Dedicated To Stargate SG1

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Which character does your personality reflect why not take the quiz to find out

Become one with your Inner Dragon...

1. If you were captured by the Goa'uld how would react being tortured?

Tell them nothing whilst being the most awkward prisoner ever!
Tell them nothing but try to reach the host
Tell them nothing and try and hold on to your memories to help you through
Tell them nothing and keep remembering how much you hate the Goa'uld

2. You're stuck on base but have been told you can't go home what do you do?

Catch up on some reading
Catch up on some work you haven't got round to yet

3. You visit another planet and the leader there just doesn't want to know what do you do?

Explain how both worlds can benefit from the alliance both in technical and medical sense
Explain how sharing technology etc could benefit both worlds in the fight against the Goa'uld
Explain how different your cultures are and how being allies could help both worlds
Explain how destructive the Goa'uld are and how being allies could help protect them

4. An important mission comes up but General Hammond ask for your help but it could lead to disciplinary action what do you do?

If its important to Hammond then forget the mission and take the consequences
Help Hammond of course!
Help Hammond after all what are friends for
Help Hammond whilst telling yourself your careers over

5. We have a foothold situation what do you do?

Try and find out what the intruders weaknesses are
Try and isolate the "gate" so that they can't leave
Take out the intruders
Secure the area and get control of the situation

6. Another member of SG-1 is held hostage by Apophis but General Hammond has restricted gate travel because he doesn't want anyone else compromised what do you do?

Try to convince Hammond that you can get them back without anyone else getting caught
Protest strongly and come up with a plan to convince Hammond to let you go through the gate
Tell Hammond that its your friend and you MUST be allowed to travel through the gate
If Hammond won't listen to reason then you'll just have to go without his permission

7. You are the only one left and Apophis's forces are just about to take over the SGC what will you do as a final attempt to stop them?

Kill Apophis to convince the Jaffa that he isn't a God
Destroy the base computers so that they can't use the gate
Pretend to be a Jaffa and sneak aboard the mothership to destroy it
Take out as many Jaffa as you can

8. You think there's a traitor in the SGC how do you go about revealing them?

Pretend to be on their side until you get enough evidence to present it to Hammond
Challenge them
Tell Hammond your suspicions
Tell the other members of SG-1 your suspicions

Dedicated To Stargate SG-1 - For The Above Quiz Created May 2002

MGM Global Television Inc. and Showtime Networks Inc. for the characters and the name Stargate SG-1