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If you want to download any of the screensavers I've done just right click on the name of the one you want and use Save Target As then choose which folder to send the file to and click save - to start downloading it to your hard drive. Once downloaded locate the folder and install using the set-up wizard. Once installed go to Control Panel, Display, Screensaver and then APPLY the file to activate the screensaver.

Character Screensavers !!

Teal'c - 1.86MB

Sam Carter - 2.07MB

Jack O'Neill - 2.86MB

Jonas Quinn - 1.73MB

Daniel Jackson - 2.21MB

Team/Pairing Screensavers !!

SG-1 - 2.53MB

Jack and Sam - 3.04MB

Jack and Daniel - 3.43MB

Featured Screensavers !!

The Gate - 2.53MB

The Lowdown - 3.85MB

Jack And His Weapons - 2.39MB

Episodic Screensavers !!

1969 - 2.61MB

Enemies - 4.61MB

Foothold - 5.02MB

Solitudes - 5.00MB

The Tomb - 4.90MB

Upgrades - 3.97MB

Out Of Mind - 3.11MB

New Ground - 3.90MB

Window Of Opportunity - 4.08MB


None of the images provided in my screensavers belong to me. They are not used for profit, just for entertainment. No copyright infringement is intended. So please don't sue me. Please don't upload the screensavers on this page on another site without my consent - Thanks!

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