sends them both to Dr Fraiser who gives them a clean bill of health and so they return to the planet on the mission as planned. Again the same thing happens and again and again etc.

O'Neill and Teal'c must figure out how to break the loop before it drives them crazy.

Watergate - Episode 407

It appears that for some reason the Stargate won't open and the SGC have teams trapped off-world. General Hammond learns that the Russians have their own Stargate which they recovered from Thor's ship and have established a wormhole which won't close. A Russian scientist Dr Svetlana Markov requests that SG-1 be called to assist and hopefully provide some answers as to why this is possible. When they arrive at the facility they find everyone dead and the wormhole still open and connected to a under water world. Dr Markov explains that they had recently visited this planet and extracted some of the water which could be used as a power source due to energy which it emits. As Carter, Daniel and Dr Morkov return in a sub to the under water world hoping for some clues as to what happened, O'Neill and Teal'c check out the rest of the facility and find Colonel Maybourne inside a freezer. When Maybourne starts to defrost he tells O'Neill that he wants to go back inside the freezer as its the only way to stay alive.

Something isn't right and it seems Maybourne might hold the answers but can they trust him.

The First Ones - Episode 408

Whilst on P3X-888 Daniel is captured by an Unas. When O'Neill discovers from Dr Rothman that Daniel is missing he requests to lead a rescue team and General Hammond agrees. Back on the planet they learn that all of SG-11 has been killed apart from Hawkins, and that the water-supply is filled with Goa'uld symbiotes. O'Neill and Teal'c are concerned that one of their team may be infected so Teal'c restrains all members informing them that he is the only one who wouldn't be affected and claims to set off to find Daniel on his own. Meanwhile Daniel seems to be communicating at some level with the Unas and is trying to become friends.

Can Teal'c discover the infected member of the team in time to save Daniel from being the Unas' main course?

Scorched Earth - Episode 409

SG-1 helped save a civilization known as the Enkarans from slavery of the Goa'ulds and tranported them to a new world which met their physiologicial needs. However shortly after SG-1 arrive they learn from an Enkaran villager that another village has just been destroyed by a ship. O'Neill decides to investigate and learns from Lotan, a bio-mechanical liason created by the ship, that the ship is terraforming the planet to faciliate the Gadmeer and that he was unaware of any existance of life on the planet. Unfortunately once the process has been started it cannot be stopped as the ship only has enough resources the transform one planet. Lotan and O'Neill want the Enkarans to leave through the Stargate but they know they won't be able to evacuate them all in time and their leader would rather stay and die rather than leave anyone behind.

SG-1 must find a solution to help both civilizations or one will certainly become extinct.

Beneath The Surface - Episode 410

SG-1 wake up in a underground mining community with no memory of their previous lives and friendships. They are no longer O'Neill, Daniel, Carter and Teal'c but are now infact Jonah, Carlin, Therra and Tor who work as laborers in the mines beneath an ice-covered planet who are led to believe that nothing exists above ground. Worse still is the fact that O'Neill and Daniel appear to be enemies and Teal'c is a complete out-cast. A minor accident causes SG-1 to pull together as a team and seems to active some memories of their past lives. Meanwhile General Hammond has been told that SG-1 disappeared on the planet's icy surface. The leader of a rescue team sent by General Hammond informs him that in no way would O'Neill every risk his teams live in those sort of conditions.

Can SG-1 remember who they are and their reasons for being on this planet from these fleeting flash backs?

Point Of No Return - Episode 411

A man contacts the SGC with knowledge of some secret going-on's within the government, he is quickly dismissed as a crack pot until he mentions the Stargate program. General Hammond decides to play safe and sends O'Neill to find out exactly what this man knows. During the meeting O'Neill learns that the man is called Martin and he does appear to know way more than he should about the Stargate program, but then he tells O'Neill that he is an alien and that his ship crash landed on Earth years ago and he's been hiding here ever since. Right about now O'Neill is ready to clasify Martin as crazy but Daniel and Carter convince him to hold tight so that they can investigate his background a bit more.

Martin appears crazy but is he?

Tangent - Episode 412

Whilst testing the X-301 an experimental aircraft adapted from the Goa'uld death gliders SG-1 used to escape from Apophis's mother ship, O'Neill and Teal'c are sent hurtling into space. It appears that the death glider had a recall device and all control of the glider is out of O'Neill and Teal'c's hands. Teal'c summizes that they will be taken back to Apophis's home world which he believes will take them several hundred years. O'Neill attempts to change the course of the glider by using the weapons system as only Earth's technology seems to work but it fails and they continue to drift into space. Running low on oxygen and starting to experience hyperthermia it looks like it could be the end for O'Neill and Teal'c.

Can Daniel and Carter come up with a plan to rescue their friends before its too late?

The Curse - Episode 413

Daniel read in a newspaper that his old archeology professor has died in a laboratory accident and decides to go to his funeral. At the funeral he meets up with two old colleagues and learns a bit more about the research his professor was currently doing. It appears as though he was logging some artifacts when the accident happened and now one of them is missing. Daniel offers to help but whilst examining the artifacts he stumbles across a strange jar with markings that represent the ancient Egyptian god Osiris and something else that looks very much like Goa'uld. More deaths follow and the journalists start calling it "The return of the curse of Osiris". Meanwhile Daniel discovers that the missing artifact is another jar identical to the damaged one.

Can Daniel break the Goa'uld code and find out what's inside the jar, and who has the other one?

Serpents Venum - Episode 414

Teal'c decide's to visit Chulak to try and gain more followers for the Jaffa rebellion but is tricked and captured. Now a prisioner of the Goa'uld Hiru'ur he is tortured for pleasure whilst waiting to be presented as a gift to Apophis. It appears that Hiru'ur and Apophis are due to make an alliance and that Teal'c is a gift to seal the deal. Meanwhile Jacob Carter has approached General Hammond and asked for SG-1 to assist him in a mission to stop the alliance by cloaking a ship in the ancient minefield chosen as the neutral meeting place and altering one of the mine's so that it will impact on Apophis's ship and he will believe Hiru'ur planned it causing the alliance not to take place. O'Neill over-hears a communication and discovers that Teal'c is a prisoner.

Now SG-1 are aware that Teal'c is on board Hiru'ur ship will they sacrifice the mission or their friend.

Chain Reaction - Episode 415

After yet another close call for SG-1 General Hammond accounces that he's stepping down as head of SGC and retiring. General Bauer the new CO of the SGC decides to split SG-1 up and when O'Neill objects he is politely told to shut up or get out. O'Neill approaches General Hammond and asks him why he left and tells him he doesn't believe its because of the close calls. General Hammond explains that his grand-daughters life had been threatened by the NID and that he'd been told to obtain techology any way necessary or something would happen to his family. He tells O'Neill as he can't protect his family 24 hours a day he felt his only option was to leave. O'Neill decides to take on the NID but must get his hands dirty to do so and the only person he can think of to help him is Colonel Maybourne.

Can O'Neill and Maybourne get enough evidence to make NID back off and allow General Hammond to rejoin the SGC and to re-unite SG-1?

2010 - Episode 416

The year is 2010 and SG-1 are no longer together, it appears that 10 years earlier they met a race known as the Aschen who helped them defeat the Goa'uld. The Aschen are regarded as Earth saviours and as such have been given complete control of Earth's defences and Stargate. O'Neill a few years earlier had voiced his opinions of the Aschen saying that they weren't all they appeared to be and that Earth shouldn't give them so much power but everyone including the members of SG-1 had turned their backs on him. However now Carter has discovered with the help of Dr Fraiser that the Aschen plan to wipe out the human race by making the female population unfertile.

Carter must convince ALL of SG-1 to go on one final mission to prevent the end of the human race, a mission which will surely end in their deaths unless their counter-parts 10 years in the past can save them.

Absolute Power - Episode 417

On Abydos Kasuf and other Abydonians see a swirling sandstorm which appears to whisper the name Daniel. Kasuf contacts SG-1 and asks that they come and investigate this strange phenomenon. When Daniel hears his name he introduces himself and sandstorm ceases and from the heart of it appears a young boy who calls himself Shifu, he claims to be the Harsesis. O'Neill dedices to take the boy back to Earth and run some tests to determine if what the child is saying is correct, and if it is he could be the key to the elimination of the Goa'uld. Whilst back on Earth Daniel asks for the knowledge to destroy the Goa'uld. Shifu decides to teach Daniel a lesson and touches his forehead which renders him unconsious, when Daniel wakes he finds that he has all the knowledge he asked for.

Will this knowledge corrupt him or make him a better person?

The Light - Episode 418

Daniel and some other members of SG-5 have been on a planet gathering information in a temple which has a room with a mesmerizing light display that everyone seems to be talking about. However soon after their return one of SG-5 suddenly commits suicide and the others including Daniel are close to death. Dr Fraiser struggles to come up with any answers so the rest of SG-1 go to the planet to see if they can find any clues. Once there they discover the room with the light and a young man. Daniel's condition grows worse and O'Neill returns back through the Stargate whilst Carter and Teal'c remain on the planet. Once back on Earth O'Neill starts to display similar symptons so Dr Fraiser convinces General Hammond its in the best interest of Daniel and O'Neill that they return to the planet as it appears when they are there they're alright. Back on the planet O'Neill finds Carter and Teal'c staring at the light and soon he becomes transfixed. It appears that the light is infact a drug of some sort which causes suicidal lows whenever anyone attempts to leave.

The boy seems the only one unaffected so SG-1 must discover his secret or they will be trapped on this planet for the rest of their lives.

Prodigy - Episode 419

Whilst giving a lecture at the Air Force Academy Carter stumbles across a young cadet Jennifer Hailey who has the potential to become part of the SGC. Unfortunately Hailey is quite rebellious and hates being compared to Carter so more often than not is on the wrong side of her commanding officers. Carter decides to take Hailey on a mission to show her what path her career could take if she just buckled down to it, they go to the planet that O'Neill and Teal'c have been assigned to on a security detail. O'Neill classes it as a "babysitting" job which of course he hates but things become more interesting when the scientists encounter life forms of pure energy. They capture one and put it inside a glass container held captive by electrical charges. This act changes the way the life forms interact with SG-1 and they start attacking the scientist so they decide to let the one held captive go. When they release it, it passes straight through the metal sheetings used as shelter so it appears that there is no escape from them except back through the Stargate.

Just one problem the life forms are blocking the way to the Stargate. How can they protect themselves and how can they get back home?

Entity - Episode 420

Before sending SG-1 through to one of the planets the dialling computer had locked onto they send a MALP which encounters an alien probe, that starts downloading itself into the SGC computers. As soon as it is detected all the systems are shut down which Carter believes will have solved the problem, but how wrong she was. Infact it has just transferred itself into the MALP room and is building itself a new home. When the computers boot up again an error occurs in that room which alerts the SGC to the existance of the entity. O'Neill wants to destroy it but Carter and Daniel convince him that they should try to communicate with it first. Carter touches the keyboard and is flung back with a force against the wall so she is rushed to the infirmary. O'Neill shuts down the computer and believes the entity is destroyed. But he aswell as the rest of the SGC soon discover that it's transferred itself into Carter.

Can Dr Fraiser find a way to get the entity from Carter without killing her because it certainly doesn't want to leave on its own.

Double Jeapordy - Episode 421

SG-1's robot double's apart from O'Neill have been captured so its a rescue mission for the real SG-1. They return to a planet they helped overthrow from the clutches of the Goa'uld, unfortunately Cronus has also arrived and claimed the planet as his own. It appears no-one wants to help SG-1 because they had promised that they were safe from the Goa'uld and yet now here they are enslaved again.

SG-1 must win the trust of the people of this world so that they can help them defeat Cronus. They must also save the robot doubles before Cronus discovers who or what they really are.

Exodus - Episode 422

SG-1 take Cronus's mothership to the Tok'ra homeworld so that it will help them in their relocation to a new world. When they arrive Tanith is surprised because he was unaware of any relocation and of the death of Cronus. Teal'c has great pleasure in informing Tanith that the Tok'ra have been aware from the beginning that he was working for Apophis and they used this knowledge to send false information to the Goa'uld. Tanith is outraged and told by the Tok'ra that they will be removing him from his host very soon, however he manages to escape and get a message to Apophis. Things don't go to plan as Teal'c is captured. Meanwhile O'Neill, Daniel, Carter and Jacob are propelled roughly 125 years from Earth and yet they still didn't manage to escape from Apophis because he's right there with them.

Can SG-1 find a way home and rescue Teal'c from Apophis?

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