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Season Eight

New Order (Part 1) - Episode 801

SG-1 go in search of the Asgard in the hope that they can revive O’Neill from his frozen state, and encounter an old enemy who has returned with a vengeance.

New Order (Part 2) - Episode 802

The asgard enlists the help from SG1 to save their lives from becoming extinct from the replicators, but Earth has the its own priorites with a Goa'uld fleet on its way.

Lockdown - Episode 803

An unknown disease causes the SGC to go into quarantine.

Zero Hour - Episode 804

There’s one disaster after another as O’Neill prepares for the arrival of President Hayes. When SG-1 is captured by Ba’al. O’Neill questions his ability to command the SGC.

Icon - Episode 805

Daniel is stranded alone on an alien planet where two nations are in violent conflict.

Avatar - Episode 806

Teal’c is trapped inside a virtual reality scenario created by his own mind.

Affinity - Episode 807

Teal’c finally gets an apartment off base and finds himself in the middle of a dispute. Meanwhile Carter reflects on her relationship with Pete.

Covenant - Episode 808

An old friend of Carters makes a televised announcement that he has proof that aliens exist, and that they’ve been on Earth. He gives the Government an ultimatum to reveal all to the public within 24 hours, otherwise he'll tell them him self.

Sacrifices - Episode 809

Teal’c attempts to rescue Ishta from the clutches of Moloc.

End Game - Episode 810

The rogue NID agents make another appearance.

Gemini - Episode - 811

Replicator Sam makes an apperance in this episode, bringing along with her a message of doom and destruction.

Prometheus Unbound - Episode - 812

Daniel becomes a prisoner of Vala when she takes control of the Prometheus.

Its Good To Be King - Episode - 813

SG-1 discovers Maybourne on a planet where he’s currently residing as King.

Full Alert - Episode - 814

Russian military believe that a member of the US Government has been comprised, and as a result, go on high alert.

Citizon Joe - Episode - 815

A man confronts O'Neill claiming that he's been seeing visions of SG-1 and their missions over the last few years.

Reckoning (Part 1) - Episode - 816

Jacob arrives at the SGC and tells O'Neill that the replicators are over-powering the Goa'uld, and that unless they're stopped, before long they'll rule the galaxy.

Reckoning (Part 2) - Episode - 817

A continuation of part 2

Threads - Episode - 818

Daniel’s life is once more in the balance. As he hangs in limbo, Oma appears and offers him another chance to ascend. Meanwhile, Carter and O’Neill struggle with their new relationships, each unsure of whether the decisions they’re making are what they really want.

Moebius Part 1 - Episode - 819

SG-1 take a trip back in time hoping to retrieve some Ancient technology from Ra.

Moebius Part 2 - Episode - 820

The continuation of Part 1.

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