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Season Five

Enemies - Episode 501

SG-1 and Jacob arrive in a galaxy millions of miles from Earth only to discover that Apophis has also escaped the explosion of the super nova and he's in close pursuit. The ship SG-1 is on is badly damaged and an easy target for Apophis but luckily another ship arrives and starts attacking Apophis which allows SG-1 to temporarily retreat and hide behind a planet nearby. Once some repairs are carried out SG-1 venture out to see where Apophis is and they discover his ship has no life signs on board so they decide to use the transport rings to go and investigate. SG-1 soon learn that the ship has been over-run by Replicators and that its set to auto-destruct, so they return to their own ship. A message from a transport ship is transmitted and SG-1 and Jacob are relieved to find that Teal'c is in the helm and alive and well. However when he boards they soon find out that he has been brainwashed because he thinks he's the First Prime of Apophis and takes SG-1 and Jacob prisioners.

Can SG-1 rescue Teal'c, escape the clutches of Apophis and the Replicators and return to Earth?

Threshold - Episode 502

Teal'c still believes he's the First Prime of Apophis so SG-1 enlist the help of Bra'tac who suggest's an ancient ritual called "The Rite Of Masuraan". Basically this means that the symbiote that Teal'c carries is removed bringing the Jaffa to the brink of death. It is only at this point that he can choose his true path. SG-1 sit helplessly by his bedside offering moral support as they watch their friend deteriote. Bra'tac guides Teal'c through this difficult time hoping that he is strong enough to succeed where all other Jaffa who have tried before him have failed.

Can Teal'c survive and return to his former self?

Ascension - Episode 503

Whilst examining an alien device off-world Carter passes out for no apparent reason. Once back at SGC O'Neill tells Carter that she been a bit tense lately and she should take some time for herself because of all the hours she's been putting in lately. When Carter goes home she encounters a being who takes form but only appears to her. O'Neill assists a team who puts some surveilance camera's inside Carters house but the alien doesn't appear so they are removed. Meanwhile back at SGC a new Pentagon representative is causing waves for General Hammond.

Can Carter convince O'Neill and the rest of SG-1 that this alien is real and what is Colonel Simmons really looking for?

The Fifth Man - Episode 504

O'Neill and Tyler are pinned down in a battle with a group of Jaffa soldiers so O'Neill orders the rest of SG-1 to return to Earth and bring back re-inforcements. However when SG-1 return through the gate General Hammond hasn't heard of a Lieutenant Tyler and fearing that SG-1 have been compromised he confine's them to holding cells. Doctor Fraiser examines SG-1 and finds nothing wrong with them but they are still adament that Tyler exists, this peaks the interest of Colonel Simmons and again he comes to the SGC and starts causing waves. Meanwhile back on the planet O'Neill and Tyler are waiting for back-up.

Can SG-1 convince General Hammond and everyone else that they're not crazy in time to save their friends?

Red Sky - Episode 505

SG-1 visit a planet and unwittingly by doing so trigger an ecological disaster. They soon learn that the planet is protected by the Asgard but when O'Neill approaches them and asks for help he is told that if they helped SG-1 they would infact be violating the treaty with the Goa'ulds and in turn would put all Asgard protected planets at risk.

Its up to SG-1 to solve the problem before the entire planet and its civilization are destroyed.

Rite Of Passage - Episode 506

Dr Fraiser and SG-1 are extremely concerned because Cassandra seems to be evolving at an accelerated rate which is putting her life in jeapordy. They soon discover that the cause of the problem appears to be from some experiments that Nerti a Goa'uld who ruled the planet that Cassandra came from had done previously. SG-1 decide to try and retrace Nerti's steps by visiting Cassandra's home world in a bid to save her.

Can SG-1 find the solution before its too late?

Beast Of Burden - Episode 507

Chaka is kidnapped and taken through the gate by some men and Daniel returns to Earth and asks General Hammond to allow him to try and rescue him. Daniel explains that he taught Chaka to trust humans and he feels responsible for him, General Hammond agrees so Daniel and O'Neill set off. However once they arrive things aren't quite what they expect. On this planet it appears that the Unas are treated as slaves so retrieving Daniel's friend isn't going to be as easy as they first thought. Whilst trying to free Chaka from prison Daniel and O'Neill are caught and become prisoners themselves.

Can Carter and Teal'c rescue their friends and perhaps teach these humans to change their ways?

The Tomb - Episode 508

SG-1 team up with a Russan team on a rescue mission to find a Russian staragte squad that went missing off-world just before the Russians stopped using their gate. When they arrive they discover an alien temple which they soon find out is the home of an ancient babylonian god named Marduk (who incidently is a Goa'uld). Both teams are in danger and both CO's appear to have very different ideas about their objectives.

Can they pull together and become one team to find their way home safely, without having too many casualties?

Between Two Fires - Episode 509

SG-1 go to Tollana for the funeral of Omoc and shortly after the service they are offered some superior technology - which O'Neill and the others find very suspicious considering their reluctance of sharing technology up until now. Narim secretly tells Carter that he suspects that Omac's death was no accident and that Omac infact believed that Earth was in danger.

SG-1 and Narim attempt to discover the truth to save Earth.

2001 - Episode 510

SG-1 meet an alien race who are rather reluctant to share the co-ordinates of their home planet. They are introduced to SC-1 as the Aschen and appear to be the saviours of the planet - they help the people to cultivate their lands and are highly repected by the hundreds that populate the planet. However O'Neill isn't happy he finds it suspicious that they won't tell SG-1 their home world co-ordinates so he tells Daniel to start snooping around and find out as much as he can about the Ashen and the history of the planet. Teal'c and Daniel soon discover an underground city which was not so long ago populated by millions who were just as technologically advanced as Earth. However now it seems the planet is reliant on agriculture and only populated by a few hundred.

Something's not right and its up to SG-1 to find out what?

Desperate Measures - Episode 511

Carter is kidnapped and everything seems to point to the NID. General Hammond authorizes SG-1 to attempt a rescue mission but where do they start. O'Neill decides to enlist the help of an old nemesis Maybourne. He soon discovers that Maybourne has sold a symbiote captured by the Russians to a wealthy business man who is dying. The doctors assisting the dying man believe that they can gain important information from Carter as to how she survived the experience with Jolinar - the aim is once the man is fully recovered to remove the symbiote.

Can O'Neill find Carter and stop the doctors before the Goa'uld has the chance to take control of the host?

Wormhole X-Treme - Episode 512

Its appears that a spaceship is heading for Earth and its energy signature is identical to one they've encountered before. Martin (from Point of No Return) has promoted a script to a television studio which looks suspiciously like the Stargate program. SGC decides to let the mock show air as it will allow plausible deniability but sends O'Neill in just to have a quiet chat with Martin as to why the ship is heading to Earth. When O'Neill arrives on set he discovers that Martin has lost his memory again.

Will Martin remember in time to stop the ship from crashing to Earth.

Proving Ground - Episode 513

During a training session where O'Neill is in the final stages of scoring a young cadet team he learns that a possible foothold situation has occurred, Carter has got word out but who else has been compromised. It appears that he has no choice but to take this young team directly into battle. However O'Neill himself is injured and so he's relying heavily on their skills. Once inside the SGC its entirely up to them.

Are these cadets up to the challenge?

48 Hours - Episode 514

SG-1 return through the Stargate only to discover that one of them is missing Teal'c. Carter theorizes that Teal'c's matter stream has been trapped inside the stargate and that if they can just initialise it they can get him back. Only one problem they can't use the gate because using it would wipe Teal'c pattern. To make matters worse Colonel Simmons arrives with a scientist from the Pentagon who claims that Teal'c's matter stream will within 48 hours have disappeared and he'll be lost forever. So now SG-1 have a time limit and the Pentagon breathing down their necks. Daniel and Major Davies head off to Russia hoping they'll help while Jack with the help of Maybourne goes in search of the Goa'uld from the episode Desperate Measures, in the hope that he may shed some light into a way of saving Teal'c. Carter stays on base trying to come up with an alternative solution.

Can they save Teal'c before the dead-line?

Summit - Episode 515

The Tok'ra enlist the help of Daniel to infiltrate a meeting of the Goa'uld System Lords with the aim of killing all the Goa'ulds at one time. The Tok'ra have a device which is deadly to all symbiote's and when activated will kill all within the surrounding location. Daniel uses a mind altering drug which makes the System Lord Yu believe that he is his slave and as he hasn't encountered any of the other System Lords it shouldn't be a problem. However there seems to be a new player on the scene Osiris (Daniels ex-girlfriend Sarah). As Daniel hasn't used the weapon yet this causes a problem because his identity has now been discovered.

Will Osiris reveal Daniel's identity?

Last Stand - Episode 516

Daniel manages to inject Osiris with some of the mind altering drug and discovers that she is representing another more powerful Goa'uld Anubis. Daniel now believes its too dangerous to kill the System Lords as by doing so he would infact be giving complete power to one Goa'uld which would be more dangerous than a few fighting amongst themselves for power. He also discovers that Zapacna has found out the location of the Tok'ra base and is planning an attack. Daniel attempts to capture Osiris so that the Tok'ra can remove the Goa'uld and return Sarah back to her former self but things don't go to plan and during the encounter Yu gets knifed by Osiris. Daniel manages to escape and hurries back to the Tok'ra base but its too late as most have been killed. Unfortunately he crashes on the planet and its full of Jaffa soldiers.

Can he escape before they discover him?

Fail Safe - Episode 517

An asteriod is on a collision course with Earth and both the Asgard and the Tok'ra claim they can't help so its up to SG-1 to save the planet. The SGC come up with a plan of planting a bomb filled with Naquadah and an atomic warhead in the heart of the asteriod hoping that the explosion will cause it to miss Earth. However once they arrive there they discover that its already full of Naquadah and suspect that its was a elaborate plan by the Goa'uld's to blow up Earth without appearing to break the treaty with the Asgard.

SG-1's options just changed they can't just blow up the asteriod anymore what are they going to do now?

The Warrior - Episode 518

A rebel force of Jaffa are being led by Ka'tano against the Goa'uld. Teal'c and Bra'tac believe that an alliance could prove beneficial to both sides. SG-1 take's supplies and weapons etc to talk about an alliance but when they arrive O'Neill thinks that Ka'tano is just after the power for himself. He teaches the Jaffa to fight to the death and that the mission is more important than their own lives. O'Neill becomes even more concerned when Ka'tano sends Teal'c on a mission which he believes will mean certain death for his friend and decides that he won't be suggesting an alliance to General Hammond and asks Teal'c to reconsider and return with SG-1 back to Earth but he doesn't seem to be listening to him.

Can O'Neill convince Teal'c to return to Earth before any harm comes to his friend?

Menace - Episode 519

SG-1 discover a planet in total destruction with only a young andriod girl as the survivor. Providing a new power supply they revive the andriod and learn that her father had told her to go and sleep. Daniel stays and talks to Reese while the rest of SG-1 take a look at the rest of the planet. SG-1 find some pieces of what looks to be replicators. SG-1 and Reese return to Earth and soon realise that this young andriod is the creator of the replicators. Apparently the replicators where originally created as toys who could replicate but she lost control of them and they destroyed the planet. SG-1 try to communicate this new information to the Asgard while Daniel tries to get Reese to tell him how to stop the replicators but she can't see the dangers and isn't being very co-operative. When the realization of the destruction her toys made and the fact they killed her own father she goes crazy and the bugs respond violently to her feelings.

Can Daniel convince Reese that her toys could destroy Earth before she loses control on the replicators altogether?

The Sentinal - Episode 520

Colonel Greeves and Lieutenant Kershaw have recently visited a planet protected by a device maintained by The Caretaker called the Sentintel which protects all its residents from enemies. However SG9 are now on the planet and are pinned down by Jaffa soldiers, General Hammond decides to send SG-1 to the planet to try and discover what went wrong with the device. Carter seems to be having difficulty in getting past the forcefield and O'Neill seems to have become a prisioner of the Jaffa.

Can Carter break through the forcefield in time to save O'Neill?

Meridian - Episode 521

In this episode we see the departure of Daniel Jackson unfortunately. Whilst visiting a world at war called Callonia SG-1 learn that an ancient Goa'uld temple has been discovered along with a new radioactive form of Naquadah (Naquadria) and the Callonians have begun experimenting with. However the experiment goes wrong and the whole world is threatened with annihilation but Daniel decides to step in and save the whole civilization at the expense of his own life. He is rushed back to Earth immediately having been exposed to a deadly dose of radiation. When O'Neill returns to the planet he finds that the Collonians are actually blaming Daniel for the accident instead of thanking him for saving their live's so he sets out to set the record straight. In the meantime Daniel is getting worse and its appears that Dr Fraiser can't do anything for him. Carter attempts to use the Goa'uld healing device on him but it just makes matters worse. It appears that Daniel is dying painfully but as he drifts in and out of conciousness he see's Oma Desala who informs him that he can get Ascension but to achieve it he has to believe in himself and die physically so that he can move to a higher place of existence outside the human body. Meanwhile Jonas has decided to tell the truth about Daniels heroism much to the displeasure of his leaders and informs O'Neill that he had warned them of the dangers of their experiments but they had chosen to ignore him. Jonas comes to Earth with some Naquadria so that Carter can make some defence shields etc for him to take back to his world. Jacob arrives and tries to save Daniel using the healing device but he doesn't think he can heal him completely. Daniel has the chance to make a decision stay and live on Earth or go with Oma Desala - he chooses to die and have Ascension (so I suppose he's still alive in a way).

Revelations - Episode 522

O'Neill, Carter and Teal'c are all still moarning the departure of their friend when an Asgard named Freya comes through the gate and informs them of Thor's death and to ask them for help. Apparently the planet Thor was protecting has got an underground laboratory which if discovered by the Goa'ulds would lead to the complete extinction of the Asgard as a race. It turns out that the Asgard reproduce by cloning and that they are experiencing genetic degredation. Locating one of the few original ancestors left and keeping thier location secret is the only way to ensure the survival of the Asgard. O'Neill discovers that Thor is still alive and onboard Anabuis' ship so he and Teal'c set off on a rescue mission leaving Carter with Heindall. Unfortunately O'Neill and Teal'c are captured but Thor manages to free them but they're still stuck on the ship and need to free Thor. Meanwhile Osiris has discovered the location of the laboratory and is heading there.

Carter needs to leave the laboratory to ensure her own safety but she won't leave without the others. Can they re-unite and get away in time?

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