Dedicated To Stargate SG1

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This quiz will test how much attention you've been paying to whats being said in which episode. You can either work out which episode the quote is from by reading the line or listening to the audio.

Its not as easy as its sounds I hope its challenging - so what are you waiting for lets try it out!

1. Get me the hell out of here

Cold Lazarus
The Broco Divide
Children Of The Gods

2. Don't you dare say goodbye coz you damn well better be coming back soon!

Chain Reaction
Brief Candle

3. You gotta go that one step further don't ya!

Crystal Skull
Torment Of Tantalus

4. Hey Rigor you know that come in peace business BITE ME

The Serpents Lair
New Ground
Fire and Water

5. No sir! Does it say Colonel anywhere on my uniform

The First Commandment
Past and Present

6. Jack...Daniel...are you you...yeah you...what?...never mind


7. Yeah we drew straws I lost!

Beneath The Surface
Chain Reaction
Shades Of Grey

8. Imagine if you're locked in a room for a 1000 years with a VCR, TV and 5 movies, how long could you watch 5 movies until you were bored silly, what you wouldn't give for just 4 more!

The Game Keeper
Message In A Bottle

9. I logged over 100 hours over enemy air space in the Gulf War is that tough enough for you?

Children Of The Gods

10. Oh yeah I also wish to blow us all to hell!

Point Of View
There But For The Grace Of God

11. How can you be so without heart

The Broca Affair

12. If I attempt to leave this place the Goa'uld I carry will be destroyed

Thors Chariot
Thors Hammor

13. We've brought things back from all over the galaxy one of em's finally snapped us in the arse!

Message In A Bottle
Cold Lazarus

Dedicated To Stargate SG-1 - For Quiz
Created May 2002

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