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Season Seven

Fallen - Episode 701

Some villagers discover the naked body of Daniel Jackson amongst the ruins on their planet. At the SGC, Jonas uncovers a vital piece of information about the Lost City and rushes to tell Carter his discovery. He believes that its not the lost city, but instead, is the city of the lost. Carter asks if he has a gate address and he tells her he hasn’t. He then reminds her that 4 years ago O’Neill had the repository of the ancients downloaded into his brain, and that he’d entered new gate addresses into the computers. He suggests that maybe the addresses were input in some sort of order, and that the city was probably still under construction when the data was entered. Carter surmises that the last address could possibly be what they’re looking for, so Hammond gives the order to send a probe. SG-1 visits the planet and finds a village. It appears that the people didn’t originate on the planet, but have been there for a long time. Back at the temporary base by the Stargate, Daniel appears, stunning the members of the SG3 & 5 who were left guarding the gate. O’Neill and the leader of the villagers exchange stories; they’re interrupted by the arrival of Daniel. One of the villagers tells them how they’d found him in the forest two moons ago. Carter approaches Daniel and he brushes her aside. Teal’c asks if he recognizes them and he says, “I’m sorry” and walks past them all to join the villagers. Later O’Neill goes into Daniels tent and introduces himself, he starts explaining how they know each other, tells him that he’s a friend of his, and how he helped them fight Anubis. After leaving the tent O’Neill meets up with Carter who tells him that Teal’c and Jonas are with SG3 & 5 doing a prelimarly sweep. O’Neill tells Carter that talking to Daniel was like talking to a wall, and she reminds him that they’ve already encountered someone who’s descended, and chose to take human form. O’Neill asks her if she thinks he chose to forget everything, and she suggests that maybe the part about the memory isn’t voluntary, or maybe that its punishment for helping them fight Anubis. She suggests that while the others are searching the planet they try and help Daniel get his memory back. Carter goes to Daniel’s tent and tells him that she can’t understand why he doesn’t want to know who he is, he tells her he does, and he doesn’t. He goes on to explain all his fears that are making him wary, such as, what if he doesn’t like who he was, what if he didn’t want be that person. Carter tells him how they thought they’d lost him, how hard that had been on everyone and goes on to describe Daniel as a man that he feels, sounds hard to live up to. She asks him to go back to Earth so that they can show him who he is, instead of just telling him, he responds by telling her, he’ll think about it. Jonas and Teal’c arrive back at the village after sending up a UAV and Teal’c asks about Daniel. Daniel announces at that point that he’s going home, re-unites with SG-1 and goes back to the SGC. Fraiser examines Daniel and confirms that he’s in perfect health, so O’Neill takes him to one of the rooms on the base, where some of his personal effects have been unpacked. Daniel notices a picture of a woman on the side and asks who she is, O’Neill says, “You tell me” and walks out the room. Later that night Daniel wakes and goes to see Teal’c. He tells him how he remembers Sha’uri and how much he loves her, and then asks where she is; by Teal’cs reaction he realizes she’s dead. Frustrated, Daniel asks Teal’c why Oma would give him his life back, but not his memory. Teal’c suggests that perhaps she had to erase his memory, but as his friend and mentor she did it in a way that would allow its return. Whilst SG-1 is de-briefing Daniel turns up and apologizes for being late. Hammond tells him the briefing is classified and Daniel explains that he feels he should be there, and Hammond agrees. He tells them that Jonas has translated a word wrong on the tablet, and it’s not the lost city at all. When challenged as to how he knows that, he tells them that he can’t explain how, he just knows. He tells them that he looked at the writing and it all made sense. He claims that the ancients made the city lost to other people who might try to find it, that they camouflaged it in some way and removed all reference to it from the written history. O’Neill moans at Daniel because they relinquished the eye of Ra to Anubis, and now they have no idea where how to find the lost city. Jonas comes up with a plan to make a replica tablet with altered details on it, to lure Anubis into a trap. Teal’c goes to Lord Yu and asks for his help in their attempt to defeat Anubis, and he agrees. The rest of SG-1 discusses using the F302 in an attempt to destroy Anubis’ new weapon. According to Tok’ra intel the power core of the new weapon must be cooled by the ventilation shaft on the exterior of the ship. Carter believes if that can be targeted and destroyed, just as the weapon is powering up, the crystals will over-heat and be destroyed. Unfortunately the Tok’ra were unable to get an exact location of the shaft so its necessary for Daniel and Jonas to sneak aboard the ship to access the relevant computer file. The Tok’ra have made an isotope that will allow them to move freely around the ship for 8 hours, without the ships sensors detecting them. The missions a go and SG-1 embark on their respective tasks.

Can Daniel and Jonas find the information they need so that O’Neill and Carter can destroy the weapon? Will Lord Yu keep his end of the deal?

Home Coming - Episode 702

O’Neill and Carter arrive back at the SGC and inform Hammond that the mission was a success, but unfortunately, before Daniel and Jonas had a chance to escape Anubis put his ship into hyperspace. Hammond asks if they have any idea where it went and they tell him they don’t. Meanwhile, on the ship Jonas is brought before Anubis. Anubis informs him that due to the mind probe he used (the same one they used on Thor) he now knows that Daniel is aboard the ship, but so far he has eluded capture. Anubis gloats as Jonas learns that he’s traveled to his home world in search of Naquadriah. Back at the SGC they have an unscheduled off world activation, its a message from a Kelownan Ambassador asking for assistance. Hammond informs them that they won’t help with the internal affairs of their planet, only to discover that they are under attack from Anubis. Meanwhile, Teal’c is told that Lord Yu is unwell and constantly using the sarcophagus to keep alive. Back on Kelowna, O’Neill and Carter learn that the Jaffa has taken control of the capitol building and more key positions on the planet. Carter asks where they are and believes that the communicators should work, so O’Neill attempts to make contact with Daniel. O’Neill tells Daniel that the ship is hovering over Kelowna and asks if he’s in any immediate danger. Daniel tells O’Neill that he’s found Jonas on the ships computer but he’s got a couple of problems (1) he doesn’t know how to turn off the force field surrounding the cell (2) he’s a little lost and its only 3 hours before the Tok’ras isotope wears off, and he’ll be visible to the ships sensors. On Lord Yu’s ship Teal’c presents an offer to Ba’al to rid himself of Anubis forever. On the planet O’Neill and Carter are told that all of the Naquadriah that was on Kelowna is now in the possession of Anubis. Now that Ba’al has agreed to take command of the attack against Anubis, Teal’c is on his way back to Earth. On Kelowna they are informed that Anubis is now rounding up all the archeologists on the planet, its deduced that he’s trying to find the Stargate. The gate had been moved to a top-secret bunker after some air strikes during the war on Kelowna. Carter offers help in fighting Anubis as long as they have the co-operation of all the other major powers on their world. Meanwhile Daniel finds a storage room about 20 feet away from Jonas’ current position and talks to him via one of the vents in the wall. Back at the bunker on the planet Teal’c arrives. He tells the leaders that he has made an agreement with Ba’al and that if they give him the planets location he has agreed to bring a fleet to destroy Anubis. The leaders are reluctant and squabble amongst themselves. Carter stresses that when Anubis starts looking for more Naquadriah he isn’t going to respect any borders, and O’Neill tells them he won’t approve any plan unless they’re all in agreement. Believing that he has overcome the instability of the Naquadriah, Anubis commands that the weapon be tested on the planet. The weapon is charged but it overloads the generator, Anubis orders to abort the test, but it’s not possible and there’s an explosion on the ship. The explosion seems to interfere with the stability of the force field on Jonas’ cell and he manages to run through it. O’Neill returns to the SGC and tells Hammond that the Kelownan’s want reinforcements and more weapons. Hammond tells him that’s not possible so he requests units 15 & 11 go back to the planet with him as technical advisors, and Hammond agrees. On Kelowna they receive a report that Anubis is ransacking the Museum Of Antiquities. Carter asks what was exhibited in the museum prior to it being packed up and put into storage. Apparently it held trinkets, pottery etc. Carter asks if it held any tablets, she’s informed that it did, but it was classified and top-secret (not even Jonas knew about them), she asks for a list of what was there. O’Neill returns with only 8 men which doesn’t impress the commander on Kelowna at all. Carter discovers a crystal on the list and tells O’Neill that she feels that the information on the crystal could be instructions on how to stabilize the Naquadriah. Carter and Teal’c head off to find it. Meanwhile, Daniel and Jonas find a ring platform and decide to use it to ring to the planet. Teal’c finds the crystal and hands it to Carter just as some Jaffa arrive and surround them. They relinquish their weapons and surrender just as the ring platform springs into action, bringing Daniel and Jonas on the scene; they immediately arm their weapons and take out the entire Jaffa in the room. They return to the bunker and Carter goes to give the crystal to O’Neill, however, the commander insists on having it himself. Before they can do anything SG-1 is quickly surrounded by Jaffa, and learn that the commander has made a separate arrangement with Anubis. After relinquishing their weapons, O’Neill tells the commander he’s an idiot! He tells O’Neill that Anubis has agreed to leave Kelownan territory in exchange for the crystal. Jonas makes a plea to the leaders of his planet to see sense about how Anubis is using and manipulating them, but he’s struck and knocked to the ground. Her’ac (now with the crystal in his possession) shoots the commander with a staff weapon and tells SG-1 that they everyone in the bunker will be publicly executed.

Can SG-1 retrieve the crystal and save themselves, and the rest of the planet before its too late?

Fragile Balance - Episode 703

Carter exits an elevator and asks Hammond what’s going on, he explains that at 09.20 someone tried to enter the base and hands her a plastic wallet, on inspection she realizes its O’Neills security ID. Hammond goes on to explain that once the person was apprehended he insisted on talking to her. On entering the holding cell Carter comes face to face with a young man who claims to be Colonel Jack O’Neill. Hammond explains that they’ve tried to contact O’Neill but so far have been unsuccessful. Carter asks the young man if he knows how much trouble he’s in by impersonating a military officer and he insists, that he is Jack O’Neill. Carter then asks him where he got O’Neills ID from, and he tells her he didn’t get it from anywhere, its his, and that the previous night he ate some dinner, had a beer, went to bed, and woke up as they see him now. Daniel arrives and is stunned that this young man is the security breach. The young man immediately recognizes Daniel and asks him to tell them who he is. A confused Daniel asks the young man who he is, and Hammond explains, that he’s claiming to be O’Neill. Daniel asks if that’s a joke and Carter smirks. The young man shouts at Daniel in frustration using the same tone and mannerisms as O’Neill, then goes on to give examples of instances that only O’Neill would know, hoping that it’ll convince them who he is. Teal’c arrives and approaches the young man during his speech, then turns and asks, “How does a child possess such knowledge?” Carter and Daniel look to each other unable to answer him, and the young man says “Because its me!” As they leave the cell Hammond asks if any of SG-1 care to speculate how a boy could be aware of their most classified information. Carter says at this point, it could be O’Neill and Daniel confirms that there is a physical resemblance. Hammond isn’t convinced because he thinks the young man can’t be more than 15 years old, and asks if they think that O’Neill has regressed more than 30 years overnight. Daniel says that stranger things have happened and Teal’c asks him to name one, Daniel reels off 3 and Hammond stops him in mid sentence, so that they can move onto the testing stage of the exercise. During a briefing Fraiser explains that within an acceptable margin of error the initial tests show the young mans DNA is virtually identical to O’Neill’s. Carter asks what margin of error there is, and Fraiser says very small and that in a court of law he would be regarded as O’Neill. She also tells them there is a tiny abnormality in his DNA. Because it’s out of Fraiser league, there are some specialists flying in and Hammond tells them for now, the best they can do, is make him as comfortable as possible. SG-1 go to O’Neill’s home to see if they can find anything, which may give them some clues as to what happened. While Teal’c is looking at a picture, young O’Neill approaches him and has a vision of some green lights and a face of an Asgard. Teal’c asks him if he’s ok and he tells them that, he either had a really bad dream, or the Asgard may have paid him a visit the previous night. Back at the SGC Daniel tells Hammond that young O’Neill’s description sounds familiar to some UFO abduction case files he’s read. Carter goes on to say that Thor has told them that the Asgard have kept an eye on the human development on Earth previously. Hammond doesn’t understand why they would interfere now as the SGC has made an alliance with the Asgard, and she asks what they could possibly gain from having a younger version of O’Neill, nobody has any idea why. Daniel asks if he can further investigate any previous abduction’s to find a possible connection and Hammond agrees. Hammond instructs Carter to do the F302 briefing and young O’Neill stresses his disapproval because he was originally scheduled to do it. Hammond explains that he feels its best for Carter to take his place in his current situation. Teal’c and Daniel compile a list of previous abductions and set off to find out what they can. Meanwhile, Carter starts the briefing on the F302 only to be interrupted by some chaos caused by young O’Neill outside of the room. She opens the door and tells the airmen to release him and he enters the room. Initially laughed at due to his age, he quickly takes control of the situation and continues with the briefing. Daniel confirms that young O’Neill’s description of events is consistent with that of the other previously taken, except that he’s the only one who had been altered physically. Carter informs Hammond that they’ve attempted to make contact with the Asgard, just as Fraiser arrives and tells them they better arrive soon. Carter goes to see young O’Neill and tells him the test results show that his genetic structure is growing unstable, and that he’s dying. Jacob arrives and tells young O’Neill that the only way they can think to save him is to put him into stasis, young O’Neill stresses his reluctance and asks for 5 minutes to think it over, Hammond gives him 10. Daniel and Carter arrive at young O’Neill’s room to discover him missing, a sweep of the base is made, but he isn’t found. Meanwhile, outside a liquor store young O’Neill tries to talk an old friend into buying him some beer by claiming he’s Jack O’Neill’s nephew. Back at the SGC, Selmac has discovered that the young man isn’t O’Neill but is infact, a clone. Due to the recent discovery SG-1 now believe that the Asgard have previously replaced the originals with duplicates, and then over time switched them back. They surmise that because O’Neills clone didn’t fully mature it’s a mistake and that the Asgard responsible will want to switch them back to rectify it. They tell Hammond that they want to apprehend the Asgard responsible for doing this, and so need to track down the duplicate O’Neill. Just then Hammond receives a call from a Lieutenant Beck regarding O’Neill. After the tip off SG-1 find duplicate O’Neill near a riverbed and tell him he’s clone, he asks where the original is and Carter tells him that they intend to find out, but need his help. Daniel calculates that there’s a 7 day gap and predicts that the switch will take place that night. Young O’Neill tells them that the only way they can catch the Asgard responsible is with him and asks for a weapon; Hammond agrees he can have a zat. While lying on his bed talking on the radio to SG-1 young O’Neill is switched with the original. Carter notices the flash of the Asgard beam through the window and SG-1 go inside to discover O’Neill sleeping in his bed. Meanwhile an Asgard approaches young O’Neill so he takes out his zat and fires it at him, then he uses it to free himself. He restrains the Asgard and attempts to operate the console. Back on Earth, O’Neill is telling them that he was having a weird dream, when a beam of light surrounds them and they’re transported to the Asgard ship. O’Neill asks Carter what’s going on and she introduces him to himself, he looks at his clone and repeats the question. SG-1 and young O’Neill explain what happened. The Asgard awakens and they approach him, Daniel asks who he is and discover that he’s Loki, the god of mischief. O’Neill learns that his clone is dying and Carter asks Loki what he wanted with O’Neill. He explains that he thought O’Neill was the one, and that his genetic code contained the key to save his people, because he’d carried the knowledge of the ancients and survived. Young O’Neill asks again if there is any way to save him and he’s told there isn’t, so O’Neill asks Carter to call Thor in the hope of finding a solution.

Will they be able to contact Thor and if they can, will he be able to save the clone?

Orpheus - Episode 704

SG-1 returns under-fire through the Stargate. Once the wormhole has disengaged they realize Teal’c has been badly injured. In the infirmary Fraiser tells him how the staff blast passed through the empty symbiote pouch, and did some damage to his spine and the surrounding soft tissues. In the past his symbiote could have repaired the damage but now that he’s on Trutonan that’s not possible, but with work he should be able to make a full recovery. Meanwhile, Carter and Daniel are explaining what happened to Hammond on the planet. He asks if they recognized who the Jaffa were loyal to, and Daniel informs him that the majority wore the symbol of Ba’al, who is now apparently one of the most powerful system lords. Daniel then visits Teal’c in the infirmary and asks about his son. Teal’c explains that he’s with Bray’tac attempting to gather forces for the rebellion against the Goa’uld. He tells Daniel that it’s his own fault he was injured because he fell behind, and Daniel stresses that he was covering them. However, Teal’c doesn’t seem interested in sharing the blame, and asks Daniel to leave. As Daniel leaves he hears a voice and looks around, but see’s only Teal’c in the infirmary. Later in the gym Daniel tells Carter he feels he’s forgotten something really important, that he remembers almost everything before he died, but can’t remember anything about when he was ascended. A certain event seems to be bugging him, but he can’t pin it down to anything specific. Meanwhile, Teal’c seems to be pushing himself beyond his physical limits trying to make a more speedy recovery. Daniel tells him he could be over-doing it and Teal’c grabs his arm, then tells him to “leave him be”. As he lets go Daniel hears the voice again, so Carter and Daniel go back through the computer logs to see if any technical anomalies have taken place during gate travel recently. They’re not really sure what they’re looking for, but Daniel believes that, what he’s hearing has something to do with an incoming wormhole. Fraiser gives Teal’c the all clear for active duty but he seems uninterested, and tells her he’s not ready. Meanwhile, Daniel is still drawing a blank with his research when O’Neill interrupts him. He wants Daniel to go to the infirmary with him, to help give Teal’c a pep talk. Daniel tries to get Teal’c to open up about what’s bothering him but fails, so O’Neill cuts to the chase and tells him that Fraiser said he’s clear for active duty, and asks him if that’s true. Teal’c tells him that he’s been dishonest with him, that all Jaffa children are born with the knowledge and that it won’t be tolerated. O’Neill is confused by his answer and asks “what?” he replies with “KEK”. Still confused he turns to Daniel who translates it as death. Daniel asks Teal’c if he means death and Teal’c said he means weakness (they use one word as both). Teal’c tells them that since taking Trutonan he feels his capabilities have been compromised, he’s said nothing before hoping the effects were only temporary and his strength would return. Teal’c asks forgiveness and O’Neill tells him that there’s nothing to forgive, and that he’s twice as strong as him. He replies by telling him that the answer to his question is that he doesn’t feel that he’s fit for duty. O’Neill says that he’ll accept that for now, then leaves. Daniel follows him and tells him that it’s all in Teal’c’s head, only to be told that if Teal’c doesn’t feel he’s ready, he’s not. Daniel and Teal’c take part in Kel’no’reem and Daniel has a vision of Rya’c and Bray’tac in a prison camp, and tells Teal’c about it. In the briefing room Carter asks Daniel about the gate records and he admits he’s found nothing, then she asks Teal’c if the description of the planet is familiar to him, and he says not. He asks if they can send for Rak’nor and Hammond agrees. Meanwhile on the planet some Jaffa are executed because they don’t work hard enough as an example to the others. Rya’c grows concerned because he feels they will be next, especially as Bray’tac grows weaker by the day. Back at the SGC, Rak’nor recognizes the planet from Daniel description as Arabis. He explains that they use the planet, as a Jaffa prison camp to make Hatak weapons, because they are the only one’s who can withstand the intense heat and toxic gases on the surface, but that even they succumb eventually. He tells them that it was recently taken over by Ba’al, and Teal’c concludes that they must have been trapped on the planet since the attack. Rak’nor explains that if they are, then they are lost, because the Stargate on that planet is protected by a force field. He starts to tell them that he believes a signal is what operates it, just as Daniel has another vision. He see’s Bray’tac and Rya’c attempting escape and deactivating the force field, just before they are captured. As soon the vision ends he quickly goes back to the control room and gets Carter to access the computer files. They discover a coded energy signal was received through the Alpha Site 3 months ago, it was analyised but no one was able to determine its origin or its purpose. Daniel tells them that was the deactivation code he saw Bray’tac send, just before they were captured. Carter asks if he’s sure and he says he is. She then tells him she can synthesize the code and get them through the gate, and Daniels says he can provide details of their defenses, and the lay of the land. In the embarkment room, Teal’c tells O’Neill he may be a liability on the mission and asks if he would look after Rya’c if anything should happen to him. O’Neill tells him he doesn’t think he is and that they’ll have to make sure that it doesn’t come to that. After successfully taking out the Jaffa surrounding the gate, they proceed to the camp. Meanwhile, Bray’tac tells Rya’c that all of his Trutonan has gone. SG-1 arrives on the banks above the camp and once darkness arrives Teal’c and Rak’nor attempt to infiltrate it, but unfortunately they’re caught.

Can O’Neill and the rest of SG-1 come up with a rescue plan to save Teal’c and the others before its too late?

Revisions - Episode 705

Carter is reviewing some Malp readings from P3X 289 that shows the atmosphere is completely toxic. She switches the images on the Malp and now see’s a dome like building in the middle of some wasteland. The Malp start emitting proximity alert and then it records a static charge. Carter tells them to extend the arm of the Malp and it penetrates the surface, after moving it forward it materializes into a picturesque area just before transmission and contact is lost. Now on the planet SG-1 walk through the barrier to find a normal atmosphere on the other side. Carter scans their suits and discovers that they’re clean, too. It appears that the barrier scrubbed them as they passed through it. The inside of the barrier looks like a hologram and Daniel puts his arm through telling Carter he can feel the resistance so she assumes that, and the static charge are a warning, to stop people accidentally stepping through. Teal’c inspects the Malp and finds it to be fully operational. Carter is impressed with the level of technology necessary to power such a barrier and tells O’Neill that it needs to be studied further. O’Neill see’s some movement in the bushes and tells the person to come out, a young boy appears in front of them. They tell him they’re not going to hurt him and he seems surprised that they came from outside the doom he introduces himself as Nevin. Carter asks him to take them to his father and he agrees. SG-1 enters the town and is introduced to Nevins father, Kendrin. O’Neill tells him that he assumes they don’t get many visitors and he’s told that they thought they were the only survivors. Daniel asks the survivors of what, and he’s informed that they’re better off speaking to the council. The council consists of 3 men and a woman. Carter explains they’re from Earth and Daniel tells them they came through the Stargate. They react as if they don’t know what he’s talking about and then one of them asks him to wait a moment and touches the side of his head. All the council members seem to go into a trance for a few seconds and then have a vast amount of knowledge about the Stargate. Carter asks if they know of the Stargate, and they explain that they’ve just accessed the relevant information through the link. One of them removes an object (looks like a stick of candy) from the side of his head and explains that it’s like a neuro-interface with their databank. They explain that the link contains the sum total of their knowledge and wisdom, all their history, culture and science. Carter asks if they can simply call the information they want at will and they tell her they can. Teal’c and O’Neill go back to the Malp and send a message to Hammond telling him what’s going on. Later that night Carter and Daniel discuss the power source for the dome with Palin and Evala. Palin offers to show Carter the generators for the geo-thermo vents located beneath the town the next day. Daniel tells them that they’re obviously very advanced but their architecture isn’t on the same level as their technology. They’re told that technology is what destroyed their world, and that the dome was created because industrial growth poisoned the atmosphere and that the survivors made a deliberate choice to simplify their lives. Daniel tells them that Earth has environmental problems and that by reviewing their history it might be of some help to them. They’re told that the easiest way to learn about their history is through the link and Daniel asks if that’s possible. He’s handed one of the objects and Carter explains that maybe our brains physiology isn’t compatible with the technology of the link, so they decline the offer. During the night the female councilor wakes from her sleep, packs a suitcase and leaves the confines of the dome. O’Neill is awoken by Nevin the next day who tells him he wants to be an explorer when he grows up. Palin confirms that no one has left the dome for over 400 years as he shows Carter to the underground control room. Evala takes Daniel to the town’s old library for him to do his research because he won’t use the link. As Palin is checking the coolant pressure Carter notices some writing appear on the screens, and tries to attract his attention, but he doesn’t register her. As the writing stops and the computer display returns to normal, Palin turns to answer her. She asks him if he saw the writings and he tells her no. When she explains it was some sort of streaming code he tells her its impossible. At the same time in the library Daniel notices that Evala seems to be in some sort of a trance and then she suddenly snaps out of it. SG-1 meet up and Carter tells O’Neill that their technology is incredible and that she’s trying to rig up a computer interface so that she can download some of the specs. Teal’c asks if they want anything in return for allowing them access to the information and Carter says they don’t. SG-1 decides to offer them relocation to another planet as a gesture of goodwill, however the council seem horrified at the thought of it and refuse. O’Neill asks what the other folks of the town think and he’s told that the council decide for all. Daniel asks where the woman is that was on the council yesterday just incase she feels differently, and is told that there hasn’t been a female member on the council since the last election, and that was 2 years ago. O’Neill tells them that there was a woman sitting on the council yesterday, and he’s told that the council has always consisted of 3 members. Carter speaks to Palin and he has no memory of there ever being a fourth member on the council. Carter suspects that the link is altering people’s memories and perceptions. Daniel thinks there may be something in the archives to shed a light on recent events. He asks Evala if she had the opportunity to leave the dome would she take it, and she tells him that they have everything they need right there. After successfully interfacing with their technology Carter discovers that the power fluctuation levels are decreasing but Palin disagrees. Carter asks him hypothetically speaking if it was, would it affect the integrity of the force field and he tells her it might. Meanwhile on their way to send another message back to the SGC O’Neill and Teal’c are approached by Kendrin, who tells them he’d like to take his son and return to Earth with them. Carter contacts O’Neill just as they discover that the Malp is missing and tells him that the dome is losing power, and when it fails totally, everyone on the planet will die. Teal’c asks if they should tell the towns folk of the impending danger and Carter explain that she thinks their minds are being altered by the link. Evala gets up from the library and walks out the door, Daniel goes after her and she disappears. Daniel tells SG-1 about what happened and O’Neill says that as long as they’re connected to the link they won’t be able to help the people. Teal’c asks if there’s any way to disable it and Carter says she doesn’t think its possible without Palins help. Daniel tells them he’s going to try and find information in the written history records to contradict the link hoping that will help convince the people that they’re being controlled. At the house Kendrin asks O’Neill if they’re going back to Earth and O’Neill tells him not to worry they won’t leave without him. He seems shocked and tells them he has no inclination to leave, which confuses both O’Neill and Teal’c. O’Neill asks Nevin if he still wants to be an explorer when he grows up and he says he going to be a gardener like his father. Teal’c and O’Neill try to explain that the link is controlling them and Kendrin becomes aggravated and asks them to leave. Carter goes to the control room and tries to explain to Palin what’s going.

Can Carter convince Palin to help her before the lives of SG-1 and the rest of the town are put in any more danger than they already are?

Lifeboat - Episode 706

On a crashed ship SG-1 discover a compartment full of pods containing people. Carter informs O’Neill that they’re alive in some sort of cryogenic sleep. O’Neill orders that they split up into pairs to get a head count before calling for back up. O’Neill discovers a pod with a skeletal remain and Daniel thinks he can hear something. He turns round to see if he can locate the where the noise is coming from and shouts “Jack!” O’Neill turns as the noise increases and all members of SG-1 become aware of something just as a light surge passes through them, causing them all to lose consciousness. Teal’c regains consciousness and attempts to contact the others using his radio, but he gets no response. He locates O’Neill and tries to rouse him but he’s unresponsive, he continues on to Carter and gets the same result. When Teal’c approaches Daniel and kneels down beside him, he hears a noise and scans the immediate area, but see’s nothing. When Daniel wakes up, he looks at Teal’c and screams, pulling his hands up in a defensive manner. SG-1 is brought back to the SGC with O’Neill and Carter still unconscious, and Teal’c supporting a terrified Daniel who keeps repeating, “I have to go back”. Fraiser tries to calm Daniel down, and he asks who she is, and where is he. Daniel is restrained and taken to one of the isolation rooms where Fraiser attempts to understand what’s going on. Fraiser informs Hammond that Daniel is not a Goa’uld and she’s not really sure what’s going on. His preliminary EEG indicates a coma, while on the other hand it shows readings of about a dozen people all jumbled together. Teal’c tells them that Daniel is claiming to be one of the passengers from the crashed vessel on the planet. Fraiser informs that she believes that they’re dealing with more than one personality because during the preliminary examinations etc…Daniel acted differently and so far she believes that they’ve seen 2 maybe 3 personalities. Teal’c explains that while the team was separated onboard the ship, he lost consciousness momentarily and he was unsure of the reason why but on his return the remaining members of SG-1 were in their current state. Daniel informs one of the medics giving him medication that he’s the Sovereign. Back in the infirmary O’Neill regains consciousness and tells Fraiser he has a very bad headache, she asks him if he feels himself, he says he’s fine and asks why. Fraiser tells him she’ll explain later and goes on to explain how Teal’c managed to get them all back to the SGC. As O’Neill is asking about the rest of SG-1 Carter regains consciousness, suffering the same effects as O’Neill. Hammond arrives in the infirmary and Fraiser tells him that they’re EEG’s appear to be normal and they’re unaffected. Back in the isolation room Daniel (Sovereign) begins quizzes Fraiser, starts shouting at her and becomes aggressive towards her. As Fraiser is talking to the Sovereign another personality appears, this time a crewmember named Tryan, she attempts to learn as much as she can from him. Fraiser informs him that he’s the fourth personality to emerge and he tells her that’s impossible. He goes on to explain that the human body couldn’t facilitate what she’s suggesting without going insane. He tells her that it’s technologically impossible, that one mind can only return to his/her own body and that they were fails safe set to avoid this from happening. Fraiser tells him it obviously has happened and asks him to explain how it could. He tells her that the consciousness is stored in the same memory module that maintains the sleepers body and that there is no way the consciousness could go anywhere else unless the body was dead. O’Neill asks for permission to stay on base to observe Daniel, while Carter and Teal’c revisit the ship to try and find some answers.

Can Fraiser find the answers from the multiple personalities? Will Carter and Teal’c discover something on the ship to help save Daniel?

Enemy Mine - Episode 707

SG-1 minus Carter, go to a planet to do a search and rescue. O’Neill assumes that the missing SGC member had a compass and radio with him, but is informed that due to the peculiar magnetic properties of the planet the range of them is severely limited. Colonel Edwards informs them that they need him back especially as they’ve just discovered a significant deposit of Naquadah on the planet. Major Warren shows O’Neill and Teal’c where Ritter was last seen. Teal’c informs O’Neill that he can’t find any tracks but the underbrush is severely damaged moving off in several different directions. Daniel radio’s O’Neill telling him he has found something he needs to see, so he returns to the base. Back at the base Daniel shows O’Neill yolk, primarily used to carry/pull great weight, however this particular one is too big/heavy for a human to use, Daniel suspects that its one used by an Unas. Daniel asks Edwards to delay the operation but Edwards doesn’t seem to want to. Meanwhile Teal’c and Warren discover some figures, which Teal’c surmises are meant to be a warning to keep people away. Warren looks around more and finds the dead body of Ritter hanging like a scarecrow amongst the other figures. Edwards tells everyone to get extra ammo and to stay in radio contact and Daniel asks what he’s going to do. He goes on to explain that they may have unknowingly provoked them but Edwards doesn’t want to know so Daniel turns to O’Neill for back-up. O’Neill tries to tell Edwards that Daniel is usually right when it comes to this sorta thing and Edwards informs him that he’ll do whatever is necessary to secure the safety of his men. Edwards asks O’Neill if he’s going to help him secure the area or not, O’Neill agrees he’ll help. While in the forest SG-1 hear gunfire and approach to find SG units under attack by Unas. O’Neill’s shoulder is injured as he’s struck by a Unas and lands hard on the ground; he turns and aims his weapon at it. Daniel shouts and the Unas towering over O’Neill turns to look at him, he says a few more words and the Unas calls a retreat. Edwards tells O’Neill his men will take care of the wounded and wants to go after them, O’Neill says he doesn’t think it’s a good idea going into unknown territory. Edwards reminds O’Neill he’s in charge, but O’Neill takes command and tells him they’re all going to return to the SGC. Edwards informs his superiors that he can take care of the problem on P3X 403 with enough men and enough fire power, and Hammond informs him it won’t be as easy as what he thinks. Daniel interrupts the briefing and asks if they can try to negotiate, he informs that that its gone too far for him to handle on his own, but with the help of Chaka as a liaison he might be successful. Edwards is told that the use of deadly force is authorised if it becomes necessary. Chaka arrives at the SGC and Edwards takes an instant disliking to him. When they return to the planet they discover that the base camp has been attacked. A search party goes with Daniel, Teal’c and Chaka while they try to locate the Unas. When they reach the place where they found the scarecrow figures Chaka tells them that only he and Daniel should continue, unarmed.. Teal’c informs Daniel of his concern but reluctantly agrees to let them continue alone.

Can Daniel and Chaka negotiate a peace?

Spacerace - Episode 708

Carter arrives at the SGC to find Warrick (last seen in Forsaken) with General Hammond and Daniel. She learns that he’s there to offer them full access to the Ion Propulsion Engine on the Sebarus, in exchange for her help to win a race. Every year the winner of the race (called The Loop) is awarded a very lucrative contract, this years being with Tec Cons deep space exploration project. The race is a time-tested method to find the most qualified pilot, with the best ship, for the job. The race is open to anyone and the only rule is that the winners ship must arrive first, and intact. Daniel asks Warrick to confirm that his planet is allowing him to exchange technology in exchange for help in winning the race, and he clarifies that he has arranged for SG-1 to go on a diplomatic visit, but that a little help with the race wouldn’t go a miss. Carter asks how they can help and Warrick tells them that his system diagnostics showed greatly improved efficiency when supplemented by the Naquadah generator. Carter tells him that she’d like to participate in the event, to everyone’s surprise. Warrick warns her of the dangers involved in the race, but she manages to convince him to take her along and Hammond gives the mission the go ahead. On the planet Warrick introduces SG-1 to his younger brother, Eman, who seems frustrated by their arrival and Carters entry into the race. Warrick presents Carter with a complete operations manual of the Sebarus for her to study, just before he takes O’Neill and Daniel to the capital building. While looking at the power source on the ship, Eman tells Carter that when Warrick returned to their planet he discovered that his wife had re-married, and that his family had thought him dead. He also tells her that Warrick believes winning the race will get him his life back, and stresses that he’ll do anything to win. On reviewing the race data Carter learns that the course consists of 4 stages, and out of all the contenders, there are 3 that are real competition. As the race starts Eman informs Teal’c that the first stage tests the defense systems on the ship. During stage 1 Warrick and Carter receive a distress call from another ship, whose defense shields are failing and attempt to offer assistance. However, they’re too late and the ship becomes disabled so they continue on to the next stage. As they enter stage 2 Carter is told that the chromospheres of the sun causes intermittent disturbances with the communication and navigation, and that Eman has designed shielding specifically for this stage. Unfortunately, there’s an electrical explosion, which causes the engine to lose power and essentially leaves the ship lifeless. Carter sends out a distress call to Teal’c informing him that all their key systems are inoperative. As the ship drifts closer to the sun, Carter and Warrick establish that the power converter overloaded. Teal’c manages to get a message through to the ship and Warrick surmises that the ship may have been sabotaged. After finding a way to divert the power, they re-engage the engines, and re-enter the race. Eman discovers that his supervisor accessed his computer at work, but cannot establish what information he obtained, to prove anything they need to go to Tec Con. Meanwhile, on the ship Carter is contacted by O’Neill and Daniel who inform her that they’ve negotiated a deal to help them bring a Stargate to the planet, in exchange for an Ion Drive to study. Carter tells Warrick if they use the gravity of the sun to sling shoot them around, they should pick up enough speed to get back on course. At Tec Con Eman accesses the computer files of his supervisor and informs Teal’c that the schematics of every ship in the race apart from one are on the database, however, before they have a chance to tell anyone, they’re caught. O’Neill attempts to contact Teal’c by radio but receives no reply, so he goes to Tec Con with Daniel to try and find him. Meanwhile, Warrick and Carter are starting to look like competition for the leader, so they’re contacted and told to drop out of the race, because Eman and Teal’c are being held as hostages.

Can O’Neill and Daniel come to the rescue of Teal’c and Eman? Will Warrick and Carter drop out of the race?

Avenger 2.0 - Episode 709

Felgar (last seen in The Other Guys) is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Carter in his lab. While he's talking to Chloe his assistant, she arrives, along with O’Neill. He explains that the device he’s building, fires a focused plasma pulse. Carter tells O’Neill that it’s an energy-based weapon, which could essentially replace the missiles on the X303. The weapon is demonstrated, unfortunately, things don’t go to plan. The device explodes and all the power at the SGC is shut down temporarily. Felgar tries to apologize to Hammond, however he doesn’t seem interested. Instead he tells him that he’s pulling the plug on his research, and that he thinks it may be time for the air force to re-think his position at the SGC. Felgar tells him he’s on the verge of a major break through and Carter asks him what it is. He tells them that he needs a bit more time before he can give a formal presentation. Hammond gives him 24 hours. Back at the lab Felgar and Chloe try and come up with something spectacular to impress Hammond. Initially they can’t think of anything, then Felgar suggests Avenger (which is only an idea at this stage). After typing a draft up he presents it to Carter. Avenger is a computer virus that scrambles the DHD established co-ordinates, so that the symbols no longer correspond with the proper co-ordinates, essentially its like re-arranging the letters on your keyboard, leaving the target gate useless. Carter stays on base to help with Felgars’ research, while O’Neill and Teal’c, head off for a series of negotiations with rebel Jaffa leaders. Felgar has a visit from Carter informing him that Avenger has been given the go ahead, and that she’s going to help him on the project. They start to write the program and before long, they’re ready to try it out. Carter presents it to Hammond and tells him that, other than computer simulations there’s no real way to test it unless they try it on another gate. Hammond asks if she has a target in mind, and she confirms it as P5S-117 (one of Ba’al’s principle Naquadah mining sites). He also asks how they’ll know if its successful, and she tells him that there’s a Tok’ra operative on the planet, who’ll be able to relay the results of the test through their sub-space communication network. He gives the go ahead, so the virus is sent. Felgar hears a call summoning Carter to the control room, thinking it’s the results of the test, he decides to go too. However, when he arrives he discovers that it’s a radio transmission from O’Neill, informing them that he can’t establish an out-going wormhole. Felgar immediately tells Hammond that its just a coincidence, and it couldn’t have anything to do with the virus, and then becomes concerned, just incase it is. Hammond asks if they could have possibly sent it to the wrong gate, and Carter confirms that it’s not possible, the conversation is interrupted by an unscheduled off-world activation. It’s an audio transmission off the Tok’ra, telling them that there have been a series of malfunctions in the gate systems. Carter asks if their operative has relayed any information back to them regarding P5S-117 and she’s told not yet. She requests the data that they currently have and they send it over. While reviewing it they discover that Avenger is the source of the problem. Carter advises Hammond to recall all the teams’ off world and he tells her its already being done. She explains that the Stargate network undergoes periodic updates in order to compensate for stellar drift, and that the gates dial each other automatically to transmit the new co-ordinates that apply to each address. They think Avenger inadvertently initiated one of these updates, resulting in the virus being transmitted to other gates. Hammond asks if they can stop it, and he’s told, it’s happening so fast the entire network will be down within 2 hours. They attempt to contact P3L 997 the planet Daniel is on helping with a relocation project, but are unsuccessful. Back in the lab, Carter tells Felgar that 12 SG teams are trapped off world, along with O’Neill, Teal’c and Daniel. She receives a call telling her that according to Tok’ra intelligence, the whole Stargate network is now down. O’Neill sends another message telling Hammond that the mission has been compromised, visual contact is broken as they come under attack from the Jaffa, luckily radio contact is re-established and he tells them they’re going to look for cover. Hammond informs Carter that Ba’al is trying to take advantage of the current situation by attacking the other system lords on several fronts, and he’s winning. Carter deduces that another change would result in a system wide update in the Stargate network. Felgar thinks a solution might be to upload everything from their dialing computer, and Carter tells him that their program isn’t sophisticated enough. He tells her he doesn’t think it has to be perfect, just accurate; the DHD should make all the necessary adjustments. Daniel contacts the SGC and tells them that Felgars plan didn’t work because he can’t get a lock on the Alpha site, and that within 48 hours, the entire city will be underwater.

Can Carter and Felgar come up with a solution to bring O’Neill, Daniel, Teal’c and the other SG teams home safely, and return the gate system to normal working order?

Birthright - Episode 710

SG-1 encounters a rebel Jaffa and whilst he’s talking to Teal’c, he’s shot in the back by a staff weapon. They immediately take cover and open fire against the on-coming Jaffa attack. Backup is received in the form of a group of female Jaffa warriors, who seem to know, exactly who SG-1 are. While the leader (Mala) talks to them, one of the other women (Neath) removes the larva goa’uld from a dead Jaffa. Daniel asks why, and they tell him there’s no time to explain at the moment, but that they’d come to the planet to ask for their help, and want them to accompany them. SG-1 agrees. On their planet Teal’c tells O’Neill he knows of no goa’uld who would permit women to be warriors. When they arrive at the village they find it’s populated 100% by females of varying ages. Mala introduces them to Ishta, their leader. O’Neill attempts to strike up a conversation but is ignored. She goes directly to Teal’c, who then introduces her to the rest of SG-1. She explains that she wants to make an alliance. O’Neill is happy to form one. However, Teal’c is reluctant to form an alliance with anyone who would steal a symbiote from another Jaffa. Ishta calls for a young girl and explains that without the symbiote they just per cured, she would have died. She calls for another girl (Neesa) and tells them within a few days she will be in the same situation, as will, all their children. Carter talks to them, and it’s explained that many years ago Moloc made a ruling that only male children would be allowed to live. Females would be sacrificed in the Ceremony Of Fire immediately after they are born. Carter asks how they started bringing the young women to this planet, and Ishta explains that she couldn’t stand by and watch her sisters be killed. As a temple High Priestess she and her seconds (Mala and Neath) were allowed relatively easy access to the Chappa’ai Eye of the worlds under Moloc’s rule. They took advantage of this by saving the daughters of the women on their home world. Carter asks them to clarify that they want the help of SG-1 to over-throw Moloc and she’s told that they initially want weapons, food, supplies etc. in return for their services and knowledge. Carter offers them Trutonan. Teal’c explains to SG-1 that the Jaffa will believe the drug will make them weaker. O’Neill asks Carter if they’ll take it, and she tells him that they’re thinking it over. In the forest Teal’c attempts to convince Ishta to agree to try Trutonan. When they reach a place where she goes to Kel’no’reem, she tells him that she believes, he thinks its wrong that they kill the Jaffa merely so that their children may live. She also tells him that they don’t attack the defenseless or weak. Teal’c tells her that one day they will encounter a Jaffa party that will not be easily ambushed, which leads her to believes that he doubts their abilities. The result is a sparring match between the two. When it ends Teal’c tells her she has proven herself a worthy adversary, and that if she refuses the Trutonan its because she has a thirst for blood and revenge. She tells him she senses no symbiote and concludes that he’s taking the drug himself, he acknowledges he is. Back at the village Ishta tells her people that she needs 4 volunteers to go back to Earth with her, to test the effectiveness of the Trutonan. Mala tells her she shouldn’t go because their people need her and volunteers to go in her place. 3 others promptly stand forward to accompany her. Ishta approaches Neath and tells her that Neesa is of the age and that she realizes the drug is not without risk, but that if any of them needed it, she did. Neath is disgusted by her words/actions and walks away angered, taking Neesa with her. The 4 volunteers go back to Earth with O’Neill and Carter. Teal’c and Daniel remain on the planet. While Teal’c and Ishta bond, Daniel tries to make friends with Neesa. Meanwhile, at the SGC things aren’t looking so good for Mala whose body seems to be rejecting the Trutonan.

Can Fraiser find the correct dosage before it’s too late for Mala? Will Neath’s hostility towards the Tauri/Trutonan become a threat to SG-1?

Evolution (Part 1) - Episode 711

Teal’c and Bray’tac discover a mass of dead Jaffa on a planet. Amongst the dead they find the first prime of Ramius’ still alive. He explains they came to make an alliance, and that a lone warrior had slaughtered the entire Jaffa. Unfortunately, before he can go into any further details, the warrior returns. Teal’c and Bray’tac engage in battle with it. At first their weapons seem ineffective but eventually repetitive shots from the zat gun seem to penetrate its defensive shields. They take its body back to the SGC, inform Hammond about the massacre, and how they believe that someone sent the warrior to the planet to stop the alliance taking place. Hammond instructs Carter to carry out whatever tests necessary, and she tells him she’d like to call the Tok’ra for the assistance, he agrees. Carter and Jacob remove the helmet off the warrior, learn that he’s fused into the suit, and that it’s using some sort of breathing filtration system. In the briefing room they explain that it’s a goa’uld, and that the host has an unusual organ structure. Everything is out of proportion (the heart and lungs are abnormally large to supply enough blood and oxygen to its muscles). Its as if someone tried to create the perfect athlete without any concern for longevity, as the symbiote would sustain its life. Jacob tells them it has serious flaws and that even a symbiote wouldn’t be able to compensate for long. On examination the warrior showed no trauma from energy weapons. Hammond asks what that means, and Carter explains that the warrior’s armour must have advanced energy absorption technology. She also believes that Teal’c and Bray’tac didn’t kill it, but that it had a heart attack. Further examinations reveal that the host is no more than 3 weeks old, its organic, but it was created in a lab. Jacob surmises that this new warrior was designed to be the new form of ‘foot soldier’, possibly the reaction of the recent uprising of the Jaffa. He also establishes that it wasn’t alive when it was grown, it was given life after it reached its matured state. Carter asks him how he knows that. Selmac explains that there are remnants of a unique energy system within its cells, which are similar to the residual effects left after the use of a sarcophagus. Daniel asks if a sarcophagus could give life to something that wasn’t alive in the first place, and Selmac says it couldn’t. Carter asks what could, and Selmac tells them of a device originally made by the ancients whose primary purpose was to heal, but was so powerful that it proved devastating to the human race. The goa’uld however, after experimentation managed to manipulate it enough to create the sarcophagus. Selmac believes that finding the device will be the key to finding the new warrior, that with the device they may be able to devise a weapon to counter-act the life-giving energy. Daniel asked which goa’uld first found the device, and he’s told it was Telchak. He believes that Telchak may be known in Earths history as the god of rain. He shows Jacob his grandfathers notes and is told its written in an ancient dialect of goa’uld. With this new information they inform Hammond that they believe Anubis is behind the new super soldier (named by Carter). He knew of the technology, he would have gained access to more knowledge once he’d ascended, and that he could have made himself a new device. Hammond gives Daniel and Dr Lee permission to try and find the temple. Bray’tac, Teal’c and Carter convince Hammond that the only way to learn more about the new warrior is through interrogation. After Carter finds a way to penetrate its armour (by using a small projectile weapon such as a fine tip trunnion dart), Hammond gives the order to try and capture one so they can study it further. Bray’tac believes that Anubis will launch another super soldier against Ramius, so SG-1 goes the planet to try and capture it. Meanwhile, Daniel and Dr Lee manage to find the temple. Back on the planet Carter sets up the ambush, and O’Neill puts his backup plan into action. Inside the temple Daniel and Dr Lee discover a room with no writing on the walls; it appears to have no relevancy at all. Having just received word from SG-3, SG-1 prepare for the arrival of the warrior. When it gets close enough they surround it using a Tok’ra force field and O’Neill shoots it twice with a dart. It has absolutely no effect, the warrior just walks through the barrier. They open fire and the bullets just bounce off it. O’Neill gives the command to use C4, and again, the warrior walks through, unaffected. With their position made O’Neill signals to retreat but SG-3 inform him they can’t hold the gate. Bray’tac suggests surrender to avoid any further blood shed, O’Neill reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, Daniel uses Dr Lee’s water canteen to locate the artifact. Back on the planet O’Neill tries to convince Ramius that they weren’t there to kill him, that they were trying to save his life, but he doesn’t believe him, so he tries to convince one of the Jaffa guards instead. As Daniel and Dr Lee retrieve the artifact from its hiding place they activate a booby trap and the whole room starts to fill with water. They manage to get out but are immediately taken prisoner by Rafael, a rebel who believes that the US Government will pay for their safe return.

Can O’Neill convince the Jaffa to set them free, before the super soldier arrives? Will Daniel be able to negotiate his way out of this one?

Evolution (Part 2) - Episode 712

Hammond informs O’Neill that the state department has received a ransom demand for Daniel and Dr Lee. They’ve been given 72 hours to pay or they’ll be killed. O’Neill asks if they know who is responsible and Hammond tells him that intel believes it’s a group of anti-government revolutionaries. He tells O’Neill that officially they have no intention of paying the ransom but he’s called the President, and he’s agreed to help. The CIA has been told to gather everything they know together, but Hammond isn’t sure whether the President will risk an international incident. Meanwhile Daniel is taken in front of Rafael. He is taunted with food and water (he hasn’t eaten for 2 days) to try and get him to divulge what the object they retrieved is. Daniel tells him that it’s an ancient artifact and that he’s just an archeologist; Rafael doesn’t believe him. He tells Daniel he will tell him what he wants to know. At the same time one of the other rebels knock two jumper cable clips together that have been attached to a car battery, they spark, implying that they’ll electrocute him. Back at the SGC Hammond informs O’Neill that the CIA agent in Honduras, an agent Burke, believes he knows where Daniel and Dr Lee have been taken. Burke requested that O’Neill participate in the extraction. Meanwhile Daniel is dragged back to his prison and Dr Lee is taken. At the SGC the remaining members of SG-1 plus Hammond, Jacob and Bray’tac, discuss how best to penetrate the defenses of the planet that the ‘super soldier’ originated from, so they can gather more intel. Selmac offers to walk through the Stargate using the armor for protection. He explains that on Ramius’ planet the soldier had walked through the force field. Bray’tac asks at what physical cost did it do that. Jacob asks if anyone has a better idea, no one does. He tells them once he has deactivated the defense shield a scout ship should be able to approach the planet. Radioactive isotopes taken before hand will allow him/them to walk around freely without being discovered. After weighing up all the options, Hammond gives the plan the go ahead. Now in Honduras, O’Neill meets up with Burke and finds out what he knows. However thier past differences raises its head and they have a few crossed words, resulting in Burke walking off, leaving O’Neill on his own. He enlists the help of a local guide and heads off into the jungle. Meanwhile Dr Lee explains to Daniel that under torture he told Rafael, everything. Rafael manages to activate the device. At the SGC Jacob goes through the gate, impersonating one of the super soldiers, on arrival he comes in contact with a gou’ald who tells him to follow him. He’s led to a room and scanned for damages. As repairs are being carried out Anubis arrives and tells Soth that a remote probe needs his urgent attention. Now alone Jacob manages to disarm the sensor array, giving access for the scout ship to get closer to the planet, and for SG-1 to join him. In the jungle O’Neill meets up with Burke at the temple, and they join forces in their hunt for Daniel. Meanwhile Daniel is being interrogated for more information on the device, he learns that they’ve turned it on and tells them its dangerous and should be switched off immediately. One of the rebels tells Rafael that he will switch it off if he doesn’t because he believes it dangerous. Rafael kills him. Back on the planet Carter and Teal’c join Jacob and begin their search. In the jungle O’Neill and Burke find Daniel’s injured guide, and he tells them the direction they took them. Burke tells him that help will arrive soon and they set off. Carter and the others discover a lab with symbiote holding tanks, all are empty apart from one; which contains a queen. Meanwhile the device has revitalized one of the dead rebels. Back on the planet its surmised that the queen is in allegiance with Anubis because although its in a spawn cycle, it has not intention of passing on its genetic memory, the symbiotes will be blank slates, that Anubis will be able to manipulate as he see’s fit. C4 is planted. Meanwhile, the once dead rebel is now firing upon Rafael and his men. In the confusion Daniel and Dr Lee manage to break free and make a run for it, heading into the jungle. The rebel is killed once more, and Rafael discovers his prisoners have escaped, so he gives chase. Back on the planet SG-1 and Jacob watch Anubis giving a speech to thousands of foot soldiers. Soth discovers them so Carter opens fire, killing him, but alerting the super soldiers to their presence.

Can O’Neill and Burke find Daniel and Dr Lee before Rafael? Have we seen the end of the dead rebel? Will the rest of SG-1 make it off the planet now that the super soldiers know they’re there?

Grace - Episode 713

Carters onboard the Prometheus and we join her exiting a lift talking to Colonel Ronsen (last seen in Momento). She asks him to give her 2 hours tops, to analyze a gas cloud formation. He asks her to explain what the difference is between that and a nebular, and she explains that she doesn’t know and tells him that’s what so interesting about the discovery. They’re interrupted by a call summoning Colonel Ronsen to the bridge. When they arrive there, Ronsen is informed that the hyper-drive engines are reaching maximum safe temperature. He instructs Major Gant to shut them down, and they drop out of hyperspace. Ronsen asks Carter what’s the progress they’ve made so far and she tells him that in the last leg they’d covered 49 light years, and considering the hyper-drive that they’re using was lifted from an Alkash its pretty good, as it was originally designed for a ship one tenth the size of the X-303. They are interrupted once again, only this time by the sound of an alarm. Gant informs them that a bogey just appeared on their sensors, dead ahead 3000 clicks. Ronsen asks if she can identify it, she says that she can’t, and it’s closing in on their position very quickly. General quarters are sounded, shields are raised, and weapons are armed. When the bogey is at 900 clicks Ronsen asks how long it is before they can jump to hyper-space again, he’s told that the hyper-drive needs at least 2 hours to cool down before they can attempt another jump, and that if they try one before that, it could over-load. The alien vessel scans the X-303. Ronsen tells Gant to set up a wide-frequency broadcast so that he can attempt to make contact with them. At 400 clicks the sensors show a build up of energy coming from within the ship. Carter tells him that they’re powering up weapons and advises him, that they have to get out of there. Ronsen tells Gant to initiate evasive maneuvers and the alien vessels starts firing on Prometheus. The ship takes a few hits and they return fire, unfortunately the missiles are destroyed before they get anywhere near the target. Ronsen gives the command to return fire, but Carter stops him, and suggests diverting all auxiliary power to the sub-light engines so that they can hide within gas cloud. Gant announces that the shields are below 15%. Ronsen isn’t convinced that with what power they have left they’ll be able to make it to the cloud, Carter tells him that it might be possible to make a small hyper-space jump into it and asks him to give her a few minutes to over-ride the safe guards, he tells her she has 2. While trying to over-ride the system there is a fluctuation in the power supply, which jolts Carter backwards, causing her to smash her head into the metal casing; she falls to the ground and loses consciousness. When she wakes up she tries to call the bridge, but no-one answers. She see’s a young girl smiling at her, blinks, and the girl has gone. Confused, she heads for the bridge, when she gets there, she makes a ship wide announcement asking anyone to respond, nobody does. She then uses the internal monitors and switches between them, to see every corridor empty. A log is made into the ships computers, stating that she’s the sole remaining crewmember; and that during the attack she’d sustained an injury and when she awoke the ship was devoid of all crew. An initial review of the system showed the hyper-drive to be operational, but the sub-light engines remain off-line. Carter decides that her first objective is to find out what happened to the crew, she makes a ship-wide search and finds nothing. Believing now that there is only one possibility to explain their disappearance, she looks at the computer logs and discovers that all the emergency pods have been jettisoned. She surmises that an evacuation order had been given, and in the confusion she’d been accidentally left behind. She attempts to power up the sub-light engines, and fails. She surmises that the gas cloud is prohibiting the start up procedure. Without sub-light engine power she is left with only one other option, she actives a hyper-drive window, but nothing happens. Feeling defeated she rests her head in her hand, moments later its grabbed by Teal’c who tells her that she must remain conscious at all times, and that due to her injury, if she sleeps, she will die. Unable to stay awake she closes her eyes, and drifts off to sleep. She’s awoken by the voice of a child singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ – alone again, she follows the voice but finds nothing. She sends out a distress signal detailing her position and situation. Carter decides that her best move now would be to settle in for the long haul, knowing that the SGC will attempt to locate her; she calculates that she’ll have enough food and water to last several months. While rationing her food out, the girl appears again and asks Carter to play with her, she closes her eyes momentarily, and when she opens them, she’s gone. Carter is still unable to jump into hyperspace. Using data from her last attempt she’s discovered, that the gas cloud is preventing the hyper-drive emitter from transferring the power at an even rate, and until she can provide some stability on that, she won’t be able to move the Prometheus. While pondering over the possibilities, Daniel disturbs her; she ignores him in the beginning knowing he can’t be real, as all SG-1 members apart from her are back at the SGC. He tells her that he’s really her, a part of her subconscious mind. She implies for him to be quiet and he tells her that she needs help, and asks her if she can just go along with it, she agrees. Daniel tells her that she’s been looking forward to studying the gas cloud for weeks, but now she has the opportunity she’s running hyper-drive simulations. She points out that she’s trying to find a way home and he tells her that she’s ignoring the cloud and implies that she’s acting out of character. She tells him that she can’t think straight, and he tells her that she has to check it out, its important, then disappears. While getting some food, she starts to hear straining sounds. She discovers that there is structural damage, and that the outer hull integrity is compromised. She now only has just over 8 hours before the inner hull is breached. Back at the SGC Daniel tells O’Neill of a possible way they can find Carter. O’Neill says it sounds like a long shot, and Daniel tells him that the Tok’ra are unable to send a ship at this moment in time, so this is their only option. Back on the ship, Carter has sealed off all the sections affected by the corrosion. Again the girl appears before her, Carter asks her who she is and what does she want. The girl tells her to follow her, and runs slightly ahead. Carter runs after her straight into Teal’c. He tells her that everything may not be as it seems, and she tells him that she knows that because he’s not really there. He tells her that he thinks she’s not there, and that she and the others; are being held prisoner by the alien vessel. She asks how he knows, and he tells her it’s possible that they are probing her mind and if so, any information they obtain may be used to attack Earth. He advises her to do nothing as a precaution, and she tells him she can’t do that, he then tells her to be careful and disappears. She awakens again and makes a note in the logs stating that the effects of her head injury are getting worse, and she’s unsure how much longer she can last. She believes she’s come up with a way to get out of the gas cloud, but its risky. She vents several levels of atmosphere and hopes to generate enough propulsion to move the ship. During the process she see’s the girl on the ships monitors, and immediately aborts her plan. She goes to look for her and see’s Daniel again. He suggests that the cloud is alive, that its feelings, memories etc...that she should talk to the girl, that maybe she’s its way of communicating. Carter collapses to the floor and loses consciousness.

Is Carter on the alien vessel? Is this girl a way to communicate with the cloud? Can Carter use the advice of her subconscious mind via her friends to help save herself?

Fall Out - Episode 713

The SGC receive an IDC signal from the Kelownans. When they open the gate Jonas arrives. He tells them that his people have been analyzing the data on the crystal retrieved previously, and they’ve made a major discovery. It turns out that Naquadria was not originally present on his planet. He goes on to explain that they found a reference to a process that the Goa’uld discovered; which allowed them to convert raw Naquadah into Naquadria while it was still in the ground, and that somehow it has started a chain reaction that has continued on, going deeper and deeper. Carter asks him if he believes that at this very moment there is Naquadah on his planet that is being transferred in Naquadria, and Jonas says yes. He tells them there is a very large one in particular, which was recently discovered miles beneath the surface of the planet. Jonas explains that as the conversion goes deeper, the heat and pressure get higher. Carter points out that Naquadria is very unstable and Jonas explains that he believes that, when it reaches a certain depth it’s going to explode with enough force to wipe out his planet. Carter accompanies Jonas back to his planet and he shows her some test results; that show the ratio of Naquadah to Naquadria achieved in the process. Carter looks at them and notices that the Naquadah that isn’t converted breaks down into lighter elements. Jonas tells Carter that for years he’d wondered why they’d never found Naquadria anywhere else in the galaxy, and that now he believes its because it doesn’t exist in nature at all. Carter says that explains why no other Goa’uld knew about it until Anubis probed his mind. Jonas’ assistant Kianna arrives and informs them that the Naquadria has gone deeper than they first thought. Carter asks how much time do they have and is told, a few weeks, a month, they don’t really know. Carter explains that they need to understand how the conversion factor works, if they’re going to stop it. Jonas agrees but tells her that the information stored on the crystal is incomplete, so it looks like they’re going to have to figure it out for themselves. Back at the SGC the First Minister (previously the Ambassador) of Kelowna and 2 more representatives from the adjoining communities gather to discuss the future of their planet. Daniel points out to them that although they hope for the Naquadria problem to be solved, a contingency plan shouldn’t be dismissed. Hammond tells them he can offer a limited relocation plan through the Stargate. He is asked to explain the term limited. Teal’c informs them that a full evacuation of an industrial world is impossible. They are not very happy at the thought of abandoning Langara (the new name of Kelowna chosen from an ancient dialect common to all 3 nations). The representatives of the adjoining communities explain that if the explosion destroys Kelowna that they would offer humanitarian aid to them. Daniel and O’Neill are shocked at their lack of understanding, and ask if anyone has explained the situation to them. The First Minister tells them that she has tried but they are not willing to accept the truth. Daniel explains that Earth’s scientists have explored the problem and that while its true that Kelowna will bear the brunt of the explosion, the dust and debris that would be thrown into the upper atmosphere, will block the sunlight and lower the average surface temperature significantly, essentially making the planet uninhabitable. Back on Kelowna Carter explains that low energy fusion can occur in the presence of some sub-atomic catalyst. She tells them that she believes that they can’t find a solution because they’ve been working under the assumption that the transformation began 3000 years ago. Kianna tells her that’s what the historical records indicate. Carter asks them to put that aside for a moment and assume the presence of the right catalyst that they can account for the reaction. She tells them that the process is a lot faster than they think, and that a deposit the size of the one they’ve recently discovered could take as little as a few years to transform. An earthquake interrupts their conversation. Carter reports back to the SGC using the MALP, she informs them that they’ve traced the upper center of the quake to a small pocket of converted Naquadria, located roughly 20 kilometers below the surface. She estimates that when the main pocket explodes it will be 100’000 times more powerful. Back at the SGC, Teal’c explains that Bedronas would be willing to give refuge to the Langarans, but they seem unwilling. One representative suggests having an uninhabited planet to them selves. Daniel explains that 3 separate relocations isn’t practical, and that Bedronas is the best option to save as many lives as possible. Carter and Jonas explain to the First Minister that the Naquadria experiment held during the bomb test conducted 2 years ago is what’s causing the conversion to happen. More arguments take place amongst the representatives of Langara, and O’Neill points out that they should be concerned with saving their people, rather than pointing the finger of blame at the Kelownans. Back on the planet Carter tells Jonas and Kianna that there is a minor fault line crossing the vein of Naquadah, about a kilometer above the large deposit. She surmises that if they could trigger a move along the fault line they could isolate the advancing Naquadria and break off the chain reaction before it gets any deeper. Kianna asks how they could achieve that and Carter tells her that they need to set off a small explosion near the fault. The SGC could provide a small nuclear device that would do the trick but the problem is getting it down there. On hearing this Jonas shows Carter a deep underground excavation vehicle, which took his people 2 and a half years to build. Back at the SGC Teal’c arrives with the Tok’ra crystals to be used to get close enough to plant the nuclear device. Back on the planet Carter asks Jonas if he designed the primary power distribution, he tells her he never, and she tells him that its very similar to a Goa’uld design. Kiannas’ quarters are searched and they find a Goa’uld communication device, she is restrained and they find a drug that masks the presence of a symbiote on her. Kianna tells them that she made major modifications to the excavator and if they wish to be successful they will require her help. Jonas and Carter run multiple simulations, each time being unsuccessful. They finally admit that they cannot operate the vehicle without the help of Kianna.

Will Kianna help? Can they trust her? Can the representatives pull together and come to an agreement?

Chimera - Episode 715

Whilst asleep Daniel dreams that he’s recording some information regarding an Amulet when someone familiar interrupts him, Sara. The next thing we see is Osiris looking down at him. Meanwhile, Carter is in a café having some coffee, when a man sits down opposite her and starts chatting. He claims to be a cop, and we soon learn that he and Carter have been seeing each other. He asks her to call in sick and she says she can’t. At the SGC Carters tells Daniel that they’re trying to make a device more portable, and he yawns. She asks him to pretend that its interesting and he says it is, and then goes on to tell her he had a weird dream about working with Sara before he joined the Stargate program. Carter asks how come that’s weird and he tells her that things were all mixed up. She suggests that maybe he should talk to someone. Daniel leaves for some coffee and Carter steps into the elevator currently occupied by O’Neill. She starts humming and he surmises it’s because of a man. He asks her about him and she tells him it’s a friend of her brothers called Pete. Osiris pays another visit to Daniel whilst he’s sleeping, and uses the hand device on him. She puts a device on his temple, and inside his dream we see him analyzing a script. Sara also makes an appearance and starts telling him how much she admires his work, there’s some slight awkwardness, and then Daniel invites her out for a drink. The dream finishes with Sara saying, “I can’t tell you how long I’ve looked forward to being here with you, being able to pick your brain”. Osiris removes the device, and rings off Earth. Daniel wakes up; confused. Meanwhile, Carter and Pete take a walk in the park. Outside Carters house, Pete tells her he’s taking 2 weeks vacation so he can spend more time with her. They kiss and Carter breaks it off, saying that she has to go to bed because she needs to get up early in the morning. Pete can’t understand why she’d need to get up so early if she’s doing deep space telemetry. He reminds her he’s a cop, and she asks him did he say that because he doesn’t believe her. He asks if their relationship is going too fast and if it is, tells her he would back off, she doesn’t really answer him and he leaves. Daniel has another dream. In this one Sara shows him a tablet over 10’000 years old. Daniel recognizes some of the writing, and realizes that he can use Medieval Latin as a reference point to help translate it. Sara asks him how he could possibly know that, and he tells her he doesn’t know how, he just does. Later in the SGC Daniel is slumped out on a table, exhausted, when Carter and Teal’c join him. He tells them that in the dream he recognized the writing on the tablet as ancient, and that he could read it. Carter tells him that’s not unusual because he can do that when he’s awake. Teal’c suggests that maybe he’s trying to reveal something to himself. Daniel asks such as what and Carter suggests some of the knowledge he obtained as an ascended being. Teal’c offers the rescue of Bray’tac and Rya’c as an example. Carter tells him that the tablet in his dream sounds a lot like the tablet they found on Abydos. Daniel asks do they think, that he knows the location of the Lost City but just doesn’t remember it and Teal’c tells him if he has the dream again he should attempt to translate the tablet, Carter nods her agreement. Back inside the dream Daniel tells Sara that he thinks he’s close, that it’s all about guidance. He shows her the tablet and tells her it states about a starting point, a point of origin…the steps of a great journey leading to. Sara asks leading to what, and he tells her a city, a place of great power. The tablet is a map, telling them where the city of an ancient race of humans once lived. Later in the gym, Teal’c suggests to Daniel that the location of the Lost City is not what his mind is searching for after all. He thinks that the dreams could be because Daniel couldn’t save Sara from Osiris and it’s his minds way of dealing with it. Pete arrives at Carters home with some flowers, and they go for a night out. Meanwhile Daniel is another dream. Sara suggests a translation to be ‘origin of doorway’ and Daniel asks how she knew that, she tells him it’s all there, he just needs to relax. They kiss and Daniel breaks of apologizing for forgetting their dining arrangement, she tells him its ok, she understands. He’s shocked by her reaction, in reality she’d left. Meanwhile Carter invites Pete in, he spends the night. The next day he leaves downhearted because he feels she’s keeping something from him. He jumps into his vehicle and phones a buddy to do a background check on her. Later at the SGC, Daniel tells Carter and Teal’c that the only thing he hasn’t figured out yet is the gate address. Carter asks if he thinks he can, and he tells her he doesn’t know, and that he feels as if he’s not in control of his dreams, as if he’s only along for the ride. He also tells them that none of it is right, Teal’c asks him to elaborate and he tells them about an instance in his past with Sara, and how the Sara in his dreams is totally different. He feels as if she wants him to find the Lost City as much as he does. Teal’c asks him to clarify if it was Sara who first gave him the tablet and he says it was. Teal’c tells them that the Goa’uld has the technology to explore one’s memory. It’s presented to Hammond that Osiris is manipulating Daniels dreams to try and find the location of the Lost City. They believe that after probing Thor’s mind that she may be using Asgard beaming technology to get to Earth undetected. A plan is set to trap her.

Will they manage to trap Osiris? What will Pete do when he gets the background check on Carter?

Death Knell - Episode 716

Jacob complains to Carter that Anubis’ drones are kicking the crap outta them, and that the proto-type should have been done weeks. She tells him that they only got the device a month ago, and she’s surprised that they’ve managed to come up with something so quickly. Jacob tells her that in its current configuration its only 70% effective, and she tells him that its because the power supply he’s been using wasn’t correctly configured, the newer version which she is working on will be better. A siren is sounded and an airman, telling them that they’re under attack, charges into the room. Back at the SGC Hammond tells the rest of SG-1 that a fleet of Goa’uld ships prompted the evacuation of the Alpha site, and that at the moment he has no word on Carter or Jacob. A MALP is sent through and they discover that the Stargate has been knocked down. Daniel explains that by establishing a wormhole it would have excavated a cavern underneath the Stargate, and as a result, the MALP has fallen into the hole. Hammond tells them that there is no way of knowing if the DHD survived the attack, and Teal’c tells him, that if they were to take an alternative power source they could dial out manually. Hammond gives them to go ahead to go through. Once on the planet SG-1 climb out from under the Stargate. The surrounding area doesn’t appear to be the result of an aerial attack. O’Neill tells them it’s a single radius blast, and Teal’c thinks it might be the result of the self destruct to prevent the Alpha site falling into enemy hands. Backup is called and when they arrive, they split up and search the surface. Teal’c discovers the armor of a drone. O’Neill contacts Reynolds and tells him that they may not be alone. Shortly after Reynolds discovers Major Green and a group of others, some of which are badly injured. O’Neill is contacted and its established that Carter isn’t among the group. He then contacts the SGC and informs them of his situation. On their continued search they find an injured Jacob. He tells them about the drones and gives O’Neill one of the new weapons they’d been working on. He explains that it only has a few more shots, and that Carter has a fully charged power unit. O’Neill asks where she is, and Jacob tells him he doesn’t know, he doesn’t know if she’s even still alive. Daniel returns with Jacob back to the SGC. He explains to Hammond that he was with Carter when the self-destruct went off, and that one of the drones chased them into the forest. He also tells him that, if he survived the blast, the drone would have too. Hammond asks about the proto-type weapon and he tells him he gave it to O’Neill, and explains that its only semi-effective because the upgraded power unit was with Carter. Hammond asks if any other weapon might prove effect, and suggests a missile, Jacob tells him that might work if they get close enough. Hammond tells Siler to prepare a UAV with UCAV specs. Hammond asks Green what happened and he explains. He also asks if there were any unusual activities over the last few days, including anything with the Jaffa and Tok’ra. Green tells him that they haven’t been getting along lately. Meanwhile on the planet O’Neill and Teal’c discover some footprints, the depth of the impression implies that it could be Carter. They spot another set, much larger and Teal’c suggests it could be a drone. Back at the SGC Daniel visits Jacob to find out what happened to Carter, he recalls the events to him and tells him if Carter is still alive, the drone is after her. Jacob tells Daniel he thinks the drone knew about the proto-type and that was the whole reason of the attack. He thinks that Anubis knows that they have the only weapon in the galaxy capable of stopping his soldiers. Hammond questions M’Zel the leader of rebel Jaffa about the attack. He implies that the Tok’ra know more than they are letting on. Hammond asks why, and he says that the Tok’ra have a spy who is capable of assassinating Olokun, a Goa’uld who is wiping out rebel Jaffa. Hammond informs him that he is unaware of any such spy, and that the gate logs show that a group of Jaffa left the site less than 24 hours from when it was attacked. He asks if he sent his own people to kill Olokun, and he says that he did. Hammond asks if they’ve reported back and he’s informed that they haven’t. Hammond fears that they may have been captured and divulged the location of the Alpha site. M’Zel asks for permission to go to the beta site to speak to the other survivors, in a bid to find out what happened to the other Jaffa he sent, Hammond agrees. O’Neill gives a status report and tells Hammond which direction they’re searching, and is told that the UAV will fly over that area. Meanwhile, an injured Carter hides from the drone that is only a few feet away from her position. Jacob goes to see Hammond and asks if there is any news on Carter, he’s told so far they have none. He then asks about how the investigation is going, and Hammond asks him about the supposed Tok’ra spy. They’re interrupted by the klaxons announcing an off-world activation; it’s M’Zel. He tells them that Anubis has won a great victory and thousands of Jaffa have been killed, and that the Tok’ra spy has been captured. Jacob tells him its impossible, that if they had someone on the inside he would have known about. Hammond asks him if he’s sure. On the planet Carters still running and hiding from the drone, she stops for a rest and tends to her injuries. Hammond asks Delek if they had an operative in Olokuns ranks, he doesn’t admit, or deny it. They discuss the agreement of full disclosure and Delek asks if Hammond shares all knowledge regarding the Stargate with the rest of the nations. Delek also states their dislike of the Tau’ri using Goa’uld technology to build a hybrid spaceship. He seems unwilling to co-operate and Hammond tells him that he will get to the bottom of what happened on the Alpha site, with or without his help. While Carter is taking a drink, the drone fires upon her, she manages to escape into the surrounding forest. Jacob challenges Delek, and is told that the high council felt that Selmak was being influenced by Jacob; and as a result, he hadn’t been included in the knowledge about the Tok’ra spy. Jacob informs Hammond that Delek admits that their spy is missing. After some discussion Jacob tells Hammond that he doesn’t believe they’ll ever find out who was responsible for the leak regarding the Alpha site, it could have been the Tok’ra or the Jaffa. Jacob tells Hammond he wants to go back to the Alpha site and continue the search for Carter. Hammond tells him he needs him there, that the alliance between the Tok’ra, Jaffa and the Tau’ri is falling apart, and that he wants him to be the voice of reason to hold it altogether. Jacob reluctantly agrees to stay.

Will O'Neill and Teal'c find Carter before the drone does? Will Jacob be able to smooth the ground between the Tok'ra, Jaffa and Tauri enough to keep their alliegence?

Hereos (Part 1) - Episode 717

Colonel Rundell (the public affairs liaison) finds a reporter (Bregman) and his film crew taping the Stargate. He interrupts them, and asks what they’re doing. He’s informed that they’re getting some establishing shots, and he tells them that they’re not allowed to do that until they’ve been briefed by Hammond. Bregman informs him that he’s already been briefed by the defense department, and doesn’t understand what the problem is. Rundell takes Bregman to see Hammond, who makes it clear that he isn’t happy with the situation, but will adhere to his orders, exactly to the letter. If he feels that the security of his people is at risk, he will stop him with immediate effect. After leaving Hammonds office, Bregman tells Rundell that he thinks that the airmen on the base conceal things for a living, and that the only way he’ll be able to get anything out of them is by, the wringing it out of them approach. Rundell stresses that he is only to document what’s going on, not anything that might be prejudicial to air force personnel. In the middle of their conversation O’Neill walks towards them, the reporter see’s him and attempts to speak to him. O’Neill tries to get past him, and reels off some trivial info as he heads for the elevator. As the doors start to close, the reporter holds them open, stressing how important his taking part is to the project. O’Neill tells him, to send a memo with the time/date etc for the interview, then pushes him back from the entrance, allowing the doors to close shut and ending the conversation. Carters next, and she’s more willing to co-operate. She tells him that people are reluctant to put themselves up on a pedestal, because as far as they’re concerned, they’re only doing their jobs. Bregman tells her that he considers it his job, to put them up on that pedestal. They start filming and Carter becomes nervous. The next person to be interviewed is Daniel. Bregman asks him various questions, which he answers to the best of his ability. A pager bleeps and Daniel looks down at it, almost immediately he runs off at a speed down the corridors towards his office, closely followed by the reporter and his crew. Once there, he grabs a report off his internal fax and starts reading it. Bregman gets excited and asks for a close-up of the document, he then turns to Daniel and asks the significance of it, he’s told it’s interesting. Disappointed, Bregman tells them to stop filming and asks Daniel why he was running. He tells him he wanted to know if they’d follow him. Next we Dr Lee showing a new ceramic polymer, which resists heat, stops a staff weapon blast and fits snugly inside a standard issue SG vest. Siler gives a demonstration of it. He’s flung against the wall by the force of the blast, and they have to extinguish some flames, but he’s ok. Then it goes back to Carter in the control room, who’s explaining the functions of some of the computers etc. They’re interrupted by a tech, and Carter informs them, that an SG team is due to embark on a mission, so they need to exit the room immediately. The embarking unit (SG-13 lead by Col Dixon) arrives on P3X 666 and they discover some ruins. Meanwhile, back at the SGC, O’Neill asks Carter to explain the relevancy of the documentary. She tells him that officially it’s to chronicle the 1000th trip through the Stargate, but she thinks that there’s more to it than that. Bregman interviews Daniel again and reflects over some of his past work. Then he attempts to interview Teal’c who is unwilling to share any information at all, no matter how much prompting Bregman does. Meanwhile, back on the planet Balinsky tells Dixon that he believes the ruins are originated by, the ancients. Wells is showing a scan of his unborn son to Bosworth and Dixon, when Balinsky runs towards them yelling “incoming”. They quickly find cover and then destroy the device that started firing upon them. Back at the SGC, Kinsey has arrived and given an interview. Bregman thanks him for his time but asks him to redo it, as it sounds rehearsed. Kinsey tells he won’t, gets up and starts to leave, with the reporter hot on his heels. When he arrives at the commissary he goes straight to O’Neill and feeds him a line, about how great a job he thinks they’re doing at the SGC. The film crew starts taping and O’Neill asks Kinsey if he’d told them about the time he’d tried to get the place shut down. Kinsey suggests that O’Neill watches what he says as slander is a serious offence, then goes on to try and sell how much he loves the SGC, ending with him asking O’Neill how his interview went. O’Neill gets up and tells him that it was a short interview, and Kinsey goes on to say how much he wants him to co-operate, and that he hopes he isn’t going to disappoint the President etc. O’Neill eventually heads for the door, as he nears it, he stops and turns to the reporter; asking if he wants to get what he’s about to say next. Kinsey looks smug and turns towards the camera, then O’Neill promptly tells him exactly what he thinks of him (unfortunately we don’t hear it all as the sound of klaxons overpower some of the words). Bregman asks what an off-world activation is, and is told by O’Neill that he doesn’t know himself at the moment. O’Neill leaves, and Rundell makes it clear that its on-going activity, and as explained earlier by Hammond, its out of bounds for them. Using a MALP, Dixon reports back to the SGC their findings, and explains that Balinsky wants more time to look at the ruins. O’Neill asks if he sees any further threats, and he’s told its hard to say. Hammond considers all avenues and then gives them permission to stay, and informs them that he’s sending SG3 as backup. The device is sent back to the SGC, so that Carter can carry out some tests on it, to try to determine what its function was. Bregman asks for a conference with Hammond, and its explained to him yet again why he can’t be a party to any current activity. The reporter fights his cause, stressing to Hammond how he feels regarding the whole situation; but they’re interrupted by a phone call from the President, which puts an immediate end to the conversation.

Are SG-13 safe on the planet? Can Carter reactive the device? Will Bregman get to the opportunity to film some on-going activity?

Hereos (Part 2) - Episode 718

Before I go any further I want to point out that this is an *in depth and complete* synopsis, so if you don’t want to know everything that happens, please don’t read this.

As Bregman rejoins his film crew he’s can see a vast amount of activity near by. He’s told that SG-1 have just embarked on a mission, and asks if their departure had been taped, he’s told it wasn’t. He’s shocked to learn that SG-1 have gone on a mission, because he’d been told previously that they weren’t scheduled to go off-world for another couple of days. He asks Rundell what’s changed, and he tells him he doesn’t know. Bregman assumes it has to be something big. As he’s discussing it with Rundell more SG units run past him towards the gate room, he pursues and finds Fraiser joining them. He tries to attract her attention, and she tells him she has to leave. Two airmen block his path stopping him finding out any more information. He then reviews some of the footage previously taken, and starts editing it together. He’s not very happy with the results he has so far, and wants images to tell the story. Meanwhile on P3X 666 SG units are under-fire. O’Neill shouts to Dixon that he was under the impression that there were only 6 Jaffa on the planet. Dixon explains that the ships didn’t start coming until they’d radioed that they’d arrived through the gate. O’Neill receives a transmission stating that they’re not going to be able to hold the gate for long. He responds by telling them it doesn’t matter because they won’t be able to hold their position for long. Another transmission is received from Fraiser telling him that she needs more time to stabilize Wells, and at more or less the same time, Carter tells him that they need to fall back. He notices a Jaffa sneaking amongst the trees and heads in his direction. As he makes his move, he’s hit by a staff weapon blast. Carter rushes to him, and finds him unconscious on the ground. Meanwhile back at the SGC Bregman is having a tour of the gate room, when suddenly the gate burst into action. Rundell immediately tells the reporter to leave, and implies for them to stop taping. At first he refuses to leave, snatches the camera off the airman, and starts filming himself. Hammond orders them to remove the camera crew immediately, and a group of airmen close in around Bregman. He reluctantly lowers the camera and starts to leave. Carter announces via the MALP that they’re under fire and have serious casualties. With the camera still running, the door to the gate room closes and as the reporter lowers it, he sneakily turns it in the direction of the door. Within a few moments the door is open again as medics arrive. Someone is whisked away on a gurney and Rundell discovers that the camera is still on, and immediately switches it off. Some time later Bregman see’s Carter returning from the mission, he tells Dale to switch the camera back on, he’s reluctant, and looks towards Rundell for permission. The reporter informs him that they’re clear to shoot there and tells him to follow him. He runs down the corridor to Carter and asks her what happened, she’s crying and puts her hand up to stop him asking more questions, he ignores her, and continues. She turns to the camera and yells “leave me alone and shut that damn thing off”. The reporter tries to tell her he only wanted to say how sorry he was, but his path is once again blocked. When he turns back to his crew, he see’s Dale switching the camera off, and tells them that he wants to see what they’re going through, and he wants other people to see it too. He goes on to express how he wants to show a true film of the SGC, not one manipulated by the government or military. Later on in the commissary his crew tells him that there were multiple injuries on the mission that at least 2 people were injured and someone died, but they don’t know who. Rundell arrives and informs them that O’Neill came back on a gurney, and he wasn’t moving. Bregman asks if he’s the one who died and he’s told he doesn’t know. Woolsey arrives from the NID to do a complete investigation over Hammonds decision regarding P3X 666. Hammond goes to see Carter and asks if she’s confirmed with Agent Barrett what he knows of Woolsey. She tells him that as far as he knows he’s clean, and then she passes him an internal memo written by Woolsey, she advises him to read it. Hammond asks Carter to speak at the memorial service, she agrees and asks him how he’s holding up. He tells her that he never wants to lose anyone, but that you get closer to some people, and then he leaves the room. Woolsey conducts his interviews with each member of SG-1 apart from O'Neill. He implies that it was a bad decision to send a rescue team in for the sake of 1 life, the result of the decision bringing the death to a valuable member of the SGC. Members of SG-1 comply with the interviews, making their feelings known about what they think of the investigation. Bregman goes to see Daniel in the hope of some clarification of what transpired on the mission. Daniel blanks him, but it doesn’t go unnoticed by the reporter that his camera has some blood on it. He points to the camera and says, “Did you” just as Daniel has a flashback. Daniel is back on the planet, aiding Fraiser with Wells. The airman believes he’s dieing and begs them to tape a message for his wife. Daniel gets the camera out of his pack and starts taping. Daniel snaps out of his flashback and snatches the camera, the action alone confirming to the reporter that he captured something on tape. Daniel tells him to get out, and as he starts to leave the reporter turns round and tells him a story. He tells him about a piece he did on a war photographer, who had inadvertently captured the death of a lieutenant in Vietnam. He explains how the photographer blamed himself for the death of his acquaintance, because he’d pulled him out of harms way, which had resulted in his death. For years the photographer had hidden the photo, but one morning he woke up and looked at it in a different light, he no longer saw something that was horrific, instead he saw it as a man saving his life. Bregman tells Daniel that the movie he’s trying to make is about what the people at the SGC do everyday, in extreme circumstances that people can’t even imagine. He tells Daniel that he’s sorry for what happened out there, but if he did capture anything on tape, its not gonna change what happened, the only thing that will change, is what he feels about it. He then exits the room leaving Daniel alone with his thoughts. Meanwhile, Hammond goes to see Woolsey and drops a written testimony on his desk. Woolsey announces that now that he has that it means he’s finished, and tells Hammond that the President will have his preliminary report by the end of the week. There’s a stand off between the two men when Hammond makes it known what he thinks of the internal memo that he’d written about the Economics of the SGC. As Woolsey leaves he informs Hammond that the memo, and the investigation are classified, and if he utters a word about either of them, he’ll make sure he’s put away for a long time. Shortly after, Rundell informs Hammond that Bregman had tried to access the infirmary. Hammond gives the order to kick him off the base. When the reporter finds out, he immediately goes to see Hammond, where he’s told he has an hour to leave the base. He asks on whose authority and he’s told, his superiors. Bregman asks to use the phone and heads towards the red phone to contact the President. Hammond gets up and slams his hand down on the phone, making it clear he’d have to use another one. Bregman leaves, slamming the door behind him. Sometime later Hammond goes to Daniel and informs him that he’s been ordered to release the tape to the reporter. He tells him that he could lose it etc, but he doesn’t want to do that in light of the NID’s investigation. He believes that it might be worth having some other record of what’s going on at the SGC beyond the classified reports. Daniel asks him if he thinks Bregman is the one to trust, and Hammond says at the moment he has no choice. Daniel reluctantly passes the tape on. Rundell arrives with the declassified preliminary mission files, and Bregman tells him to wait a moment while they review the tape. They’re all stunned when they watch the death of Dr Janet Fraiser. Rundell opens the sealed envelope and informs them that O’Neill, and Wells, are alive. Carter goes to see O’Neill and tells him he’s lucky the staff blast hit him where it did, and that the new vest insert works well. He tells her that it didn’t help Fraiser much, and then goes for his jacket, as he does so, he asks how Cassie is. Carter tells him she’s holding up and then goes on to explain how concerned she was when he’d been injured, and how glad she is that he’s ok. Because she’s upset, O’Neill gives her a hug for support. Daniel goes to visit Wells in the infirmary, where he asks him about his wife and his unborn child. Wells tells him she’s ok, that the baby is due in 2 weeks and they’re telling him he should be out of there by then. As Daniel goes to leave, Wells tells him that Fraiser is dead because of him. Daniel stresses to him that it’s not his fault that she’s dead because a Jaffa shot her, and that she was doing her job, just like he was when he was shot. Meanwhile Carter is in her lab trying to write a speech for the memorial, Teal’c arrives and she tells him she doesn’t know what to say, that nothing seems good enough. In a bid to escape she gets up and tells him she has to get back to Cassie. As she goes to leave Teal’c tells her that he’s pondered on what he’d say given the opportunity. He passes her his thoughts on a piece of paper, and tells her that he believes it would sound better coming from her. She reads what he’s written, smiles, and then hugs him. Bregman goes to one of the observation rooms in search of Daniel, and finds it in darkness. As he goes to leave, Daniel makes his presence known. The reporter drops the tape on the bed, tells him that he’s not going to use it, and then starts to walk off. Daniel stops him and explains that he wants him to use it; that he thought a lot about what he’d said regarding the photographer, and that he believes that the tape shows what Fraiser was about, Bregman agrees. Daniel hands him the tape. The memorial service is held and Carter gives her speech, reflecting on the character of Fraiser, and all the people who are still alive today, thanks to her. Bregman shows his edited tape to Hammond, who watches it and is affect deeply. The reporter asks if it’s too sentimental, and Hammond tells him it’s good. That he’s written a lot of letters to next of kin, and that nothing ever seemed like it was enough, that they deserved more, and the video in his opinion, is more. Bregman thanks him and tells him there is one thing more, which he feels would make a difference. Hammond knows what he means and tells him, he’ll take care of it. Daniel goes to visit Wells, taking a teddy for the newborn baby. It turns out the scan was wrong and they had a girl. Daniel asks what they’re going to call her, and he’s told Janet. Meanwhile at the SGC, O’Neill settles down in front of the camera for his interview with Bregman.

Ressurection - Episode 719

Carter, Daniel and Teal’c arrive at a warehouse and are greeted by NID agent Barrett. He explains that it’s the home to a rogue NID sleeper operation that they’ve been trying to locate for over a year. Carter asks what they were doing there, and he tells her that he’s not exactly sure. Daniel then asks what happened. He’s told that at 08:00 hours they intercepted a 911 call, they moved in just after local authorities arrived, and they’ve been in lockdown mode ever since. Daniel is surprised that someone from a top secret, illegal operation called the emergency services. Barrett tells him ‘it got real ugly’ and then leads them inside. They’re told that so far they’ve counted 32 casualties. Carter asks who would do such an act and Teal’c asks for what reason. Barrett tells them that he knows who did it and takes them to another room. In the middle of the room is a securely closed glass cell with a young woman (Anna) inside of it. In another room Barrett explains that they had found her cowering in the corner, genuinely terrified, with no memory of what had happened. She’d informed them that they’d kept her inside the cell. After viewing the security tapes (which showed her killing a man) they’d put her in there as a precaution. Daniel asks who she is, and Barrett tells him he’s not sure, but she’s been printed, and is being run through the system. Carter asks if there were any other survivors, and she’s told of a scientist named Keffler who’s being held upstairs. So far he isn’t being very co-operative. Barrett shows them some kind of storage room full of artifacts, scrolls etc. Teal’c recognizes a symbol of Sekhmet. Barrett asks who that is and Teal’c explains it’s a goa’uld who at one time who was loyal to Ra. Barrett tells them that most of the artifacts appear to have come from the Germans, the background of Keffler states, that he’s the son of a convicted Nazi war criminal. Barrett and Carter go to interrogate Keffler, leaving Daniel and Teal’c to look around. Keffler seems to know exactly who Carter is and all about the Stargate program. He still refuses to tell them anything and Barrett stresses to him that technically he doesn’t exist, that he could have no phone calls for help, and the people behind the operation are all in jail. Carter asks him what had been going on there, and he tells her that she’s smart and can figure it out. They leave the room, and Barrett takes Carter to an underground laboratory where she’s finds some partially developed fetuses. They don’t look human, and Carter surmises that they may be failed experiments. She sits down in front of a nearby computer terminal and attempts to hack into its mainframe. Barrett goes to see Daniel who tells him that most of the artifacts in the building are related to Sekhmet. They focus their attention to an arc, which looks as if it will open with a combination. Daniel asks about Anna and is told that she hasn’t spoken since she went inside the cell. Barrett asks him to try to speak to her, so he does. He tells her that he wants to help her, and she tells him she didn’t kill anyone. To convince her of the events, Daniel shows her the videotape. She becomes really upset and tells him it wasn’t her. He asks her who it was, and she says she doesn’t know. He starts questioning her again, and asks who Dr Keffler is, she tells him, he’s the one who made her. Daniel reports his findings to Carter and Barrett, including the fact that the girl states its Kefflers fault for everything that happened. They decide to put an APB out with her description incase cloning and nanite technology has been used to created her. Daniel speaks to her again and discovers that she’s only had 1 birthday and never actually experienced the outside world. He asks about her drawings and she tells him its what she see’s in her dreams. He asks if they mean anything to her, and she tells him, that they scare her. Daniel asks her why doesn’t she take them down, and she tells him that it makes Keffler angry if she does. Daniel notices a drawing of the arc and takes it to Teal’c. They open it, and discover a goa’uld bomb inside with the timer counting down. Meanwhile, Carter has broke the encrypted code and learnt that previously the germans discovered a preserved symbiote, and that Keffler has spliced human ovum with the DNA of a goa’uld to create a human hybrid. They also discover that they used nanite technology from area 51 to make the Anna grow faster. They wanted to extract the information stored within her goa’uld DNA as quickly as possible. Carter starts listing off the ways she’s been tortured when they’re interrupted by Teal’c and Daniel. They tell them about the bomb, and inform them that it will detonate in approximately 16 hours.

Will the scientist become more co-operative now he knows about the bomb? Can Daniel help Anna find the knowledge within her to deactivate it, before its too late?

Inauguration - Episode 720

It’s the new Presidents first day in office and Frances (the Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs) tells him that they need to talk. The President tells him he wants to enjoy the moment, and Frances informs him that the moment is over, and then promptly tells him about the Stargate program. Initially the President thinks it’s a joke, but soon realizes that it isn’t. He goes to see Vice President Kinsey appalled that he knew about the whole thing and hadn’t told him. Kinsey explains that he was under a special executive gag order. The President asks how long, and he’s told a little over 6 years. Kinsey then takes the opportunity to stress to the President that in his opinion, the Stargate program is being seriously mismanaged, and that certain people within the SGC need to be replaced with immediate effect. The President informs him, that if he wants him to buy into his viewpoint that he’s got to convince him that he’s right. Later that night the President reviews some of SG-1 mission files with Frances, who gives him the impression that he’s a fan of the SGC. Frances explains that he appreciates what they do, and the President tells him, not everyone thinks like that. By his reply Frances gives the President the impression that he doesn’t like the Vice President. The President tells him his thoughts, and Frances informs him that he believes Kinsey has his own agenda. The President is aware that Kinsey had tried to shut the SGC down previously. Frances also tells him, that as far as he’s concerned, Kinsey knows it’s too late to shut the program down now. The President asks why he thinks that and the events of Disclosure are discussed regarding the control of the gate. The President was aware of what had transpired previously, and ponders on why Kinsey wants it so badly. The next day Woolsey arrives at the White House. Kinsey tells him that he hopes that he’s not going to be disappointed, and Woolsey assures him, that by the end of his presentation to the President, that he’ll have no choice but to go along with his recommendation of cleaning the house at Stargate command. The President calls Frances back to the oval room to sit in on the meeting between himself, Kinsey, and Woolsey. Kinsey immediately introduces him to Woolsey, and explains that he’s been working with the NID for the last 6 months conducting a thorough investigation into all Stargate personnel. Frances asks why Hammond wasn’t there if it was to do with the SGC. Woolsey informs him that he’s part of the problem. Frances immediately jumps to Hammonds defense. The President asks them to keep on subject, and for the evidence to be presented. Woolsey starts listing various events that have transpired over the years regarding each member of SG-1, where he feels they put the planet in danger, or acted recklessly. Kinsley adding his own thoughts in the process at any presented opportunity, while Frances constantly defends the SGC and their actions.

What will the President do?

The Lost City (Part 1) - Episode 721

O’Neill is shaving when Daniel calls him and explains, that he’s translated the writing on the colonnade collected by SG2 on P3X 439. He believes it to be another ancient repository. O’Neill listens for a while but his attention is more focused on a crossword puzzle, he tells Daniel he’ll be at the SGC in half an hour. Meanwhile a woman (Dr Weir) is trying to negotiate her way into a waiting cab for an appointment she has with the President, a black limo pulls up and asks her to get in. She relinquishes the cab and gets inside where she’s greeted by Vice President Kinsey. During their trip to the White House Kinsey briefs Weir on her up and coming interview. He tells her that the air force is currently conducting Top Secret operations with an alien transportation device called The Stargate. Weir initially believes it to be a joke, until Kinsey hands her a note written by the President and a folder containing some Top Secret information. Back at the SGC O’Neill has just arrived, and is greeted by the remaining members of SG-1 who immediately take him to the briefing room. Waiting for them is Colonel Reynolds and Harper. Carter explains that SG3 spotted a Goa’uld reconnaissance drone on the planet where they found the colonnade, and that SG3 & 5 will be providing backup if Hammond approves the mission. O’Neill asks what mission, just as Hammond enters the room. The briefing commences. Hammond is surprised that O’Neill is prepared to take part considering how close he’d come to dying when his mind had been overcome with the ancients knowledge on a previous mission. Daniel makes his case of how important it is to try and gain the information. And Carter explains in more detail how the repository works. O’Neill suggests contacting Thor and have him standing by as backup. Carter tells him that they’ve tried that and he’s not responding. Hammond stresses that none of the allies of the SGC have been reliable lately, and he’s worried if anything happened again, it could prove disastrous. Daniel tells him that they’re not suggesting anyone should directly interface with the device, but that it should be extracted and brought back for further study. Hammond explains that the engineering team that studied the last one determined nothing after 6 months of research. Carter tells him, that they believe the power supply in the other device was depleted when O’Neill activated it. Hammond informs O’Neill that recent intel suggests that Anubis has become a serious threat to dominate the rest of the Goa’uld in a very short time, that he considers Earth at risk now more than ever, and if the knowledge with the repository can give them the edge over the Goa’uld, then he believes they should pursue it. The mission is given the go ahead. Meanwhile in the White House, Dr Weir is taken to a room full of boxes which contained mission files of the SGC. Kinsey suggests she familiarizes herself with them before she takes the job. On the planet, SG-1 goes to the ancient repository and Reynolds is left defending the gate with SG3 & 5. Carter gets some strange readings from a particular part of the wall, at the same Daniel manages to translate the writing, and the device pops out of the wall in front of Carter, she immediately jumps back. As they’re trying to figure out how to get the device out of the wall they find themselves under an aerial attack from the Goa’uld. To avoid blowing up the device, or it falling into the hands of the Goa’uld, Daniel steps towards the it to allow the knowledge to be downloaded into him. O’Neill immediately stops him (saying that he’ll be needed to translate it) and takes his place. With the knowledge safe inside O’Neill SG-1 return to the SGC under fire. O’Neill tells Hammond he did it again, and goes immediately to the infirmary. At the White House Weir has her meeting with the President, who informs her that he wants her to run the Stargate Program. Meanwhile at the SGC Carter, Daniel and Teal’c are explaining to Hammond what happened on the planet, and how they hope to obtain the information they require. O’Neill joins them and seems certain that he’s going to die and that the Asgard won’t be saving his butt this time round. He asks for the weekend off to get some personal things sorted out. Carter points out that nothing happened for a couple of days last time, and Hammond gives him his downtime. Back at the White House the President tells Weir that they’ve done an initial review and they’ve decided to suspend current operations until a new government division can be established. The President believes the Stargate is dangerous, but can’t be ignored. Weir asks why he chose her, and he tells her its because they can’t keep it a secret forever. She surmises that he wants to put a friendly face on the program before it goes public, someone a little less threatening than a US Military General. He tells her that people will panic and it’ll take all they have to keep everyone under control. He also stresses that she’s not just a figurehead, and that he choose her for a good reason. As she leaves, Weir asks him what if she says no, and he tells her that’s never going to happen. As the President closes his door, Kinsey approaches and tells her to be careful of whom she trusts. She asks does that include him. He tells her that he’s the one person on the planet that she wants on her side, and the one person she doesn’t want to cross. Carter goes to visit O’Neill, and shortly after her arrival, Daniel and Teal’c turn up. Back on the planet Anubis arrives and is told that the Tau’ri destroyed the device he sought, he’s unhappy and kills the entire Jaffa who failed him. Back at O’Neills SG1 are interrupted by a knock on the door, its Hammond. He informs them that he’s been relieved of command and that the President has effectively shut down the SGC for a 3-month review process, during which time a newly formed government department will take the place of Stargate Command. Carter stresses that they don’t have much time in regards to O’Neill and Teal’c ask’s how could this happen. Daniel voices their thoughts – Kinsey! Hammond tells them that he believes President Haze is a good man. Carter asks who’s replacing him and is told Dr Elizabeth Weir. Hammond informs them that he’s been ordered to Washington to discuss reassignment. O’Neill asks about their unfinished business, and Hammond tells him that as far as he’s aware they are all to report to work as scheduled on Monday. Hammond tells them he thinks he might be able to do more good in Washington, and tells them for now they’ll have to plead their case to the new administration.

Will Kinsey be able to influence Dr Weir, or will she listen to the reasoning of SG-1?

The Lost City (Part 2) - Episode 722

Daniel shows O’Neill some ancient writings in a book hoping that he’ll be able to translate it. O’Neill shrugs him off more interested in a crossword puzzle, frustrated Daniel snatches it from him. He glances down at the puzzle, and notices scattered amongst his answers are a few words of the ancients. Daniel believes that O’Neill has written the location of the Lost City within the crossword puzzle; O’Neill and Carter are skeptical. Later in the commissary Carter and Daniel are discussing the lack of a gate address for the Lost City when O’Neill rips an SGC badge off Daniels shoulder. He lays it on the table, and then turns it around. Daniel asks why he did that, and O’Neill replies ‘at’. Carter and Daniel scatter puzzled looks and O’Neill tells them he doesn’t know what it means. Daniel thinks he does. He draws a picture of a symbol on the gate similiar to an hourglass and asks O’Neill what it is, he tells him ‘sshh’. Carter at first believes that O’Neill has told them to be quiet, but he explains that when he see’s the drawing he thinks ‘sshh’. Daniel surmises that all of the gate co-ordinates can also be associated with a sound, and links the sounds from the answers in the crossword to a symbol on the gate, and come up with a destination. He tells Weir his theory, but is interrupted by Carter who explains that they’ve dialed that particular address over 2 years ago, and at that point they couldn’t establish a wormhole. She tells him that she thinks that the gate is buried, but they could use the gate address to calculate the location in space. It’s established that they’ll need access to a ship, Daniel suggests Prometheus. Unfortunately, Weir doesn’t want them to use it because Anubis is already on his way to Earth, and she believes it to be their last line of defense. Weir asks where O’Neill is, and is told ‘he’s packing’. They join him in one of the storage rooms where he’s gathering multiple gadgets/weaponry etc ready for their mission, totally oblivious as to his reasons behind his choices. Meanwhile, Teal’c and Bray’tac have managed to obtain a pilot (Ronan) and ship. SG-1 joins them and they set off in search of The Lost City. During the journey Daniel stresses to O’Neill that they’ll find a way to reverse the effects of the ancients’ device; O’Neill just nods. Carter joins them and explains that they’re 2 days away from the planet. She asks O’Neill how he’s feeling and he responds in ancient. Concerned, he gets up and tells them they need to go faster. Meanwhile on Earth, the President is informed that deep space radar has detected 3 goa’uld vessels departing from hyperspace. The President tells Kinsey that he thinks he was wrong, and Kinsey scoffs him, stating that 3 goa’uld ships are hardly the full fleet, basically implying they’re nothing to worry about. Hammond on the other hand believes that Anubis is trying to ascertain if SG-1 were successful in procuring ancient defense technology. The President thinks that Anubis could be holding back his main invasion fleet until he finds out what defenses Earth has. Kinsey supports the viewpoint that Prometheus can give Anubis a run for his money, however, Hammond agrees with the Presidents assessment. He thinks that they’re being goaded into a situation that will show their hand, and that by launching the X-303 it will demonstrate Earths lack of the advanced weaponry. The President gives the command to remain at defcon 3 for the time being. Meanwhile, on the ship O’Neill is tweaking with the power supply. He uses a zat on the crystals, and the speed increases. Carter tells him that Hammond has authorized her to take command when she feels its necessary. He tells her to do it now, and she tells him it’s not necessary. He resigns and effectively, puts her in command. Meanwhile, Anubis is informed that his advanced force has received no challenge; he gives the order for them to attack. Back on the ship SG-1 have arrived at their destination. The surface of the planet is almost completely covered by lava flow. Carter tries to prompt O’Neills mind by pointing out that he’d packed the hazmat suits. She surmises by doing that, he must have known the condition of the planet. She asks him to sit down and take a look, he stares blankly at her, so she makes it an order. Bray’tac moves out of the way and O’Neill sits down to scan the surface. They discover a small anomaly, a bubble; they decide to check it out. Back on Earth the goa’uld have commenced their attack. SG-1 uses the rings on the ship to punch through the surface of the planet. Then Bray’tac and Ronan move a safe distance away from the surface, and SG-1 go inside the dome. Carter is concerned that the rings may have compromised its integrity, and Daniel confirms that the architecture is definitely that of the ancients. O’Neill see’s a chair in the center of the dome and sits down. The back of it immediately lights up. He puts his hands on the armrests and activates a device that allows the air in the dome to become breathable, and then he removes his helmet. Carter clarifies the atmosphere is safe before the rest of SG-1 do the same. O’Neill places his hands on top of the gel control buttons on the armrests, and the chair flings backwards. He manipulates the gel again and above him appears a map of the galaxy, then Earth’s solar system, and finally Earth. Carter asks O’Neill why he’s showing them that, and he replies ‘Terra – Atlantis’. Daniel translates Terra as being Earth. They determine that The Lost City is back on Earth and possibly on Antarctica. O’Neill confirms it by saying ‘subeo glacies’ that Daniel translates as ‘under the ice’. Carter asks if they’d gone all that way just for them to discover that The Lost City was on Earth and O’Neill says ‘No’. He manipulates the gel again, and the display disappears. The chair slides back to its original position, and O’Neill puts his helmet back on. He gets up and waves his hand over a panel in the ground, it reveals a power source; he immediately retrieves it. Almost instantly the dome becomes unstable. Carter contacts Bray’tac and tells him they know the location of The Lost City and need him to collect them. He acknowledges her request and asks Ronan to pilot the vessel as he sees to the transport rings. While on his way to the ring platform Bray’tac is stabbed by Ronan, who goes on to proclaim his allegiance to Anubis; a battle ensues amongst the two. Back on the planet the dome is becoming increasingly unstable. Bray’tac wins the fight, and although badly injured, manages to ring SG-1 back onboard. He tells Teal’c that he fears he cannot win the battle to live. O’Neill kneels down beside him and places his hand on top of the wound. Within a few moments Bray’tac is healed and they realize that O’Neill now possess the healing power of the ancients. They set a course for Earth. Meanwhile in the White House the President, Kinsey, Hammond etc are discussing the damage that the goa’uld attack had on Earth. Suddenly Anubis appears. Security guards fire at him but the bullets go straight through, it’s just a hologram. He tells the President that he doesn’t believe they have the weapons of the ancients or they would have used them already. The President tells him not to be so sure, that they’re going to fight. Anubis tells him, he’s bringing destruction on himself, and then disappears.

Will SG-1 get back to Earth and find The Lost City Of The Ancients in time to save the world?

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