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Season Nine

Avalon (Part 1) - Episode 901

An old friend of Daniel's arrives on Earth seeking help. As SG-1 have essentially gone their seperate ways its up to Lt Colonel Cameron Mitchell to try and bring them together as he takes command of the team, and they take on the task of finding the ancient treasure.

Avalon (Part 2) - Episode 902

After being struck unconsious by an ancient communications device, Daniel and Vala's minds are trapped miles away from home inside the bodies of two people who are being persecuted by a group who worship evil.

Origin - Episode 903

The SGC meet a group of followers dedicated to the fiery god Ori and discover that they do not take lightly to anyone who doesn't abide by their beliefs.

The Ties That Bind - Episode 904

Michell and Daniel seek out an alien necklace that Vala has given to a friend (turned enemy) when its discovered that Daniel and Vala are bound together by an energy field.

The Powers That Be - Episode 905

SG-1 and Vala visit a planet where we learn that Vala previously claimed to be a God. When she explains to the villagers that it was a rouse, they are not best pleased and want justice.

Beach Head - Episode 906

We see the return of Carter to her role on SG-1 in this episode as she helps the SGC deal with an intergalactic threat.

Ex Deus Machina - Episode 907

Some prominent business men disappear leading the SGC to believe that maybe not all the Goa'uld are gone from Earth. Meanwhile hostilities build between the Tau'ri and the Free Jaffa Nation.

Babylon - Episode 908

After a battle between SG-1 and a group of mystic tribe warriers, Mitchell is badly injured. He is nursed back to health only so he may partake in a battle to the death with a Sodan warrior whose blood he has spilt.

Prototype - Episode 909

SG-1 discover a genetically advanced Goa'uld-human-hybrid in an off-world laboratory. It is speculated that he was conceived using the DNA of Anubis.

The Fourth Horseman (Part 1) - Episode 910

A deadly plague is unleashed on Earth by Ori.

The Fourth Horseman (Part 2) - Episode 911

A continuation of part 1.

Collateral Damage - Episode

Michell stands falsely accused of murder, or is he? He seems to remember commiting the crime. Its up to SG-1 to prove his innocence.

Ripple Effect - Episode

SG-1 return back through the Stargate earlier than anticipated. During the debriefing there is some confusion as to what their last mission was, and before any true conclusion is drawn the gate activates and another SG-1 team arrives.

Stronghold - Episode

Ba'al makes an appearance in this epiosde as he brainwashes and tortures members of the Jaffa high council to try and manipulate their votes. Meanwhile Mitchell faces a difficult decision over national security or allowing his friend to have his last dying wish forfilled.

Ethon - Episode

The SGC is contacted by Jared Kane (last seen in Icon) and informed that the Ori have approached his people and offered them a powerful weapon in exchange for thier conversion to Origin. Kane wants to destroy the weapon and asks SG-1 to help him.

Off The Grid - Episode

Mitchell poses as a trader on an off-world planet but he's not convincing and before long he and SG-1 find themselves prisoners of the Lucian Allience.

The Scourage - Episode

The SGC begrudingly allow the first International Oversight Advisory team to embark on an offworld trip to the Gamma site. At first everything seems fine, but then, things take a turn for the worse.

Arthur's Mantle - Episode

While Carter is showing Mitchell an ancient device, she manages to activate it and both of them are instantly invisible to the rest of the SGC. Meanwhile Daniel, Landry, and Teal'c receive a distress call from the Sodan requesting their help as they are under attack.

Crusade - Episode 919

Some of the scientists at the SGC have been trying to emulate Alteran technology, it seems they're successful when Vala suddenly starts communicating to them via Daniel. She has returned to warn Earth of the Ori's impending attack.

Camelot - Episode 920

Daniel and Mitchell journey to a small village called Camelot in the hope of finding the weapon that Merlin was developing. Meanwhile the Ori are massing their forces to attack now that their second space gate is operational.

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