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Season Six

Redemption (Part One) - Episode 601

Someone has established a wormhole which hasn't disabled after the 38 minute window, isolating any contact with Earth's offworld allies. O'Neill and Carter come up with a dangerous plan involving a Goa'uld death glider built using the schematics of the X-301 Intercept unfortunately things don't go to plan and the ship doesn't enter the hyperspace window. Bra'tac arrives to tell Teal'c that his wife has been killed so he leaves to be with his son Rya'c. Carter isn't sure she knows how to dis-engage the wormhole and Anubis has just projected himself using a hologram in front of Earth's Stargate announcing doom to the planet using what looks like Asguard technology.

Was Anubis able to extract information from Thor before SG-1 managed to rescue him?

Redemption (Part Two) - Episode 602

When Teal'c and Bra'tac hear that Earth's Stargate is under attack from Anubis they decide to try and destroy the weapon. Rya'c see's this as an opportunity for Teal'c to prove that the Goa'ulds are false Gods and convinces him to let him go along and aid him in battle. Teal'c reluctantly agrees in the hope of rebuilding the trust between him and his son. Carter, O'Neill, Jonas, MacKay and everyone else at the SGC are trying to come up with a plan to stop Anubis and disable the wormhole. Just to make matters worse Teal'c and Bra'tac are unsuccesful and get captured.

Can Rya'c save his father and Bra'tac and can anyone at the SGC come up with a new plan to save the Stargate and Earth?

Descent - Episode 603

Osiris' mothership appears to be abandaned and SG-1 along with Jacob and Major Davis decide to board it to investigate, leaving Teal'c and Jonas on board the glider. There were no life signs displayed on the gliders instruments so when some Jaffa appear and attack a scientist who was assisting SG-1, he was taken by total surprise. The Jaffa have now set the ships computers to crash land into the planet and ring aboard the glider. Although Teal'c manages to defeat the Jaffa the gliders control panel for the rings is damaged leaving SG-1 trapped aboard the mothership. Now things aren't looking so good for SG-1 not only are they trapped, but the ships just crashed and submerged itself underwater. To make matters worse the ships self-destruct sequence is armed and there's water leaking in through the damaged hull.

Can O'Neill find a way out for his team before its too late?

Frozen - Episode 604

A group of scientists discover a woman frozen in the ice located near the second Stargate in Antarctica. SG-1 and Dr Fraiser are sent to investigate, strangely enough while defrosting the woman SG-1 discover that she is still alive and perfectly preserved in the ice. Once the woman regains consiousness Jonas attempts to communicate with her and although she seems to understand what he's saying and can repeat words she can't communicate in other way. We soon discover that she is carrying a deadly disease which starts affecting the scientists and SG-1.

Can Dr Fraiser come up with a cure or will she herself become affected?

Nightwalkers - Episode 605

Carter receives a phone call from a scientist claiming to know about the incident with Adrian Conrad (last seen in Desperate Measures). She soon learns that the scientist has been killed and along with Teal'c and Jonas she goes to a small town to investigate. The local police authority is at first a little hostile towards the involvement of the Airforce, but does voice concern over certain unusual events that have happened over the last few months. Teal'c and Jonas go for a drink to a local bar and have a disagreement with a resident but when they meet him again the next day he claims that he was in bed and that they'd made a mistake. Jonas starts to notice lots of small details that just don't add up, including some tyre tracks leading up to abandoned building which they later discover the residents are drawn to at night.

Why are the residents going to the buildin? Whats the connection with Adrian Conrad? Do the NID have something to do with whats going on.

Abyss - Episode 606

After being blended with Ka'an O'Neill wakes up inside a sarcophagus. He is taken to Ba'al who demands to know why he came to his outpost. O'Neill has no knowledge of why he is there and appears not to have shared any memories with Ka'an. Ba'al tortures O'Neill for information and tells him that he will continue to kill him over and over again until he finds out what he wants to know. After his first death O'Neill is revived in the sarcophagus and taken to a cell where he see's a woman who seems to know Ka'an quite well. Daniel also appears to tell him that he's there for him, but that he can't stop whats happening. Although O'Neill wants to believe it really is Daniel he thinks he's an hallucination. Back at the SGC Sam, Teal'c and Jonas learn that O'Neill left a secured base and that the Tok'ra have no idea where he is. Ba'al continues his torture on O'Neill and each time it becomes more and more painful. Daniel keeps appearing and O'Neill starts to believe that he is really there and that thought is helping him endure the pain that Ba'al is subjecting him to. General Hammond informs Counciler Torran that he is unable to return to the Tok'ra homeworld unless they share vital information regarding Ka'an's last few missions. SG-1 have come up with a plan that could possibly save O'Neill's life. Ba'al is getting more and more impatient and O'Neill is starting to remember details about Ka'an and is afraid that he won't be able to hide it from Ba'al much longer.

Can O'Neill hold on long enough?

Shadow Play - Episode 607

Some of the leaders of Collonia (Jonas's home planet) arrive asking for help from the SGC. They claim that 2 rival groups have joined forces and are plotting to overpower them, and ask Earth to give them the military advantage to help them destroy their enemies. If Earth won't help they feel they will have no alternative but to use a naquadria bomb which they have successfully made and tested. General Hammond declines to help them with weapons but offers to share medical knowledege and instructs SG-1 to go to the planet to carry on negotiations. Before leaving, Dr Keiran (who was Jonas's mentor) approaches Jonas and asks him for help. We soon discover that Dr Keiran is part of a resistance group who wants to put a stop to the war on Collonia. SG-1 attempt to make contact with the resistance at the address given to them by Dr Keiran but the place appears to have been abandoned years ago. Meanwhile Jonas is approached by one of the leaders and asked to keep an eye on Dr Keiran because he's important to them and told if he does, he will be granted a full pardon.

What happened to the resistance? Why is Dr Keiran so important?

The Other Guys - Episode 608

Whilst baby sitting some scientists SG-1 are captured by the Goa'uld. The scientists manage to avoid capture and 2 of them decide to embark on a rescue mission by ringing on board the Goa'uld ship, whilst the other returns to Earth to inform General Hammond of the situation. Now prisoners SG-1 learn that they are to be taken to Lord Consu. However our 2 plucky scientists manage to break into the cell that's holding SG-1 so it looks like everythings fine. Unfortunately, SG-1 are actually on an undercover mission and Lord Consu is a Tok'ra who has vital information for Earth in their fight against Anubis. The scientists hide in a cargo bay while SG-1 carry out their mission and witness Jaffa soldiers killing some Tok'ra spies. When SG-1 are taken to meet Lord Consu they discover that he has been killed by his first prime who is going to present them to Anubis as a gift. They attempt an escape but are unsuccessful and are taken to a cell which is surrounded by a force field.

Can our 2 scientists rescue SG-1 before its too late?

Allegiance - Episode 609

SG-1 are on the Alpha Base to provide backup and medical help for a group of Tok'ra whose homeworld was under attack from Anubis. Tensions quickly mount when the Tok'ra learn that there are a group of rebel Jaffa warriors on the base. A Tok'ra and Jaffa have a public disagreement and later the body of the Tok'ra is found dead. Malik the commander of the base that was evacuated demands that the Jaffa is tested using the Zatarc detector. The test shows that the Jaffa is lying and he's taken to a cell, shortly after his body is also discovered dead, on examination Dr Fraiser, Carter & O'Neill come to the conclusion that he must have been facing his killer and standing directly infront of the bars of his cell. Malik claims that he must have known his killer and is now convinced that a Jaffa killed his Tok'ra friend. Tensions are at breaking point and Malik strikes a Jaffa, both sides power up their weapons and aim at the other. The situation is defused when Bray'tac discovers some footprints and after a quick head count they learn that someone else came through the gate undetected. They split up into groups of 3 and attempt to capture the intruder. Bray'tac senses something and pushes Malik out of the way and starts fighting but he's over-powered and dragged away. Malik manages to escape and tells SG-1 that the intruder is using a cloaking device which makes it invisible and he believes that Bray'tac is dead. O'Neill, Teal'c and Jacob convince everyone that they need to stick together to defeat, what they now think is a Tok'ra assasin in the service of Anubis.

Is Bray'tac alive or dead? Can SG-1 come up with a plan to make the intruder visible before it has a chance to escape through the gate?

Cure - Episode 610

SG-1 make contact with an alien culture who appear to have found a cure for any illness, they offer it SG-1 in exchange for some gate co-ordinates. When SG-1 offer a set of 10 addresses they say that they want certain co-ordinates, one's that they have found inscriptions to on the wall of a tomb on the planet. Carter recognises 3 of them as Goa'uld homeworlds. O'Neill tries to convince them that they really don't want to go there but they seem determined that those are the worlds they wish to visit. A sample of the Trutonan (cure) is taken back to the SGC by O'Neill and Carter for Dr Fraiser to analyse, meanwhile Jonas and Teal'c go to the tomb with Zena to try and translate more of the inscriptions, whilst there she attempts to warn them of something but doesn't go into details because a guard appears. Jonas and Teal'c make contact with her later that night but she acts as though nothing had happened earlier, so the next day they enter her home and whilst looking through some papers discover the location of the warehouse where the Troutonan is produced, when they go there they find a large pool of water full of goa'uld symbiotes. Jonas falls into the water along with one of the guards but Teal'c manages to get them both out, unfortunately a symbiote has invaded the body of the guard. O'Neill and Carter return to the planet and SG-1 challenge the leaders and learn that the goa'uld symbiotes are actually what makes the Trutonan work, they also discover that they have a Goa'uld Queen in statis on the planet and have had for more than 50 years. Dr Fraiser informs SG-1 that as soon as someone takes the Troutonan thier whole immune system breaks down and is replaced by the Goa'ulds, however, it has a limited time span so it must be administered regularly to keep the person alive. The cure is therefore no good for Earth but posses a real threat to the Pangarians as 20% of their population is now dependant on the drug. Carter suggests contacting the Tok'ra to help aid the injured guard who is unresponsive even though he has a goa'uld inside him. Once Malik arrives we discover the symbiote has infact got a defect which will kill him and that the Troutonan itself has been affected and just to make matters worse the Queen is dying.

Can Malik find a cure for the people before the queen dies?

Prometheus - Episode 611

A reporter approaches Carter claiming to know of the existance of "Prometheus" and shows her a metal which she has had tested and is convinced isn't from Earth. Although the reporter doesn't really know or have anything substantial it is decided that by the fact she knows the name of the project its enough to cause concern, so the SGC make a deal which allows her and a television crew access to a top security base where "Prometheus" is being built. Carter and Jonas show the reporter and her boss around whilst leaving the tv crew to set up on the bridge. Whilst in the supply room Carter notices that the computer has stopped running hyper drive simulations and tries to contact the bridge but no-one seems to be answering, so she decides to go and investigate. Meanwhile the tv crew have used a zat and disposed of the guards on the bridge and they are now on their way down to the supply room, they meet Carter in a corridor and she becomes suspicious, she manages to escape but gets trapped in a storage room. Jonas and the reporter are now hostages of the tv crew who are demanding the release of Adrian Conrad and Colonel Simmons otherwise they will de-stabilize the hyper-drive which would cause massive destruction. With a dead-line of only 3 hours Carter is trying to sever the sub-light control relay of the X303 just incase they try to go into hyper-drive and escape once their demands have been met.

Can Carter stop them?

Unnatural Selection - Episode 612

Thor has arrived and SG-1 believe it is to rescue them, but infact he's there to ask them to go on a dangerous mission. It appears that the Asgard attempted to trap the replicators in a time bubble but the plan failed, and now they want SG-1 to go in and repair the time dilation device and re-activate it before the replicators get the chance to build their forces. O'Neill confirms with the SGC that its alright to accept the mission, stressing that they really don't have a choice and they set off. When they arrive on the planet they notice that the surface they are walking on is infact replicator blocks. There is only one structure on the planet and SG-1 go inside and investigate. Whilst Carter is attempting to repair the device replicators in human form appear and instruct them to stop interferring with it or they will take action. SG-1 open fire but their weapons appear to have no effect on them (the bullets just go straight through them). More bug like replicators appear and surround SG-1, they are again instructed to dis-arm and this time they comply. One of the replicators called 1st offers to shake hands with O'Neill, initially O'Neill is reluctant but he cautiously accepts and shakes his hand. 1st squeeze's O'Neills hand hard and he drops to his knees, 1st then pushes his other hand inside the mind of O'Neill and he can instantly read his thoughts and memories including all the GDO access codes. When O'Neill wakes from his ordeal he finds that the rest of SG-1 have been subjected to the same treatment and that they are back on board the X303. Carter suggests destroying the hyper drive and O'Neill agrees, Jonas on the other hand thinks they should try to communicate. SG-1 encounter the one called 5th (who appears to have a more human approach than the others) on their way to destroy the hyper drive and he tells them that their plan will fail and offers them food and refreshments on the planet. O'Neill decides they should go to the planet to try and learn more about their enemy. They discover that they are using Nanite technology and that 5th was created to put right the errors that occured in Reese. 1st insists that SG-1 eat because food makes them stronger and will allow them to penetrate their minds again. Carter volunteers to let 5th read her mind, once inside he tells her that she is infact inside a portion of his own mind that only they can experience.

Can Carter convince 5th to help them escape and defeat this new breed of replicators before its too late?

Sight Unseen - Episode 613

SG-1 return from a mission with a device, which they believe was left by the ancients. Whilst discussing the device with Hammond, Jonas grabs O’Neills arm and points to the corner of the embarkment room claiming to see an alien bug which has the ability to go through walls. Hammond puts the base on alert and a sweep is made, but no other sightings occur. As no evidence was found the base is taken off alert and Hammond informs SG-1 that he thinks they should have some downtime. O’Neill decides to take a fishing trip and heads off, while Carter stays on the base to see if she can find out any further information on the device. Jonas decides to help her and tries to translate some of the text, he see’s another bug but again he’s the only one. Dr Fraiser examines him to check if it could be some effects from his exposure to Naquadriah, but all the results show that he's fine. Jonas asks if he could continue to translate the text but he’s told that the device has now been moved to Area 51. Meanwhile, O’Neill has pulled up outside a petrol station and whilst filling his vehicle he spots one of the bugs, draws his weapon and fires scaring Vernon (an ex vet) the attendant to death, the bug seems to disappear. O’Neill immediately phones the SGC and Hammond informs him that they are now experiencing sightings all over the base. Carter and Jonas are trying to figure out what exactly is happening, while O’Neill is co-ordinating the containment area. The government is claiming it’s a chemical leak, which causes hallucinations, but Vernon doesn’t believe that. With the device back at the SGC Jonas manages to decipher the text and believes it says that, it allows people to see bugs etc from another time frame/dimension. The device is de-activated and they hope that will solve the problem. All seems fine but quite soon, another sighting is seen in the mess hall so they decide to return the device to the planet. While on the planet another sighting occurs in the control room so Carter decides to bring the device back to Earth. Hammond voices his concern that these bugs have come back through the Stargate but Carter convinces him that they are originated from Earth and that normally we just can’t see them. Its concluded that touch transmits the ability to see these bugs so O’Neill retraces his steps to try and keep containment. When he arrives at the petrol station it appears deserted, however O’Neill notices Vernon across the road and shouts to him. A vehicle distracts his attention as swerves out of control and smashes down the sign for the petrol station. When O’Neill turns to approach Vernon again, he’s disappeared. Back at the SGC Jonas suggests that the crystals in the device may need to be placed in a certain sequence and if correctly carried out will reverse the effect and Carter agrees. After methodically doing numerous combinations Carter and Jonas think they have succeeded and decide to test the device. Jonas touches it just as a bug appears but he can’t see it. Carter touches his hand and then she can’t see it. All affected people can now be cured just one problem remains, Vernon is still on the lose and now outside of the containment area. O’Neill asks Hammond to get Carter to try and find some background info on Vernon, to help locate him.

Can SG-1 find Vernon before the effects spread too far?

Smoke & Mirrors - Episode 614

O’Neill arrives back from vacation to learn of the assination of Senator Kensey. He’s just digesting the information when Hammond arrives and informs him that he's under-arrest for the murder of Kensey. O’Neill claims his innocence and Hammond tells him that he believes him. Major Davis arrives and shows SG-1 video footage of O’Neill leaving the building, which they have established the gun was fired from around the time of the assination. He also tells them that a neighbour said they saw him dumping something in a nearby lake and when investigated further, divers found more evidence against him. Hammond instructs SG-1 they are now earth-bound, that he wants them to find the truth and that they have all the resources of the SGC at their disposal. Teal’c and Jonas go to visit O’Neill in prison and tell him of the evidence against him and he again claims his innocence. Meanwhile, Carter examines the video tape and finds it to be genuine. She informs Hammond that she believes someone may have used a mimic device (the ones used in Foothold) to impersonate O’Neill. Hammond informs her that they are kept at Area 51 so she heads off to see if any of them are missing. When she arrives she discovers that all 12 of them have been replaced by fakes. Unfortunately this new information cannot be presented as evidence, so they decide to try and set a trap. Carter goes to NID Headquarters in Washington and meets with an Agent Barrett. He seems unhelpful but passes a note across the table asking her to meet him in Stanton Park at 3.00. At their meeting he tells her that they have a cancer in the NID and that Kensey was just about to give evidence against the shadow operation, and that’s why he believes he was assinated. Meanwhile, Jonas and Teal’c have come up with a lead suspect a Dr Langham. He was one of the 3 scientists who experimented with the mimic devices until the project came to an end; apparently he died 2-3 weeks ago. Fraiser finds something suspicious in his medical records and they soon discover that his dental records have been falsified. Meanwhile, Carter and Barrett go to a warehouse known for selling illegal weapons and discover that O’Neill purchased the gun used in the assination from there. Carter asks if he looked at any other weapons and they inform them he did, she asks who else has touched the other gun since and then and subsequently buys it. She analyses the gun and finds fingerprints, none match O’Neill. She suggests that Barrett runs a check on the personnel records at the NID and see if they match anyone there. Apparently Langham had a medical condition that required specific medication so Fraiser attempts to locate his address by tracing the drugs he requires to pharmacies in the area. Jonas and Teal’c arrive at the address Fraiser found but the man doesn’t look anything like Langham. However, as they’re walking back to their vehicle Jonas remembers seeing him at the SGC when he first arrived. They force their way into the house and the man makes a run for it, he doesn’t get too far before Teal’c stops him. They discover he has a mimic device and when they remove it Langham appears. He is taken to Level 16 and put into a holding cell. Teal’c informs Hammond that he wants to do the interrogation.

Can Teal’c get Langham to reveal all? Can they find a way free O'Neill? And whose fingerprints are on the gun?

Paradise Lost - Episode 615

Maybourne approaches O’Neill asking for a presidential pardon in exchange for the address of a planet, which has a cache of advanced weaponry. He is aware of the Prometheus incident and claims that Simmons was trying to get to the planet in question when he stole the X-303. O’Neill is unwilling to make a deal so Maybourne goes to leave, throwing a piece of paper on the BBQ. O’Neill asks what it was and is told it’s the address for the planet, so he grabs it immediately and extinguishes the flames. Maybourne tells him that the address is no good without the key to the doorway, which he has in his possession. SG-1 goes the planet hoping to gain access on their own but it proves impossible and O’Neill returns to the SGC to inform Hammond that they require Maybournes help. The President agrees to give Maybourne a pardon and he turns himself in, and then gives the key to O’Neill who starts to leave the room without him. He informs them that the key was found in Egypt, wrapped in a scroll, and that he has managed to find someone to translate it for him, apparently it requires a combination to access the door but he’s not going to share the information unless he can go with O’Neill. Having no choice Hammond agrees and they set off to the planet. Once on the planet O’Neill instructs Maybourne to use the key to open the door, he pushes the key through the sequence but nothing happens. When O’Neill asks what’s wrong he’s told the combination didn’t work, Carter goes over and tries to see if she can find out why. While Carters back is turned Maybourne grabs her zat and shoots her and O’Neill with it. He activates the doorway, retrieves the key and starts to walk through, O’Neill attempts to stop him and gets transported with him. Jonas and Teal’c arrive back to find Carter semi-conscious on the ground. Meanwhile, Maybourne tells O’Neill that he can never return to the planet because they’ve been transported to some sort of alien utopia made by an advanced alien society, and that the key and the stone are the way in, but that as far as he knows there is no way out. On her return to the SGC Carter apologies to Hammond for allowing Maybourne to take her zat. Meanwhile, O’Neill and Maybourne arrive at the so-called ‘haven’ and find it is deserted and full of skeletal remains. Back on the planet Carter has a few choice words with one of the docs for attempting to leave without having found O’Neill. At the haven Maybourne tells O’Neill that he’s convinced that someone or something is on the planet and creeping around at night. He asks for a weapon so that he can defend himself and O’Neill says no. Maybourne becomes verbally aggressive with him and storms off to be on his own. O’Neill decides to hide one of the guns in the undergrowth to ensure that Maybourne can’t get it. At the SGC Carter is discussing with Hammond about how they could retrieve a Satellite to help locate O’Neill, when they are interrupted by an incoming message from the Tok’ra. Carter asks them to scan the planet for human life forms and they tell her that they already have and none are present. Two weeks later O’Neill wakes to discover that the gun he had hidden has disappeared. He starts to hear things himself and decides to go look for Maybourne. He finds a skeleton with what looks like the remains of a dead goa’uld wrapped around its neck. At the SGC Teal’c offers Carter some moral support when he finds her crying in the locker room….she tells him that she feels like she did when she lost Daniel and breaks down emotionally, unable to finish her sentence. O’Neill accidentally activates a trip wire and gets injured by the blast. A wild pig runs towards him so he fires his weapon at it, scaring it away but also hears someone moaning. He discovers that he’s shot Maybourne by accident, however Maybourne believes he did it on purpose, and that he’s trying to kill him and disappears into the trees.

Can Carter find a way to rescue O'Neill and Maybourne before things get out of hand? And what are those noise's they're both hearing?

Metamorphosis - Episode 616

The Russian Team bring back an unauthorized alien named Alaban to the SGC claiming that Nirti is experimenting on his people. He explains that he questioned Nirti’s methods and she allowed him back to his village, but when he got there it was deserted. He tells Fraiser that the machine has altered him inside. Carter and the rest of SG-1 believe that Nirti is manipulating his peoples DNA in an attempt to create an advanced human. Hammond gives the order for SG-1 to return to the planet to either capture or assainate Nirti. Before they have a chance to leave Surgi explains that Alaban believes Nirti can kill him even though he is no longer on the planet. Fraiser is immediately reminded of how Nirti attempted to destroy Earth with Cassandra and they move Alaban so that they can determine whether he has a bomb inside him or not, before they have a chance to investigate, he starts transforming and begs to be killed, his body starts convulsing and evaporates into water. Fraiser explains that every cell in his body broke down and Carter deduces that Nirti must have used some kind of time delay built into his DNA. Hammond insists that the Russian Team accompany SG-1 to the planet, once they arrive they split up. SG-1 and Surgi head to the fortress and the rest of the Russian Team guard the Stargate. Once inside the fortress they discover some badly disfigured people and inform them that they are there to rescue them. It appears that they are awaiting the return of Nirti for further treatment. SG-1 tries to tell them that Nirti isn’t helping them but they don’t believe them because she’s a god. Apparently a plague had struck their village and all the people were dying until Nirti had come along and saved them. They tell SG-1 of how successful the machine is using Alaban as an example, Jonas tells them that he is now dead and Modan who claims to be his brother gets upset so O’Neill tells them it was probably a different Alaban. Carter believes that without treatment they will die in the same manner that Alaban did. O’Neill asks when they expect Nirti to return and they inform him their next treatment is due the next day. Carter tells O’Neill that she believes the machine is the Ancients Technology and that she doesn’t think she can figure it out in such a short space of time, and they will need help from Nirti. One of the other aliens named Agar accuses O’Neill of wanting to kill Nirti out of guilt O’Neill denies it. Carter takes a look at the machine; O’Neill goes to speak to Surgi while Jonas and Teal’c go to the place where the rest of the people are hiding. Modan uses telekinetic powers to retrieve the weapons and communication devices off Teal’c and Jonas before trapping them inside a cell. Meanwhile, Carter is disturbed by the activation of the ring device and when 2 Jaffa appear she neutralizes them, but when she goes near one Nirti (who had been using the invisibility device) fires a zat at her and renders her unconscious. O’Neill returns to find Nirti holding a zat at Carter, she tells him a second shot will kill her and that, not all is as it appears. O’Neill thinks one of the Jaffa is still alive and fires his weapon, but the bullet just hangs in the air before dropping to the ground, he realizes that Modan is using powers and that he has no option but to put his weapon down, Nirti shoots him with her zat. O’Neill wakes in the cell with Carter to discover that both Teal’c and Jonas are also prisoners. Carter explains that the genetic manipulation that Nirti is doing is still unstable. Modan and Agar return with Surgi and point to Carter for her to go next. O’Neill asks them to take him and tries to explain that they are only there to help them. Agar tells them that when they first arrived he sensed they wanted to help but when he read the mind of O’Neill he discovered that he wanted to kill Nirti at any cost. Carter steps into the machine and Nirti activates it telling her she has thought about using her as her next host. Back in the cells Surgi tells them that he doesn’t know how long he was in the machine but he feels different now. Carter is brought back and Jonas is told he’s next. As Jonas steps out of the cell he attempts to over-power Agar and Teal’c tries to help, but Modan use’s his powers and regains control. When Nirti activates the machine she is pleased with the DNA structure of Jonas, apparently it is more advanced than the others. Back in the cells Teal’c informs O’Neill that all the other people believe Nirti is a god and will not help them. O’Neill believes that if they can convince Agar to read the mind of Nirti that he will help them. Surgi starts to transform and dies in the same manner as Alaban. Jonas wakes up in the lap of luxury and asks Nirti why he is there. She informs him that he is closer than the others and offers him powers so that they can rule the galaxy together. He tells her if he had powers he would free his friends and destroy her, so he is taken back to the cells. O’Neill is told he’s next. On his way to the machine he tells them, that he did want to kill Nirti, and that they would too, if they looked into her mind just once for what she’s doing to their people.

Will O’Neill convince Alaban in time to save himself and the rest of SG-1?

Disclosure - Episode 617

Ambassadors from Britain, France, Russia and China are all sat around a table in the Pentagon in response to a meeting called by Senator Kinsey. General Hammond and Major Davis arrive first and begin an introduction divulging the Stargate Program. At first the Ambassadors don’t believe what they’re being told, but it soon turns to annoyance as they realize that the US Government has got an unfair military advantage over them. Chekov the Russian representative (recently seen in Redemption) admits to having knowledge of the program and freely gives his support to the SGC, encouraging the others to do the same. Kinsey arrives and starts giving examples of how the Stargate Program has endangered Earth on many different occasions under the control of General Hammond, and how they’ve only managed to escape total destruction by the skin of their teeth. Davis and Hammond defend themselves while Kinsey continues to slander the actions of SG-1 and the SGC. The Chinese Ambassador wants to divulge the Stargate Program, not only to his fellow politicians, but to the people of China too. Kinsey jumps in and suggests that the solution to this problem is to take the control of the Stargate Program out of the hands of the military. He informs them that he knows of a Civilian organization known as the NID, who would be able to continue the program with assistance from all the countries sat around the table, which they seem to find acceptable. Hammond tries to convince them that the NID are not a reputable organization and that the Stargate Program should remain in the hands of the military. Davis finds out that Kinsey is due to take a leading role in the NID and that if they get control, in effect they will be handing it over to Kinsey.

Can Hammond and Davis convince the other Ambassadors to leave the Stargate in their capable hands?

Forsaken - Episode 618

Whilst exploring a planet SG-1 discover a crashed ship, which seems to be abandoned. On closer examination they learn that it is not of Goa’uld, Tollan or Asgard technology. Jonas recognizes the markings on the ship to be similar to ancient Celtic. Three people appear behind SG-1 and aim their weapons causing a standoff. Jonas explains that they are peaceful explorers and O’Neill continues by saying they will only attack if provoked. They lower their weapons and one of them called Corso introduces himself as the Captain, and then continues with the introductions of the rest of his crew, Reynard his 2IC, and Pender the navigator. O’Neill then introduces himself and the rest of SG-1. They claim to have been going to relieve an off-world mineral extraction team when an asteroid storm hit and caused their ship to crash land on the planet. They ask for some fuel so that they can leave and are informed by SG-1 that they don’t have any. SG-1 informs them that they arrived on the planet by using the Stargate, which seems to shock them, as they never realized it was a transportation device. Carter suggests to O’Neill that it’s worth trying to fix their ship as it will give her time to look at their technology and he agrees. Teal’c seems agitated and is constantly surveying the area around the ship, whilst Carter goes inside to see the damage. Weapons fire from the bushes and SG-1 and the crew are attacked, O’Neill manages to injure one of the aliens in the leg but Pender continues to fire. Corso activates some sort of sonic device within the ship, which causes the other alien to retreat. Corso apologizes for not warning them of the aliens claiming that they had been left alone for some days and thought that they were free of them. Apparently they killed 5 other crewmembers who had survived the crash initially, he also says that he now assumes that they are coming through the Stargate. O’Neill suggests that they all return to Earth as Reynard was injured during the attack but Corso doesn’t want to leave his ship. Carter and Jonas return to Earth with Reynard, they soon establish that their home world has no Stargate but are astonished at how more technologically advanced they are than Earth. Carter explains that they are using liquid nitrogen to fuel their ion propulsion system. Hammond asks her for an evaluation of them and she informs him that she is cautiously optimistic. He then asks if it’s possible to repair their ship and she tells him that it is, so she returns to the planet along with SG-15 for backup. Reynard explains to Jonas that Corso and Pender are her family and asks him to explain how the Stargate works. Back on the planet Carter takes a look inside the ship and determines that the first step is to re-boot the computer system, so she attempts to merge power sources in the engine room. The alien who escaped comes to the dead body of his friend and O’Neill tells him not to move, but before he has a chance to ask him anything Pender opens fire and the alien flees into the bushes, so they go in pursuit. Back inside the ship Corso asks Carter what one of her weapons is as it appears different from the others, she explains it’s a zat and then continues to tell him how it works. Pender splits up from SG-1 in their search for the alien but says that he will keep in radio contact. Back on Earth Hammond informs Jonas that someone attempted to access a remote computer terminal in the infirmary and he’s going to question Reynard, Jonas tells him that he has another idea. Back on the planet Teal’c and O’Neill find a camp, which has items from the ship, whilst looking around Pender radios them to inform them that he has the alien trapped. When they converge O’Neill stops Pender firing, telling him he wants to take the alien alive and Teal’c finds some blood. On the ship Carter discovers a dislodged connection and re-connects it. Back on Earth Reynard goes with Jonas to his office where he has artifacts scattered on his desk, he removes them explaining that the gou’ald have many items throughout the galaxy, he receives a call and has to leave her alone. Carter re-boots the computer and discovers that the crew are not who they appear to be, she goes to radio O’Neill and discovers her radio missing. Teal’c and the alien lock weapons on each other, the alien asks for them not to kill him and O’Neill tells him that he’s aiming a weapon at his friend, so the alien lowers his weapon and goes on to claim he's the Captain of the ship. Meanwhile Corso returns to the ship and Carter restrains him, he tells her that the ship was a prison transport and that the prisoners had gained control and escaped. He tells her that the aliens are really the prisoners and that he’s ashamed of himself, because it’s his fault that it happened and that’s why he lied. Meanwhile, the alien tells O’Neill that he had to take the prisoners out of transport stasis as the ship had insufficient power to keep them alive and while he and his 2IC were away they slaughtered the remaining members of his crew, after which Corso and the others have hunted them like wild animals.

Who is telling the truth?

Changeling - Episode 619

Whilst attempting kel’nor’eem, Teal’c experiences what seems to be a dream. In the dream he is about to be operated on by Apophis, he wakes up abruptly but still appears to be within the dream, he’s now with Jonas and they are discussing the fact that he’s about to do something life altering for his stepfather. He wakes from kel’nor’eem back at the SGC and feels his stomach, as if to reassure himself that he is back in reality, the dream appeared so real to him. He goes to the commissary, meets up with Carter and tells her that he is having trouble-achieving kel’nor’eem. He takes a drink and suddenly appears to be back in his dream again. In the dream he’s human and is about to donate a kidney to his stepfather. All the remaining members of SG-1 are there and are part of the fire unit he’s assigned to. The fire alarms go off and they set off for a rescue. When they arrive they discover its a car accident, the first victim when turned over looks just like Apophis, there is also a man trapped inside a car and Teal’c thinks its Bray his stepfather (who looks just like Braytac), he attempts to rescue him even though he has been ordered to retreat because its too dangerous. He tries to get him out of the car, but it explodes, when he wakes up he’s back at the SGC under the scrutiny of Dr Fraiser. Carter tells him that he fainted and Teal’c says he never. Carter asks if it’s a result of not being able to achieve kel’nor’eem, Fraiser says she doesn’t believe it would affect him like that and Teal’c confirms that she’s correct. He’s told to lie back, close his eyes and try and get some rest. When he wakes up he’s back in his dream again with O’Neill telling him how lucky he was, he wants to know if Bray is alright and O’Neill tells him he’s 2 floors up awaiting his new kidney. Teal’cs wife (who looks just like Shey’nac) is concerned for his sanity and is discussing it with O’Neill; he agrees to ask a resident psychologist to have a word with Teal’c. Bray tells Teal’c he thinks something is wrong because he wasn’t injured in the car explosion, which starts to make Teal’c wonder. Suddenly he’s back at the SGC with O’Neill and Fraiser where he’s told that he has been sleeping, he tells them that his mind was still awake. O’Neill explains that he was just dreaming and Teal’c tells them that during kel’nor’eem he is in complete control of his thoughts, but lately he hasn’t been in control at all. Fraiser explains that it isn’t uncommon after a human first wakes to feel disorientated, but seems shocked that its affecting Teal’c. O’Neill asks can Teal’c return to duty and Fraiser says he can once she has done a routine examination, she pulls the curtain round his bed. The curtain is pulled back and Daniel Jackson is standing in front of Teal’c drawing him to the conclusion he’s back in his dream again. Daniel claims to the resident psychologist and that he’d heard that Teal’c might want to talk. Teal’c seems to remember him from somewhere but Daniel denies ever meeting him before saying that maybe they’d met in another life. They go for a walk and Daniel tells him that he thinks, because he’s giving up a part of himself out of love that maybe he’s afraid; Teal’c says he’s not. Daniel says that he can stop the operation and even though Teal'c may be up to it physically, mentally he’s not ready, he gives examples of his recent nightmares and the full blown hallucination. Daniel also says that Teal’c life’s is just as important as Bray’s and that he has to decide what giving up the kidney will do to him. Teal’c says that he wants to save Bray and Daniel tells him he wants to help. Daniel leaves and Teal’c walks back towards the hospital but suddenly finds himself back at the SGC in the embarkment room with SG1 waiting for him. They go up the ramp and O’Neill asks what’s wrong, Teal’c says nothing. He walks through the gate and is back in the dream again this time with Apophis telling him he’s afraid to die, he hears a voice, turns and he’s back at the hospital. Teal’c makes a run for a doorway but senses someone, he turns and its Apophis telling him he cannot escape his fate. He opens the door and is back at the SGC with O’Neill waiting on the ramp just like before, only this time he says to O’Neill that something is wrong. The gate is shut down and Teal’c goes hysterical claiming that his symbiote is gone, he drops to the floor asking for help.

What’s happening to Teal’c?

Momento - Episode 620

SG-1 are onboard the Prometheus assisting Colonel Ronsen and his crew during battle simulations, when suddenly it drops out of hyperspace. When O’Neill and Ronsen arrive on the bridge they are informed that they were supposed to be in hyperspace for a further 90mins and that they are 40.62 light years away from their target zone. Carter tells them that something must have caused the hyper-drive to shut down automatically, Jonas tells them that the only way that would happen was if the computer detected instability in the naquadriah powering the engines. A computer diagnostic confirms this by showing a massive power surge in the hyper-drive, which caused the fail-safes to kick in and shut it down. They attempt re-start procedures but are unsuccessful. O’Neill moans at Carter because she promised it would work and she says that it did. The hyper-drive was fitted with a buffer surge protector designed to modulate extreme fluctuations of the energy from the naquadriah and that it shouldn’t be happening. Teal’c points out that it is and Carter says that something must have damaged the buffer. She then asks Ronsen for permission to take a look and Jonas asks if he can go too, Ronsen agrees and asks that they take Major Gant with them and report back any findings ASAP. They discover that the buffer has been overloaded and that it’s more or less fried. Jonas discovers that they had encountered intense gravity waves from a collapsing star whilst in hyperspace and believes that’s what caused the problem. Carter confirms that it would have been too much for the buffer to handle. Gant explains that the hyper-drive engine is intact and that they still have naquadriah. Carter tells her that they have no way of regulating it, no way of calculating the distance traveled and because the naquadriah is an inherent instability, if they attempted to use hyper-drive they could end up anywhere. O’Neill is convinced that Thor isn’t going to come to their rescue and asks Carter what their options are, Carter tells him that its not looking good. She goes on to tell him that even if they could write a sub-routine into the computer to bypass the buffer they are still risking the reactor going critical. Ronsen tells her to cannibalize whatever systems necessary to get them home, she tells him that with the resources available it’s impossible. Jonas offers a possible solution, on the cartouche he has located a planet .3 light years from their current location that may have a Stargate, which they could use to gate home and bring back supplies to repair the ship. Using sub-light engines it would take 4 months to reach the Planet so Carter suggests using the hyper-drive, O’Neill says he thought they couldn’t do that and she explains that due to the short distance its less likely to cause instability, Ronsen decides to take the chance and they head for the planet. Out of hyper-drive and orbiting the planet the computer senses a build up in the naquadriah cells, Ronsen tells Gant to shut down power to the reactor but the controls aren’t responding and the reactors continuing uncontrolled. Carter surmises that a power surge has over-loaded the reactor control system and stresses that without the buffer there is no way to stop the build up. With only minutes before the reactor goes critical Ronsen orders it to be jettison from the ship. Jonas warns them that if he’s wrong and the planet doesn’t have a Stargate they could be stranded, but they have no choice and the reactor is jettisoned. With shields and sub-light engines on-line they endeavor to get as much distance as possible between them and the reactor before it explodes. The reactor explodes above the planet and Prometheus is damaged with more or less all systems down. Ship sensors alert them to missiles being fired from the planets surface. Jonas reminds Ronsen that they only attacked after the explosion over their planet and that they could have perceived it as an attack. Carter agrees and suggests that the EM pulse that affected the ships systems could also have affected the planets. O’Neill attempts to make contact with the planet but they’re not responding. The missiles are only 17000 metres from Prometheus when they explode. They receive a transmission from the surface telling them the co-ordinates for them to land. When they arrive on the planet they are greeted by Calfus, their security leader who seems extremely hostile and untrusting. He demands that SG-1 disarm and as a gesture of trust they comply. They have a meeting with Chairman Ashman who seems more welcoming and explains that the EM pulse affected their planet. SG-1 apologize and go on to ask about the Stargate, at first they are confused but after Jonas shows them a picture they inform them that they call it ‘Ring Of The Gods’ and that it is a myth. Ashman explains that no evidence exists to prove the Stargate is real and Carter asks for access to their historical data. Calfus becomes irritated by the request and tells them they must return to their ship immediately once the meeting has ended, however, Ashman agrees to send the historical data to the ship, which seems to infuriate Calfus further. Ashman wants to help SG-1 and believes that finding the Stargate could be a great benefit to his people but Calfus believes that SG-1 are there to gather information so that they can invade the planet. On board Prometheus they discover that the historical data sent by Ashman doesn’t go back any further than 300 years and as a result they can’t find any trace of where the Stargate could be located, so Jonas and Teal’c go to the planet.

Can SG-1 convince Calfus that their intentions are honourable? And can they locate the Stargate considering they have absolutely no idea where to start looking?

Prophecy - Episode 621

Jonas has a dizzy spell while on a mission, so when he returns Fraiser does an MRI and finds an area of unusual brain activity, but has no explanation for it. During de-briefing Carter explains that according to Tok’ra intel Ba’al abandoned the planet over 100 years ago and that he longer extracts naquadah from there and that it’s going to Lord Mott instead. Jonas tells them that according to mythology that Mott is the god of death who was defeated by Ba’al and forced to live in the underworld. O’Neill suggests that Mott no longer wishes to serve him and Teal’c says that if Mott is stock piling naquadah without Ba’als knowledge he may be intending to turn against him. Carter tells them if the system lords feel the planet is worthless they will have no fear of attack from them, which could help them free the people. Hammond asks if the people wanted help and O’Neill says not exactly, Carter goes on to explain that she believes they were too afraid to ask directly but that they’d hinted they no longer believed the goa’ulds were gods. During the briefing Jonas seems to phase out momentarily and experiences a vision. Carter tells Hammond that its 12 days before Mott is expected to return to the planet and the briefing comes to an end. Jonas goes to his office and notices the notebook he saw in his vision and then Carter enters asking him to go to lunch. He tells Carter he knew she was going to say that and goes on to tell her of his earlier vision, she tells him he’s just experiencing deja’vu. Jonas then tells her that he had a similar experience on the planet where he had a vision and then within minutes it happened just before he passed out. Fraiser does another MRI and finds a spot, which may be a tumor, she suggests taking him off active duty and Hammond agrees. SG-1 and Jonas are discussing his visions when Jonas seems to phase out, O’Neill interrupts his thoughts and he tells them that the Tok’ra are coming. Just then the klaxons sound informing them of an off-world activation. SG-1 go to the briefing room and find Hammond with a Tok’ra and when introduced she has the same name that Jonas had predicted which stuns SG-1. They sit down and discuss how Ba’al recently suffered a military defeat at the hands of Yu and how disappointed Anubis is with him. Teal’c points out that Ba’al is in a vulnerable position and that it’s a good opportunity for Mott to move against him. Carter thinks that if Mott moves up to the rank of system lord that he won’t need to keep his operation a secret anymore. The briefing comes to an end and Jonas goes to his office. Carter goes to see Jonas about the identity of the Tok’ra knowing that none of SG-1 had ever met her before, he explains that he had a vision of her and Hammond in the briefing room and within minutes it happened. Jonas tells her he suspects his visions may have something to do with the experiments that Nurti subjected him to. Meanwhile, Fraiser explains to Hammond that the tumor isn’t made out of cancerous cells but it’s grown over 50% since the last test and recommends removing it before the inter-cranial pressure kills Jonas. Later in the briefing room Fraiser explains to Jonas and SG-1 the risks but Jonas isn’t convinced that surgery is the best course of action. Carter tells them their suspicions and Fraiser stresses whether they’re right or wrong without swift action Jonas could die. SG-1 and SG-15 with the exception of Jonas are getting ready to return to the planet for a tactical assessment. Whilst in the infirmary getting checked by Fraiser Jonas experiences another vision where he see’s Carter being wheeled on a gurney due to a medical emergency. As soon as he snaps out of it he runs to the embarkment room and stops SG-1 leaving, then tells Hammond about his vision. Carter tells him they can’t second guess every action they take and Hammond agrees but until they better understand Jonas’ visions wants to side on the air of caution. O’Neill asks if anyone else was injured and suggests that Carter sits this particular mission out as a precaution. On the planet O’Neill meets with one of the villagers and tries to establish if they want their help or not. Back at the SGC Jonas hears an emergency announcement and discovers that Carter has been injured and is being wheeled on a gurney due to a medical emergency. Later he visits her and apologizes because he feels if he hadn’t intervened, she would have gone on the mission and been uninjured. She tells him its not his fault and that no-one can predict the future, he goes on to say that he mis-interpreted the vision and that he won’t let it happen again. Back on the planet O’Neill and Teal’c are looking over the ground plans when another villager enters the tent announcing the arrival of Mott, he then uses a goa’uld device, which renders SG-1 unconscious. Mott informs O’Neill that he’s going to destroy the SGC using the iris codes obtained from them and that when he does Anubis will congratulate him. Jonas wakes up in the infirmary to be told he had a seizure, he almost instantly experiences another vision where he see’s the SGC receiving a signal from SG-15, and when they open the iris they’re attacked by the Jaffa who wipe out the base. Carter suggests warning SG-1 but Jonas is reluctant after his last experience and says he needs more time to better understand the vision. Back on the planet one of the villagers drugs the guards allowing SG-1 to escape, she also gives them a GDO. At the SGC Jonas attempts to re-enter his vision by meditating, he is successful and see’s SG-1 and SG-15 dialing out from the planet but they’re attacked and over-powered by the Jaffa. On his way to surgery Jonas warns Carter of the ambush.

Can Carter get a message to O’Neill before its too late for them and the SGC?

Full Circle - Episode 622

On Abydos Skaara and some others are preparing for an attack from Anubis. At the SGC O’Neill steps into an elevator which seems to stop abruptly. O’Neill attempts to use the phone to alert someone of his situation when he hears Daniel. Daniel tells him that Abydos is in trouble and needs his help. Apparently Anubis is seeking the Eye Of Ra, Daniel is fairly certain that its located in a lost chamber in Ra’s pyramid on Abydos. He goes on to explain that according to legend there are 6 eyes each powerful in their own right but when joined together increase by 10 fold. Anubis already has 5 in his possession and only needs Ra’s to complete the set, he has searched all of Ra’s hang outs and is now on his way to Abydos. Daniel stresses to O’Neill that he needs to find it, then hide or destroy it, anything just as long as Anubis doesn’t get it. O’Neill doesn’t understand why Daniel would require his help considering he’s an ascended being, Daniel explains that he can’t do anything and that if he tried Oma would stop him. O’Neill tells Hammond and SG-1 about Abydos and Hammond asks where he got his intel from. O’Neill informs them Daniel told him and is shocked when asked if he said anything more, because he believed they would think he was nutz, Teal’c then admits to seeing Daniel recently. Jonas asks if Daniel said where the eye was located and O’Neill tells him no. SG-1 goes to Abydos and are greeted by Skaara. Teal’c sets up a perimeter and O’Neill asks Skaara if he has any idea where the eye might be. Skaara takes them into the catacombs of the pyramid where on the walls the eye is mentioned many times. Anubis arrives in his ship above the planet and launches an attack. O’Neill asks Jonas if he’s found anything and he says not. Teal’c radios O’Neill informing him that ground forces have landed and that he won’t be able to hold them off for long. O’Neill turns to Jonas and pushes for a solution but he can’t provide one; he goes on to say that maybe with the help of Daniel he could. O’Neill then starts shouting into the room “we’re only here because of you” and suddenly Daniel appears. O’Neill tells Daniel to do something or they’ll walk and Daniel reminds O’Neill of the fine line he’s treading only to be told to cross it, Daniel then approaches one of the walls of the catacombs. Teal’c radios O’Neill this time informing him that he can’t hold position, so O’Neill tells him to fall back to the pyramid. O’Neill and Skaara go to help Teal’c leaving the others to locate the eye. Jonas finds an inscription about a secret trigger for a door, he uses his flashlight and aims it at the jeweled eyed on the wall but nothing happens. O’Neill radios Carter and tells her to work faster as the attack grows more hostile. Daniel notices that the rays of the sun on the fresco are red and calls to Carter. She aims the infra-red beam of her P90 at the eye and the wall moves revealing a hidden chamber, they enter and find various artifacts. Meanwhile a staff weapon injures Skaara and O’Neill goes to aid him. Daniel discovers a tablet which reveals the history of the ascended (Oma’s race), revealing that they are the ancients. Daniel tells them he has to go, but they must make sure that they don’t lose the tablet because its more valuable than anything. Carter suggests to Jonas there could be a secret compartment so he starts tapping the walls, he soon discovers the location of the eye and Carter uses her P90 to blast a hole in the wall. Jonas retrieves the eye and the tablet, and they leave the room to re-join the rest of SG-1. However on the way back to the gate room they meet O’Neill and the others who inform them they couldn’t hold the Jaffa off any longer. O’Neill asks for the eye and promptly places some C4 round it. The Jaffa enter the catacombs and tell SG-1 that if they don’t surrender they will die, O’Neill tells them if they don’t give him clear access to the gate he’ll blow the eye up. O’Neill is told if he doesn’t give up the eye all of Abydos will be destroyed and O’Neill says go ahead he’s not giving the eye up. Jonas is shocked by O’Neill’s apparent uncaring and O’Neill says that Anubis is only bluffing. Skaara appears to be getting worse and Teal’c tells them that in his delirious state he talks of a bright light and releasing something, he then appears to die and ascend. Daniel challenges Anubis saying that he won’t allow him to harm the people of Abydos and is told, his words mean nothing. Goa’uld ships appear and Daniel tells Anubis that he informed the system lords of his intentions. Yu sends a transmission demanding the eye of Ra or face destruction. Daniel tells Anubis that he won’t survive the battle and that he’ll give him the Eye Of Ra as long as he promises that the people of Abydos and SG-1 will be unharmed, Anubis agrees. Back in the catacombs Daniel explains to SG-1 how much Anubis wants the eye and O’Neill thanks him for helping Skaara ascend. Daniel admits he never helped Skaara and quickly realizes that Oma is on the planet watching his actions, he goes on to explain that Anubis is one of the ascended who they’d sent back but didn’t manage to do it properly, and now he’s stuck between human form and an ascended being. He tells O’Neill that he made a deal with Anubis for the safety of the Abydonians and SG-1 and asks for the eye, O’Neill is astounded by Daniel’s actions. Daniel explains that he believes the goa’uld will destroy each other over the eye and even if they don’t while they’re licking their wounds SG-1 can find the Lost City Of The Ancients, which has a cache of powerful ancient weapons. O’Neill asks if Daniel knows where the city is located and he’s told no, but that he’ll help them all he can. He goes on to explain how important it is to get to the city before Anubis does and tells O’Neill that nothing will happen to either SG-1 or the people of Abydos. O’Neill trusts Daniel and relinquishes the eye to the Jaffa.

Will Anubis keep up his end of the deal and allow SG-1 and the people of Abydos to go unharmed?

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