Dedicated To Stargate SG1

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This quiz is designed to test your deductive reasonings. I have given a short description of the character and its up to you to figure who it is by using the clues provided.

I hope its challenging - so what are you waiting for lets try it out!

1. I am very old but I look young. I am very powerful and feared. I hate the Tauri as much as they hate me and I have fought them many times in battle. I want to destroy Earth and torture/kill every member of SG-1 as painfully and as slowly as possible. Who am I?


2. I am very old but I look young. I have the ability to influence peoples minds and I'm well known in ancient history. I have hidden on Earth for many years. Who am I?


3. I am both an allie and an enemy to Earth. I have close bonds with two members of SG-1. Who am I?


4. I am quite shy and work at the SGC. Some say that I have a crush on Major Carter. Who am I?

Sergeant Walter Davis
Lieutenant Graham Simmons
Sergeant Siler

5. I am not well liked by the personnel at the SGC. Some of my ethics leave a lot to be desired and although I sometimes step over the mark I don't want to see any harm come to the members of SG-1. Who am I?

Colonel Maybourne
Colonel Frank Simmons
Lieutenant Colonel Bert Samuels

6. Although I originate from another planet I have been lucky enough to be given a home on Earth and the members of SG-1 have become part of my family. I am not Teal'c so who am I?


7. I am from an alien race who has far superior technology to Earth and I have a friendship with the CO of SG-1. Who am I?


8. I once blended with a symbiote and I still retain their memories. I used the memories to help defeat Sokar and rescue a Tok'ra spy. Who am I?

Major Samantha Carter
Jacob Carter
Colonel Jack O'Neill

9. I am very young and curious which has got me into trouble in the past. I am from a peaceful people who wouldn't hurt anyone even if their own lives depended on it. Who am I?


10. I am an archeologist who has travelled through the Stargate to other planets. I became an unwilling host for a Goa'uld, which upset Daniel Jackson more than any other member of SG-1. Who am I?

Dr. Robert Rothman
Sarah Gardner

11. I don't go out in the field much, most of the time I stay on base waiting for SG-1 to return. I'm always at hand incase they need any help or support. On some occasions I may disagree with what SG-1 has to say but I always value their input. Who am I?

Dr Fraiser
General Hammond

Dedicated To Stargate SG-1 - For Quiz
Created July 2002

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